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Monday, August 29, 2016

TRUMPED! Beyond Politically Correct: What You Would Say if You Had the Guts by Peter Davidson

     Have you ever had to bite your tongue to keep from being honest with others? Are you a fan of Trump and his outspoken ways? This book takes you through some situations we've all been in and gives two scenarios. One is the politically correct answer and the other answer is if you could say what's on your mind.

     With some humor, Mr. Davidson attempts to show the reader both sides of the same coin. He wonders if we've all gone soft over the years. Well written and a very easy read, this book will make you consider both sides. You might have even dealt with some of these situations. I enjoyed the book. There is however, a fine line between honesty and just being cantankerous and cruel. See what you think when you read it. I found most of the people I deal with and have dealt with, are honest with me. It's something I admire in others. As for myself, I'm honest as well. Sugar coating or coloring the truth isn't how I live.

     I did find two issues. One, the word trumped is a polarizing one. Beyond Politically Correct is enough. Second, Mr. Davidson over simplifies many of the situations. 

     I gave this book 4 cheers out of 5 for the issues above.

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