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Saturday, February 13, 2016

Oliver and Jumpy Stories 34-36 by Werner Stejskal

     Once again we join Oliver the Cat and Jumpy the Kangaroo for their newest adventures. Each time these two get together, there is plenty of fun to follow.  Let's see what they are up to this time.
     Story 34 How I Found My Top Hat. This one takes us back to when Oliver was just a kitten. He spies a top hat in the window of a store and loves it immediately. Oliver knows he must work to get the money to buy it. There is a surprise for Oliver though.
     Story 35 Oliver In The Circus. Have you ever wanted to be part of the circus? Such fun it would be. Oliver is hired by the circus to do many jobs. He enjoys each of them because they keep him in the circus. Will he make it to the spotlight?
     Story 36 Ship Wreck. Oliver and Jumpy are on a ship when a terrible storm hits. They aren't sure what is happening until they are told Oliver must find a tiara. The tiara is for King Xylon's bride. I wonder if Oliver finds it.

     Such variety when it comes to children's stories are a huge plus! Parents get bored just as the children do, reading the same old thing. These stories take children all over. It allows them to experience different environments and jobs. The writing is amazing and the characters like old friends. Your child's imagination will definitely get a workout with these books. Perfect for bedtime or nap time.  I enjoy the way it teaches children a lesson. Please get these for your child's library. They will want you to read them again and again. 

     I found no issues.

     I gave this one 5 cheers out of 5 because children love them.

Oliver and Jumpy Stories 31-33 By Werner Stejskal

    Oliver and Jumpy  are best friends. They have some wonderful adventures together and we get to share it with them. In this book, story 31 is about a Crockery Party. Story 32 is about the Shark Frenzy and story 33 is about a Small World. Each adventure is full of fun . Let's see what happens.
     Story 31 the Crockery Party. This is  New Year's Day, but it's also the day the dishes come alive! They sing, play and make a fine dinner. Everyone looks forward to the day and a chance to have fun with their friends.  
    Story 32, the Shark Frenzy. Whales love to play. They love jumping out of the water and splashing each other. They enjoy chasing each other too. Unfortunately the sharks like to sneak up on you when the whales are out to play. Perhaps we can all play together?
    Story 33 the Small World.  Did you know there are tiny beautiful things in the grass? Oliver didn't know either until one day he shrinks down to the size of an ant. He finds the world, though small, is just as beautiful as ours is. 

     This series of bedtime or nap time stories are terrific.  The writing is extremely well done and the characters are so well defined your child will feel as if they've known them for years.  Each story is just long enough to lull your child to dreamland with their imaginations over flowing. I love that lessons are tied into the story. It gives your child a chance to learn without realizing it. All of the stories allow your child to join in the fun and keep the fun going with their own additions. As a parent you will enjoy how easy these stories are for bedtime. I suggest you add these to your child's library.

     I found no issues.

     I gave this one 5 cheers out of 5 because they are always such fun.

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Empath: The Flawed Series, Book 1

     Jade Edwards is taking her first college classes. It's really special because she's also an empath. She has a difficult time in groups because they project their feelings on to her.  Jade makes friends right away. She's excited to see what the future will hold for her. If only she can figure out who will be in her future.

     Warm and heartfelt, this book will make you look at others in a new way. The writing is spectacular and the characters well defined and unique. I love that Jade takes things slow while getting to know herself. The way the characters grow and learn to trust each other is something that makes this book even more fantastic. You need to get this series for your library and tell others to get their copies. I can't wait to read more of Becca J. Campbell's work.

     I found no issues.

     I gave this one 5 cheers out of 5 because it touched my heart.

Rogue Goddesses Book 2 by Gary R. Henry

     The year is 2030 A.D. and things have changed. Women have become more than just housewives or employees. These women will kick butt and take names. We also learn more about these powerful women. They are unique and spectacular at what they do.

     This book will have you smiling and laughing. I love that these women can take care of anything and everything. The writing is fantastic and the characters are women you'd love to know. The plot is tight and you'll enjoy every page. Mr. Henry gives us women we can admire with skills we wish we had. Time for you to get your  copy of this book. It's definitely a keeper for you personal library. Thank you Mr. Henry for a positive spin on women in the future.

     I found no issues.

     I gave this one 5 cheers out of 5 because I wish I could do the things these women do. 

If You Were Me And Lived In Italy by Carole P. Roman

     We're off to Italy! In this book we will learn all about Italy. It's a very old country with a proud heritage.  Their history is rich and interesting. Let's go!

      I have said before and will continue to say how much I love this series. It gives every child a chance to "travel" to far off places. I love that history is included in these books. Children get curious right from the first page. This series should be part of your child's library. What a perfect way to spend time with your child. 

     I found no issues.

     I gave this one 5 cheers out of 5 because giving children a chance to explore is always a good thing.

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Letter to Santa: a Christmas book (The Adventures of Midge and Moo 5) by Kerry McQuaide

     It's December and Midge decides she and Moo should begin their letter to Santa. Throughout the month, Midge and Moo write a series of letters explaining what they'd like to have.  Midge has a vivid imagination and she's very smart too. Join Midge and Moo to find out what's next.

     This book will help your child understand there are other children like them. Everyone has written a letter to Santa but in book, Ms. McQuaide shows us the need to write MANY letters to Santa. It's imaginative, colorful and beyond adorable. You children will ask you to read this one over and over.

     I found no issues.

      I gave this one 5 cheers out of 5 because it should be Christmas all year long.

A day with Moo: a best friend book (The Adventures of Midge and Moo, #1) by Kerry McQuaide

     When Midge was two days old, she and Moo came home from the hospital together. Midge grew to love Moo and make him her best friend. They do every thing together. They even get into trouble sometimes. They love building things and then making them crash. It's fantastic to have someone to love you unconditionally.

     I can relate to these books because my fifteen year old daughter came home from the hospital with her bunny, Grace. Like Midge and Moo, they were never apart.  Midge and Moo are perfect books to start your child's library with. Each one contains a lesson and are perfect to jump start your child's love of books.

     I found no issues.

     I gave this one 5 cheers out of 5 because they are fantastic.