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Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Summer's Lost (Summer Solstice #2) by Kristy Brown

Alex loves Summer more than anything else in this world. He would always be there for her. Alex promised to always find her no matter where she was. Summer  always felt like part of her was missing. She isn't certain what was missing though.  Alex stayed in the background. He was told he could not approach Summer. This year at college was certainly a busy one.

    What a story! Ms. Brown crafts her books to pull you in and teach you  something.  I found the characters to be engaging and enchanting. You will enjoy the surprises along the way. This story is such a breath of fresh air. The action makes this book even more enjoyable. You will never be disappointed by Kristy Brown. Make her an auto-buy. I know I have.

    I found no issues here.

     I gave this one 5 cheers out of 5 because Ms. Brown always finds a way to surprise her readers.

Aloha Summer by Annie Diamond

      Layla needs a break. What better place to spend a week than Hawai'i?  She could recharge her batteries and go back to work in a better frame of mind. Layla didn't think about the people she'd meet.  From her flight to the hotel, everyone was very friendly. Layla was able to relax and enjoy the activities the hotel offered.  It seems though the islands have another idea.

     I found this book to be okay. The characters are well defined and three dimensional. The basic story is a good one.  It's an easy read, one with humor included. This book will capture your attention from the first page. It's one you can't put down. Get your copy today!

   I did find issues. This book takes off at a gallop and before you can digest the full story, it's over.  At the point the book builds, the reader is abandoned.  You are left wondering what happened.

     I gave this one 3 cheers out of 5 because if feels as though half the book is missing.