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Monday, September 7, 2015

BEYOND THE CLOUDS and CHALLENGES: Poetry by Paul M. Kramer

Clouds are born to shower us with water.
They were not created to rain on our parade.
Eventually the skies clear and the clouds dissipate.
Clearly enabling us to see and feel the glory of the sun.
Above the clouds there is peace and serenity.
A place filled with sunshine, love and beauty.
Let us not let clouds dampen our spirits, or depress us.
Confusion and doubt can cloud our vision.
The clouds in our minds are sometimes so thick we lose our direction.
Let our faith open our minds and see through our self-induced clouds.
Unconditional love and goodness abides within us.
Faith is cloud-free and will bring us clarity.
With clarity there is joy and happiness.
Without clarity there are clouds, fear and uncertainty.
Paul M. Kramer

Teaches us to handle adversity,
illness, death, relationships, strife.
We go through some very difficult times,
challenges transform our life.
Challenges are lessons to be learned,
they are tasks and goals that lie ahead,
many challenges are thrown upon us,
some of which we truly dread.
Challenges are demanding and stimulating.
They will always be there and will not go away.
Testing our abilities and resources,
experienced by all of us every day.
Listen to your inner voice of wisdom.
Allow the light of God to shine on through.
Pray for courage and guidance,
that challenges will be less challenging for you.
Paul M Kramer

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