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Tuesday, November 26, 2013



1 - When did you first start writing? 1998

2 - Do you read much?  YES If yes, have you always loved reading? YES                 
3 -  Who’s your favorite author?  What’s your favorite book?
4 - What writers have influenced you the most? NOBODY SPECIAL

5 - Do you have a favorite fictional character?  NO 
Either from a book or movie or a tv show?


7 - Is there anything in particular that you do to get in the mood to write, or to get in the ‘zone’?  Any particular pre-writing routines? NO, I AM LUCKY.ICAN WRITE ANYWHERE AND DON’T NEED SPECIAL PENS, ROOMS, KARMA ETC.  I OFTEN PLAY LIGHT CLASSICAL MUSIC IN BACKGROUND


9 - How do you approach your writing?  i.e. - Do you do outlines?  Character bios?  Etc.? I SOMETIMES WRITE VERY SKETCHY OUTLINES AND MAYBE A FEW WORDS ABOUT THE MAIN CHARACTERS,

10 - Do you have any advice for other writers? YES, KEEP AT IT AND PRAY!!!

11 - Are you a morning person or evening person?  Day or night?

12 - Do you have any pets? NO

13 - What’s your favorite ‘I need a break from writing’ activity?

14 - How do you approach writing sex scenes?  They can range from mild to wild.  Where are you on the mild to wild meter? STARTED OFF AS COLD, NOW GETTING MUCH HOTTER, BUT NOT TOO HOT AS I WRITE HISTORICAL  NOT EROTIC NOVELS.


16 - Are you self-published or with a publishing house? PUBLISHING HOUSE, INCL. GMTA


18 - What about marketing?  How do you approach that area? GIVE IDEAS TO PUBLISHERS OR CONTACT USEFUL PEOPLE DIRECTLY

19 - What about beta readers?  Do you use them?  How many do you have?  Where do you find them? DON’T USE BETA READERS


21 - What’s your favorite color? MAROON

22 - Is there a particular website or facebook page or blog that you, as a writer, find very helpful? NO

23 - What’s your favorite time of the year? SUMMER, BUT NOW I AM AGEING, (67+) I DON’T DISLIKE WINTER ANY MORE

24 - What’s your most recent book about?  And where can people buy it?

25 - As a writer, what do you feel is your strongest gift or talent or skill that you have, that helps you the most as a writer? MY LOVE OF HISTORY AND TRYING TO PUT OVER THE SITUATION, POLITICS AND ATMOSPHERE OF THE PERIOD/ACTION/ EVENT I AM DESCRIBING.

26 - Please share some of your links with us - facebook author page, website, where people can find your books –
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Author Showcase : Carol J. Murto, CH, MH

     Carol is the author of Soul Awareness - A Spiritual Awakening to Self Knowledge and Healing. This book has its roots in Carol’s Soul Awareness class and it was inspired by Carol’s healing work with her clients. A writer since childhood, Carol has always found a variety of venues as an expression for her writing talents, but it is with Soul Awareness that Carol was truly inspired to bring to the page a reflection of internal content that is not only learned based on her 16 years of experience in her healing work, but also channeled. Carol teaches, holds public forums and hosts prayer/healing gatherings.

Connect with Carol

 Soul Awareness – A Spiritual Awakening to Self Knowledge and Healing is a Spiritual self help book, designed to bring a fresh awareness of what our Soul is and to serve as a guide to help heal at the deepest level – the Soul level. With clear, practical instruction and fascinating case histories from Carol’s 16 years as a healing practitioner, Soul Awareness will provide Spiritual direction and support through the text itself; true life stories of personal Soul healing and meditations. Soul Awareness offers tools that are appropriate for the beginner who is exploring the process of their deeper spirituality and the function of the Soul as well as individuals who may have been exploring their Soul connection and Spirituality for a life time. The direction provided in this book can lead the individual to heal on all levels; the Spiritual, physical, and psychological. Once healed, each individual life is opened to new possibilities including finding one’s life purpose.


