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Friday, August 16, 2013

Spotlight On : Efe Odhomi

I am the author of the novel called "A Blacksmith's Quest", which will be part of a set of fantasy series books for young adults. The novel is sold on Amazon. I am a finance professional, with a BBA in finance and an MBA, but my first love is writing. I am currently working on numerous projects such as a TV script and the second part of "A Blacksmith's Quest". As an avid history buff I used some well known personalities in history as basis for some of my characters in the novel. I don't know how far my writing will take me, but I can guarantee that I will continue to pursue my passion, even if no one ever reads a single word that I have written. 

  Check out his book:  

In the ancient world of the Inner Realm a young slave blacksmith named Aurovin, in servitude of an evil empire, is chosen by the slave leaders of his people to escape and embark on a perilous journey to find the 'Promise Land' foretold by a prophesy, where they can live as a free tribe. But Aurovin's journey is greatly hindered by a brewing rift between the great powers of the Inner Realm. This rift escalates after king Pavros, overlord of the Muldovene Empire, barely escapes a botched assassination on his life. The Muldovene king sets his sight on the empire’s arch-enemy as the primary culprit; the Warrior King Sapien, and the kingdom of Arencia. Aurovin's journey and perils are gradually intertwined into the numerous events and conflicts that will inevitably lead to the Great War. During his journey, Aurovin encounters several characters such as Belcienda and Zaadu, two young adventurers from Arencia who are on a mission on behalf of their king to the kingdom of Traccia to unravel a growing conspiracy that may further threatens the sovereignty of the Arencian realm. He also meets Janus, a burly jester whom Aurovin saves while escaping the clutches of an evil order from a dungeon. All four eventually join forces together to battle the malevolent order that is bent on attaining absolute power over the Inner Realm. Unfortunately, as Aurovin makes new friends and acquaintances, the young blacksmith makes just as many enemies on his lone quest, most notably the handmaster, the devious and diabolic master of the evil order of the Dark Hand, who searches for an ancient power that will grant the holder the most unstoppable army ever, one even more powerful than the empire’s. These villainous characters, such as king Pavros, the handmaster, along with many others, will undoubtedly reshape Aurovin's perspective of the cultures and politics of the Inner Realm beyond the confines of his humble home and people, and this forces him to doubt if there really is a better world for his people outside the empire. This climatic struggle between good and evil will finally culminate on the battlefield between the armies of the all powerful empire and its allies against the legendary warrior king, Sapien and his undefeated Arencian army. Aurovin's journey is filled with death, betrayal, deception, superstition, mythology and love in world where only the wisest and the most cunning will be strong enough to attain ultimate power, and the weak and cowardly will be forced into servitude. Only time will tell if the blacksmith will be victorious and finally find this 'Promise Land'.

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