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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Review of Reel Murders and  Stay Tuned For Murder ByMary Kennedy

    These books are part of a series.  Maggie Walsh leaves her cushy psychology practice in New York  for a small town in Florida.  A radio station in Florida. A small radio station in Florida. This provides the backdrop for the funniest murder mysteries you'll ever read.  "On The Couch" with Maggie's ratings are losing to reports about pigs!  On top of that her actress mother comes visiting which is always cause for concern and Maggie must find a way to boost those ratings.  The colorful characters of the little Florida town will keep you guessing as to what will happen next.  
     Maggie feels crime can be solved with psychological forensics and the local cop believes in old fashioned police work. You'll have to read the books to see what happens when the two clash. With this series, each character could have their own book and it would be a smashing success.  Be sure to check these out if you haven't. 

   I give  these books 4 out of 5 books only because it reminds me too much of my own southern relatives. *smile*


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