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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Review of: Night Shift by Kate Douglas, Crystal Jordan, Lynn LaFleur

Three books about six different people and their family secret.  "Dream Catcher" by Kate Douglas starts the Night Shift off. Mac is a computer programmer in Silicon Valley. Zianne is Nyrian sent to enlist Mac's help for her people.  Mac is shocked to meet the true woman of his dreams. Zianne literally walked out of his mind and into his life.  Life will never be the same.
"Taken Between" by Crystal Jordan follows Max Delacourt and Kira on their path to forever. Both are shape shifters protecting their King and Queen. Childhood friends and now, lovers? Stress from death threats. Tension with humans. All of this makes it more difficult for Max and Kira to  admit what is in their hearts. Will it take tragedy to make things right? "The Right Number" by Lynn LaFleur finds history of two packs converging in one spot.  Jamieson Millington  is the owner of a big computer company and a busy man.  Veronica St. James works for her family's security firm.  What would you do if  you dialed a wrong number but you  knew in your soul the person on the other end was your mate?  Jay did what any man would do, he dialed the number again until she answered. They began talking and spending time together, planning a future. Then a shot. How does it tie their two packs together?

I found these books extremely erotic. If you want to have a really hot evening, read each of these books.  The fire in these stories will scorch you in a great way.  I was able to read all three in a short period of time. They are page turning and wonderful!! A great way to add a twist to an evening with your partner.

The only thing I found wrong was they ended to soon. *smile* I would love to read more by all these authors.

A fantastic 5 out of 5 books for the way they tied together.

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