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Monday, April 8, 2019

A Plea For Help!

My Dear Friends,

   This whole thing makes me very uncomfortable but I have no other choice. Let me tell you more about me and my family.

   I am disabled. I am unable to work. We live on Social Security and Food Stamps. Things have been tight over the years, but we've managed to stay afloat. Now with trump in office, we are sinking fast. He's cutting everything and if he isn't our state government is to beat trump to the punch.  Things are now the worst we've ever experienced.  I am unable to be left alone for any length of time because I fall extremely often and am too weak to get back up by myself. Yes, I have a walker, but when I fall, it goes first and then I go.  I can't drive because most of the time my legs are numb or go numb.  I understand how crazy this sounds. I've lived it for years. If it's rare, unheard of, odd,or crazy, you can bet it's in my life or has been.  Yes, I've had my license since I was 16. I'll be 55 at the end of the month.

   To add some brightness to my world, my daughters, both 18 until the end of May, will be going to college. The older one, who turns 19 at the end of May, will be going to Central Michigan University and the youngest to Stanford University. I am extremely proud of both of them. They will both need the basics. Books, notebooks, pens, dorm stuff, etc.  They will also need a bit of money for incidentals. Yes, they have scholarships and such. I'm flying blind with the college stuff. I also have to get the girls to their colleges.  

   This leads to my car. It's 14 yrs old. It needs new tires, the ones on it are bald. It needs new hoses, so they won't leak like the ones now do. It needs the windows fixed, so they go up and down. It needs the windshield fixed because of the huge crack in it.  The transmission needs work as well. This is all so I can get the girls where they need to be.  

 I have helped with reviews when I could. I posted them more places than most reviewers do. I've squeezed reviews in to help authors. My reviews give honest feedback. I've done all of it for free.

     NOW I'M BEGGING!  on bended knee for help!
I'm not sure how much this stuff will cost, but I'm giving a ballpark figure of $4000. If anyone can help with the figures I'd appreciate it.

Any money will help just of to my review/policy page here on my blog. Scroll to the bottom and the donate button is there.  Anything will help! I really appreciate it.
Thank you,
Melanie and Family

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