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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Review of: Conquering India by Melissa Schroeder

A day from hell takes over on the very day you have an important business meeting, what do you do? India wasn't happy but rolled with it. A car accident that lead to a five block jog in the pouring rain, was on tap.  India's appointment to try to win the catering contract for the end of the year party at the prestigious T and J Security firm, went off without a hitch.  She knew this catering job would help her bottom line in extremely positive ways. What she didn't know was how Wade and Marc, the owners of T and J Security, would change her world.  Both guys want her! Badly! Marc tries to stay away because she's an employee of sorts. Wade wants to jump right in.  With time, they convince her that their lifestyle would suit her better than the one she had.  

This book gave me new respect for alternative lifestyles. If only I could find two men like these two I might consider it myself. *smile*  The book starts out with a slow burn and rages into an inferno by the end. I so enjoyed this story.  I found nothing to dislike about this book. It hit the spot, so to speak. *grin*

I gave this one 5 out of 5 books cause I was sweating and breathing hard at the end!! *grin*

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