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Saturday, January 12, 2013

A Secure Heart by Charity Parkerson {My 200th Published Review on Amazon}

         What do four women who come from very different walks of life have in common? They are each searching for a man to spend their life with.  They want unconditional love, friendship and have it wrapped in a nonjudgmental person.  Each has her own issues to deal with and finding that special man won't be easy.  When love hits though, they know it without a doubt.  All of the women are looking for someone with a secure heart. Someone they can count on forever.  Now, if only their knight in shining armor will  step forward.  He might change their life, but they're more than ready for it.  

     A love story in four parts, this book is tremendous! A Secure Heart will melt your heart as you get to know each of the characters.  THIS is what a tasteful, well-written book should look like. I recommend this one if you are ready for that warm fuzzy feeling to just envelope you.  You'll find yourself sighing at the romance and blushing just a bit at how active these four women can be.  Contemporary yet a touch old fashioned, A Secure Heart is a lovely  mix of all you could possibly want in an excellent book.

     I only found one issue and it's small. Seemed as though the part 4 was a little more rushed than the others.

     I gave this one a 5 books plus out of 5 books because it proved once again romance is not dead!                                                 

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