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Friday, August 26, 2016

In My Arms Tonight by Sasha Clinton

     Kat is a political reporter for a big New York paper. She loves her job. Kat has never let anyone dissuade from writing the truth. She also has some very definite ideas about dating, marriage and children. When her boss sends her to cover a local event, Kat attends but isn't convinced the candidate is good for New York.  She has no idea just how much that one event will change her life.

     This story is perfect for this time of year. I enjoyed the writing and the characters very much. I can actually picture the story happening in reality. Ms. Clinton is a gifted story teller and she knows how  to build characters you will want to learn more about. This is one for the TBR pile. The strong female lead character is definitely a work of art.  I recommend you get this one today.

     I did find issues. The first chapter or so is unnecessary. All the information contained in it can be given after the story begins. I also felt the epilogue could have been shorter.

     I gave this book 4 cheers out of 5 because it's a stay-in-your-seat-until-you-finish kinda book.  

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