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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Review of: Home Front by Kristin Hannah

Jolene Larson is a soldier. She has always been a soldier. Flying helicopters is what she did. Then the moment all soldiers train for happened...she was deployed.  Deployment was to happen in two short weeks. Her family was already fragmented and fragile. Now she had to tell them she was going off to war. Jolene and her husband Michael were already having marital problems and deployment just added to them.  A busy attorney, Michael didn't approve of the war and thought Jolene crazy for agreeing to go.  The only solace Jolene had was her best friend was going with her to war. As difficult as it was to prepare, she did and then off to war she went. Michael and the children had to adjust, to change to meet the requirements of their "new" life.  He was angry at Jolene and didn't even bother to tell her he loved her.  A moment all families pray will never happen, happens. It throws the Larson family into a situation none of them were ready for.  Now the real work begins. Rebuilding.

I love this book! It is very difficult to read if you have someone or know someone who is actively serving right now.  This book gives a wonderful account of what it's like from both sides of the fence. The soldier's account, thoughts and issues. The family left behind and there to pick up the pieces when the soldier comes home.  It's not as easy as everyone says for soldiers to come home and " be normal."

The only thing I found wrong with this book is that someone hadn't written it long before now. It could have served as a handbook for the soldiers and their families before this war started.

I give this one 5 out of  5 books and pray for the safe return of the soldiers in your life. 

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