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Tuesday, November 5, 2013


     I got my Kobo a little over a month ago and I wanted to share my thoughts. I've always been a Kindle person.  The people at Kobo contacted me and asked if I'd like to try a Kobo Aura.  Thinking it was a joke, I said sure.  Low and behold, the Kobo Aura arrived at my house. I was super excited!  

     First, the Kobo Aura is really perfect for the tech challenged like me!  There are step by step instructions and no way to get confused.  I took it out of the box and plugged it into my computer.  I followed every step and within minutes had my Kobo ready to use.  There are many features on the Kobo and though I could break them all down, I'll let you have the fun of learning about them.  For me, this is a practical use review.

     Second, the back lighting is phenomenal. I love the fact I can just turn on my Kobo and the light is right there.  It makes the Kobo a joy to use.  The Kobo Aura is lightweight and almost paperback book size.  It makes the Kobo so much easier to use.  My Kindle doesn't have a light and makes it difficult to use in some instances.  The Kobo is a touch screen so no buttons to break.  

     Third, you can store articles you find online, on the Kobo! I can take them anywhere that way and read them at my leisure.  The other features are ones you'll enjoy as well.  I'm just a basic use person.  I love that the Kobo has only a couple buttons for it.  The Kindle can be confusing with the keyboard and all the other buttons just to use it as I did for basic reading.

     Fourth, I did find some problems.  Kobo doesn't have anywhere the number of free books that Kindle does. The books are a bit more expensive too.  No real instructions on how to download books from other sites to the Kobo.  It's difficult to find a leather or other cover for the Kobo too.  My Kindle had a leather cover I found for it.

     Finally, I do think you'll love the Kobo just for the basic reading.  More than that I can't speak to.  As you all know, my reviews are brief and to the point. Too much information can be a bad thing too.  Get a Kobo, you'll love it!! 

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