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Thursday, July 12, 2018

COMING SOON! Dangerous Liaisons by Barbara Tyree

Drug dealers, an unknown stalker, murder, twins separated at birth. What more can happen in the small city of Lexington, Virginia?

Special Agent Sierra Lancaster and Special Agent Colton Jameson go undercover in search of  a drug-dealing operation on Morris County High School premises.
Never before has Sierra dreaded an undercover operation. It’s been years since she’s been in Lexington. Faced with the prospect of seeing her three ex-best friends, one of which was the love of her life, Johnny Nelson.

Johnny Nelson, Jordan Andrews, and Brad Geistmere want answers from Sierra. However, they have yet to discover their friend is an FBI agent as they try to get answers from her.

Title:  Dangerous Liaisons
Author:  Barbara Tyree
Publication Date:  July 9th
Paperback Price: $13.99
Digital Price:  pre-order price $2.99 Release price $4.99
Pages: 224 ebook
Ebook ISBN:  9781946382344  
paperback ISBN: 9781946382351

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