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Thursday, February 7, 2013

The Daguerreotypist by Christopher Savio

   Brian and Rachel's relationship was still in the honeymoon phase.  They'd just found an apartment they could share and still allow Rachel a place for her dark room.  While fixing up the dark room, they found an old daguerreotype.  Rachel began to gather the things needed to develop the daguerreotype. Both she and Brian were anxious to see what they'd found.  Little did they know the daguerreotype would change their lives in ways neither could have guessed.
     No one could have guessed that something happening in 1842 would reach all the way into 2012.  The only question now  is will Brian and Rachel survive this unexpected surprise or will it destroy them both.

     Mr. Savio has an amazing plot in this book. The characters are well defined and easy to identify with. The idea of something like this happening sets off all kinds of questions.  Mr. Savio's writing style makes this an easy read. I recommend this book and think everyone should keep an eye on Christopher Savio.  His books are going to be very popular.

     I did find issues with this book. While the story is good, the characters terrific, Mr. Savio needs more time to work on his writing. Phrasing trouble and just plain rough reading take away from the wonderful story inside this book.

     I gave this one 4 cheers out of 5 because with a bit more polish, it could be on the bestseller list. 

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