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Tuesday, July 28, 2015


     Dottie is three now and it's time to start potty training.  Daddy bought her a brand new, red and white potty. They explain number one is potty.  Number two is poop or doo doo. Dottie seems to get the hang of potty pretty quickly but is scared to try number two in her new potty.  Mommy and Daddy decide to let her sit on her potty for five or ten minutes, several times a day.  They found allowing Dotty to watch Mommy was helpful too.

     This is a great help book for parents. It's never easy to potty train every child. As a mother of 3 and Aunt to 12, I know first hand how different they can be.  You'll like how easy this book to share with your child. It's one you'll want as part of your parenting section of your library.  

     The only issue I had was when Dottie got scared to poop in her potty. I think I would have handled it differently. Removing all fear.

     I gave this one 4 out of 5 because of the fear portrayed inside.


       Grandma joins Grandpa in heaven. We love and miss Grandma very much. She was our best friend, best secret keeper and she always had a special smell.  We needed each other. Grandma knew all my favorite foods  and stayed with me when Mom and Dad went out or away.

     I love this book! What a wonderful way to keep Grandma alive.  Having lost one grandma before I was 2 and another in my 40's, I know how it can affect littles. This book has a beautiful poem in the back. It should be framed and posted on the child's wall. This is another great addition to any library.  

     No issues with this one.

      I gave this book five cheers out of 5.

Thumb Suckers
      Would you suck on a carrot or a plum? Then why suck on your thumb? Germs are on your thumb and then get into your tummy. Suck on a flower. Does your thumb taste good?  

     This book is cute and will help some, but don't expect a lot from it.  I have two younger sisters, both who sucked their thumbs. My mother tried everything. Now in their 40's at times they still suck them. *smile*  This is not an easy thing for parents to deal with. I had one child who used a binky (pacifier) for her first 1 1/2 of life. The other two couldn't be tempted with either.  Still your kids will begin to get the idea with this book.

    I found no issues.

    I gave this one four cheers out of five because it's adorable.

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