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Thursday, November 5, 2015

Poetry by Author Paul M. Kramer


Reunite with peace and tranquility
Harbor not anger or resentment
Joy and happiness will be once more
Bringing with it much contentment

Compassion comes from the heart
Forgive the unable and the unwilling
Absolve yourself from sins of your past
Your life will become more fulfilling

Let go of hurt and of negativity
Tension and stress will fade away
It doesn’t matter who’s to blame
Suffer not another day

Forgiveness breaks down the wall of separation
It cleanses your very soul
It keeps you from needing to be right
It heals you and makes you whole

Paul M Kramer


Show me the way to enlightenment
Protect me from my evil ways
Forgive me for my prior sins
Eliminate my need for self-praise

Strengthen my faith in you
Release me from guilt I possess
Help me to become a better person
Lessen the amount of my stress

Keep me free from disease
Prepare me to embrace tomorrow
Fill me with love and wisdom
Minimize my grief and sorrow

Paul M Kramer


You are free to be who you want to be
You are free to do what you want to do
Free will allows you to choose
The only person to stop you is you

You can change your thoughts and your actions
God’s advice for the asking is there
You are free to make new decisions
You can rise from poverty and despair

You can dream without limitations
Possibilities are endless as to what you can do
You have the freedom to chart your own destiny
The only person to stop you is you

Paul M. Kramer


Food is fuel for the body
Memories are the fuel for the blind
Hope is fuel for the needy
Knowledge is the fuel for the mind

Faith is the fuel for trust
Lack of trust is the fuel for fear
The heart is fueled by love
Enlightenment is fueled by prayer

Paul M Kramer


Help me to listen
I will grow to be wise
Help me to know right from wrong
I will walk a straight line

Help me to be less vain 
I will have more humility
Help me to reduce my anger
I will have less hostility

Help me to be compassionate
I will be kind hearted
Help me to be courageous
I will be less afraid

Help me to forgive
No grudges will I hold
Help me to learn to trust
I won’t need to be in control

Help me to be nonjudgmental
I will love unconditionally
Help me to live in the present
I will not dwell in the past

Help me to find faith
I shall never be alone

Paul M Kramer


A message of the positive
A creation by design
Lifting up our spirits
Turning gray into sunshine

A circle of mystical wonder
The lower half out of sight
Majestic colors proudly displayed
Drops of rain amidst the sunlight

Produced and directed from above
Putting a smile upon your face
A magical scene from nature
Brought to us with God’s grace


Paul M Kramer


Being in sync
Asleep or awake
Always actively working
Every breath that we take

The rhythm of life
Unfolding before our eyes
The rotation of the earth
The morning sunrise

Understanding and clarity
All through the day
Continuously developing
In the right way

All working in harmony
Balance and accord
Divine Order
Compliments of the lord

Paul M. Kramer

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