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Friday, March 16, 2012

Touch of a Rogue by Mia Marlowe

  Lord Cambourne was said to have committed suicide. A dagger through his heart.  His wife, Julianne, had serious doubts about the suicide. It just didn't fit who Lord Cambourne was.  To prove it, she set off for London to seek the help of Jacob Preston. Jacob was known to have solved what seemed to be unsolvable crimes before. Julianne had high hopes he could help her find out the truth about her husbands death.  Little do either of them know trying to unravel this mystery will lead them into places they never would have dreamed of looking into.  Jacob's unusual talent comes in handy throughout their investigation.  Julianne is convinced Jacob is addicted to opiates.  Their feelings for each other grow deeper with each passing  day and they wonder what will become of them after this investigation is complete.

   Mia Marlowe paints a very vivid picture for you as she writes this book.  The details are what make this one so interesting.  Steamy love scenes make this book even more fun to read.  I loved the story behind this one.  I could almost imagine these characters being real, having lived in the time period.  It's always interesting to see how a writer will find a new take on historical romances and Mia Marlowe never disappoints. This is a keeper.

   I found no issues with this one.

   I gave this one 5 out of 5 books because it was different and exciting.

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