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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Shadows of Valor by Elsie Park

    Known as The Shadow, Sir Calan Beaumont came to Graywall to find smugglers.  He had to be very careful no one knew his other identity.  While watching for smugglers, Calan heard a conversation about a kidnapping.  His first thought was the nobles daughter, Genevieve.  Sir Calan knew he must protect her at all costs.  After approaching the castle, he found out his childhood friend Elsbeth was living there as well.  Elsbeth  was a friendly person who helped serve the village and castle.  She was content with the knowledge she would never marry.  Sir Calan sent her thoughts in the other direction though.  

     The story is a good one and you'll enjoy the mystery and intrigue this book offers.   A little light on the romance, but that's okay. When it does have a romantic moment it's sweet and special.  I recommend this book for everyone. You'll enjoy the refreshing approach Ms Park takes.  For a debut novel, this one ranks right up there.

     I found only one issue.  It takes awhile to build up to the conflict and then ends quickly. Up to that point, it's a little slow in parts.

     When all is said and done, I gave this one 5 out of 5 cheers. Great debut Elsie Park!!  


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  1. Thank you so much for your review of Shadows of Valor! Much appreciated! All the best in everything :)