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Tuesday, August 24, 2021

A Gladiator's Love by Lance Morcan

      Leonidas' life changes after Roman soldiers showed up at his family's home. They killed everyone. Leonidas was the only one to survive. As they were leaving, some of the soldiers put Leonidas in a wagon and he ended up a gladiator.  He was undefeated. His fights were brutal. Many times he fought until death. What more could Leonidas want?

     I found this to be an unusual, but wonderful short story. It's well written and the characters well defined.  I enjoyed this love story. It came together in a different way. It's along the lines of 'Romeo and Juliet'. You are going to enjoy this short story. I applaud the use of characters many wouldn't have put together.

     I didn't find any issues here.

      I gave this one four cheers out of 5. It need to be just a bit longer to adequately build the story. It loses it's intensity too quickly.

Monday, August 23, 2021

Architect of Hope (The Natasha Saga #1-4) by Heather Greenis

      When you live near water, you sort of expect to find strange things on the shore.  It was a surprise though for Keeghan and William to find a bottle with a note inside. They opened the bottle and found it wasn't a note, it was a photo inside. Keeghan was interested in the photo and wondered who the family was.  She had no way of knowing this particular photo would play such a big part in her life. Would she ever find out why?

     This book is the product of a top level storyteller. The characters so well defined you'll swear you know them personally. The emotions are palpable. The love, deep and true. This book will rip your heart out and show it to you, then shove it back in your chest! BEST. BOOKS. EVER. Bring tissues, you'll need them. You'll regret it if you wear mascara while reading this one.  Four books and each is just as glorious as the last. I loved being able to read all four at one sitting. I was however, depleted when I finished. Ms. Greenis should be YOUR auto-buy, for me she is.  I rate this book right up there with 'Gone With the Wind'. 

     I found no issues with these books.

     I gave this one 5+ cheers out of 5 because it rings all the bells.