Chapter 3
Our human existence lives in the balance of two very real energies. The bible teaches and speaks of the existence of good and evil. Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism and other religions have an understanding of this reality. In Christianity evil has a personal identity that began with the fallen angel, Lucifer. In the beginning, God created the Angels as personal and immaterial beings with free will. The understanding is that a hierarchy of angels exists; the cherubim, seraphim and Archangels, each designed for specific tasks.

The Angels understood in their creation that they were a part of something magnificent, amazing and in harmony with the Divine. There was no question as to the nature of their existence and their purpose. As a creation of God they were filled with love and light, and each had specific gifts with which to assist God and humankind. Created as loving beings they simply set about the task of fulfilling Divine Will, essentially participating in God’s creation. Personal desire did not exist as such. But somewhere within the hierarchy of Angels, one specific angel, the Angel Lucifer rebelled, basically due to ego, a belief of self-importance. How this occurred was based on Lucifer’s desire to, not only be with God, but to be God. When he rebelled against the order that God created, evil was born. When he rebelled against perfect balance, something inside of him changed, and he warped and magnified into something else. The inherent design of evil is the opposite of creation. It was Lucifer’s attempt at another form of creation. Since the beginning, the understanding of the fallen Angel Lucifer in Christianity is that Lucifer’s free will separated self from God. According to Christianity this is the beginning and basis for all human suffering. This is the Christian belief, but understand that Lucifer’s free will included the desire to take over and control a creation of his own. This creation would be destruction; a destruction of God’s creation. Thus he was cast out from the Heavenly realm, to dwell elsewhere.

In Buddhism evil is regarded as real only in the reality that human existence is the all-pervading condition of suffering. The only possibility of escaping suffering is to understand this true nature of this life (reality). Eventually we can escape our ignorance, karma and reincarnation and obtain enlightenment through the teachings of Buddha

Author Showcase: D. Lawrence-Young and his book Anne of Cleves: Henry's Luckiest Wife

  D. Lawrence-Young takes the often pompous and frequently silly “Shakespeare Authorship Controversy” and turns it into a fast-paced page-turning detective story. All the nooks and crannies of rival candidates and claims are traversed in interesting locations and often funny encounters. The SAC has got under the Shakespeare-loving and teaching David Young’s skin and he has turned this irritant into a pleasure to read and from which there is much to learn.

Connect with D. Lawrence – Young

It is winter 1539. King Henry VIII is galloping through the night to Rochester to meet a young woman. Just arrived in England from Germany, Anne of Cleves is destined to become his fourth wife. He has never met her before. He has only seen her portrait – the portrait of a sweet, demure and innocent young woman. The impatient and lovesick king must see her before their marriage. But this rushed and unplanned rendezvous will shock them and the country both. It will also lead to some completely unexpected and fatal results.
“Anne of Cleves - Henry’s Luckiest Wife” is a well-written, great read! The author, David Lawrence-Young does a fantastic job in telling the tale of Anne of Cleves - one of the notorious King Henry’s many wives.
Set in the early 1500s, the author provides great foreshadowing of things to come in the innocent Anne of Cleves’ life with King Henry. Tension builds as one learns of King Henry’s personality and his ultimate reactions when he becomes displeased. The King sets aside his first wife - abandons her really. His 2nd wife is beheaded and his third wife died after childbirth. In fact, even though his 3rd wife lay dying, King Henry made no attempt to see, nor comfort her. Knowing this, how will life be for the young Anne of Cleves?? She may become queen, - but for how long, and will she survive? Furthermore, if the King is displeased with Anne - then what does life hold for the man who arranged the marriage - Chancellor Thomas Cromwell?
Author David Lawrence-Young has done a fabulous job in his narration of the time, the place, and the misadventures of King Henry the 8th, and his time with “Anne of Cleves:- Henry’s Luckiest Wife”.
I was provided this book for free to review. I am a member of Wordpress, Net Galley, Goodreads and Librarything.

