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Monday, July 13, 2015

Aberrant by Douglas Wickard

     December 2014 and two men's lives will change forever.  Both men have had a rough time getting where they are in life.  It's never easy to be different though.  One man, an author whose hey-day has come and gone.  He is merely existing now.  A small apartment and very few friends were all he had now.  The other man, considerably younger, yet facing some of the same things the older man had faced.  Neither knew where life would take them next.  
     This look at the path each man has taken, is filled with secrets, heartbreak and danger. Ellery Flynn and Chance met in a small bar Ellery was known to frequent.  Their conversation is centered around their journey to this moment in time.  

     A book that is perfect for this time in our history.  So many have had to hide who they really are from others, but now, they can open their hearts.  Mr. Wickard's book is incredibly insightful and powerful.  I found it sad so many have had to live this way.  Now, perhaps, we can all open our minds a bit more.  You will enjoy the way these two men are drawn together.  It truly is a moving and wonderful read.  This book will make you wonder at those in your own life. If they are waiting to share more of themselves with you.  You will share this one with everyone. I know I have.  It is the first book in the series and is a marvelous stand alone book.  Check it out.  Douglas Wickard poured a great deal of himself in  this book.

     I found no issues with this one. 

     I gave this one 5 cheers out of 5 because I was moved to share this with everyone.

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