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Monday, December 16, 2013

Guest Post: Adrienne Woods and her book Firebolt

What does 2014 hold for You as an Author?

I have a couple of challenges as an author in 2014.
I really want to publish the second, Thunderstruck, and third, Frost Bite, of the Dragonian series. I’m really looking forward to what people are going to think about this series. Those very close to me that know how it ends can’t wait. They absolutely love this series and I do hope that the readers out there are going to like it as well.
I also would like to publish my first book of the Zodiac Series, called Blaze. It’s a paranormal New Adult fiction about Aswang’s (half vampire – half werewolf.) The first book is about a monster of a vampire, called Blaze. How she became a vampire and her struggles to how her entire demeanor changed after she became one. Her reason behind it does remain a mystery but other books will have more of her in it, that will explain these mysteries. It also ends with a war between vampires and werewolves and half breeds are caught in between.
I also would like to publish my first Woman’s fiction called The Ebb Tide. It’s part of the Pregnancy Diaries. They are love stories that have a pregnancy twist in all of them. The first part of this novel is a two part series. Starting with Holly and how she met the man of her dreams, Jake. She becomes pregnant while Jake is still studying to become a doctor, and he ends up leaving her while she deals with a very difficult pregnancy that almost costs her life and the lives of her babies. The second part carries on four years later.
Then I have a Mythology Series called The Watercress which I’m planning to release 2015. It’s about Triton, the sea god’s son and king of the mer – people. The first one takes place on board a cruise line, where Morgan finds herself falling for the mysterious Jason.
So with four books coming out in 2014 and more books in 2015, I do wonder where I’m going to find time to breathe. Hehe.
However I do have to say, everything works out the way that it should and if I’m not going to reach this goal, I will just move on and publish them as I can.
I just want to thank all the readers that are hopefully going to become fans, and thanks for joining me on this journey, who knows where it’s going to end.

Kind wishes,
Adrienne Woods.

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