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Thursday, January 29, 2015

Dreamweavers by C.C. Ravanera

     They work in pairs. One harvester (female) and one pilot (male).  Together, they bring lumus back to their world.  Anima is bored with her life and wants to learn more about the world.  When she and her pilot, Dimitri are chosen with other teams by the elders for specific tests, Anima isn't sure what to believe. Strange things start happening to her.  She's not like the other harvesters and each test by the elders reinforces the thought.  It seems each test Anima's given takes her deeper and deeper into trouble, at least in her mind.  Only Dimitri believes she can conquer each one.   Now able to cross into the human world at will, Anima feels it's the only place she's safe.  She wonders if she'll ever see her friends again.

     This book brings you inside a little at a time. You don't even realize you're hooked until you close the finished book.  I was swept away by a world of imagination.  It held me captive by getting deeper and deeper into Anima's life.  I felt her emotions and couldn't wait to see what happened next.  You'll love how simple and devoted these beings are.  This paranormal read is well worth the time.  I suggest you keep an eye on this author, she's going to be a bestseller in no time.  

     I didn't find any issues.

     I gave this one 5 cheers out of 5 because it's a beautiful story and told with great finesse.

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