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Thursday, September 10, 2015

New Poetry: THE SABOTEUR and Let Go Of Anger by Paul M. Kramer

Help me remain humble
Not over impressed with myself
Let me never forget
I am no better than anyone else
Cleanse me of my faults
Forgive any wickedness I may possess
Relieve me of my sorrow
Bring me out of my distress
Help me shed childhood guilt
Show me the way to inner peace
Untie the knots of my discretions
Allow my anxieties to cease
Constant battles I am fighting
Enemies I have just one
My abuser torments me daily
There is no place for me to run
I am searching for solutions
I confess I cannot deny
The saboteur, the enemy
Both of them am I
Paul M. Kramer

Let Go Of Anger
Anger doesn’t commingle with love
Animosity and hostility are roads to depression
Peace and serenity are not born out of fury
Harboring bitterness leads to aggression
Let go of old grudges and past resentment
Let God unclog any malice in your heart
A huge sense of relief will flow in and through you
Forgiveness will allow you a fresh new start
Laughter and happiness will return to your life
With more intensity than it did before
You will be able to think with more clarity
Without anger, love can blossom and soar
Paul M Kramer

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