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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Living With Grownups; Raising Parents by Nadege Nicoll

     Isaac decided he needed to help out his peers and so he wrote this book.  Isaac is certain they will benefit from his keen observations about grownups.  With a little help from his younger brother Aaron, they decide it's time children knew the truth.

     Witty and sweet, you'll want to share this book with every child you know.  I'm sure you'll remember many of these issues from your own childhood.  Ms Nicoll has a wonderful gem on her hands here. What a series of books this will make.  If you need a look back to when you were a child, and a good chuckle, this book will do it.

     I found no issues.

      I gave this one 5 cheers out of 5 because I SO remember these from my childhood.

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