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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Coming Soon!! A Blog Tour by Brina Courtney, author of REVEAL!!

12/09/2011 Starts off at my blog for the kickoff! (Giveaway)
12/10/2011 http://writersrevue.com/ Guest Post On Indie Writing and Review (Giveaway)
12/11/2011 wordspelunking.blogspot.com Review
12/12/2011 http://www.jessicadstampe.com Guest Post on Ghosts
12/13/2011 http://rens-rambles.blogspot.com Interview
12/14/2011 http://karendelabar.com Interview
12/16/2011 REVEAL RELEASE DAY! http://followingthereader.blogspot.com Review
12/17/2011 wordspelunking.blogspot.com Interview
12/19/2011 http://www.imabookshark.com Interview
12/22/2011 TBA
12/23/2011 Back to my blog to end it!

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