Links to buy the book

Monday, November 25, 2013

Tempted: A Nighshade Novel (The Nightshade Series) by Brenda Tetreault

     She looked like a Goddess and Roman couldn't take his eyes off her. He had to meet this woman. Sabrina was with friends and got separated.  Panic set in. There were so many people. To Roman though, Sabrina was the most beautiful woman he'd ever seen and he'd seen a lot of them in his time.  Seeing the panic in her movements, Roman stood and walked over to her. Taking her hand he walked back to his table.  The tension was palpable.  From here, anything can happen!

     Sensual, seductive, erotic! This book is five alarm HOT! The writing is superb and the characters so lovable you'll hate to see the book end.  I read this one twice because it's so damn good! I think the reader will enjoy the many shifters in this book. The variety lends it a real air of believe-ability.  Mrs. Tetreault did a fantastic job of writing this soon to be bestseller. 

     I found no issues.

     I gave this one 5+ cheers out of 5 because it knocked me out and left me wanting more.

Friday, November 22, 2013

Author Showcase: Jamie Haden and her book Spirit Seeker

  Jamie Leigh Haden is the author of Spirit Seeker, a young adult fantasy. Jamie lives and writes near the seashore in North Carolina. She has a Bachelor's degree in philosophy. Jamie is currently working on An Unimagined Life, the sequel to Illuminate-Alive, She Cried.

Connect with Jamie.

Life is strange and difficult for the granddaughter of a shaman. Sixteen-year-old Talisa Santiago was born in the desert underneath the full moon in January-the wolf moon. However, she left the desert with her mother when she was a young girl. She remembers bits and pieces of her past but it isn't until she and her mom move to a remote barrier island off the coast of North Carolina that she feels fate has finally called-secretive and mysterious he stands alone on the edge of the bank.

Her friends tell her to stay away; she hears rumors that he is dangerous. Still, she can't resist. Whether Talisa realizes it or not, she knows a thing or two about boys like Jag Chavez. Fate is funny that way. For the first time in her life, Talisa meets kids just like her-Native Americans who know the ways of the spirit. The closer she gets to Jag, the more she realizes he is hiding a dark secret. He may have the markings of the Thunderbird, but he is named for the powerful Jaguar. Together they embark on a journey that will haunt her forever.


Spirit Seeker – Mini Excerpt
They are flesh eaters.
They elegantly prowl the earth at dusk, listening to the sounds of creation.
Hungry, they wait for hours to pierce the skull of their prey.
It only takes them a few seconds to reach the brain.
I am now binded to them forever. Haunted by desire.
And willing to do the unthinkable.
For them—I give my blood.
For my lover—I give my soul.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

A Deeper Cut by Sheri Wren Haymore

        Spending the summer at his grandmother's, Hunter was looking forward to just having some fun. It was his last summer as a college student before his career began and he had a new girlfriend. Miki had accompanied Hunter to the small, picturesque tourist town where his grandmother lived.  She too would be starting her career soon and looked forward to the distraction. Neither expected the horror that began to take place not long after they arrived.  Both Hunter and Miki were dealing with other issues besides the upcoming move into adulthood. Now it seemed as though their world was ending.  If only they can survive this summer.

     AMAZING! Well crafted! Deeply defined characters! FABULOUS! Those are just a few things to say about this book.  Ms Haymore has continued on her journey of magnificent writing.  You'll enjoy the mystery and intrigue of this book!  It starts out a little slowly but builds in a way that will catch you off guard.  One of my favorite parts of the book is the simple goodbye at the end. It's powerful and breathtaking.  GET this book! I am a fan for life of Sheri Wren Haymore!!

     I found no issues.

     I gave this one 5+ cheers out of 5 because this book will stay with you long after you finish. 

GUEST POST: Daniel Diehl

Approaching the Writer’s Craft and the Fantasy Novel
People have been led to believe that writing – as opposed to almost any other profession with the possible exception of painting pictures – is somehow magical.  According to most sources – most of which are my fellow writers – writing is ‘inspired’, it takes endless amounts of time (possibly augmented with alcohol, pot, insanity, or some other outside stimuli) to ‘get in the mood’ or to ‘be inspired’.  Playwright George Bernard Shaw once said of the Victorian romantic poet, Algernon Swinburn, “Algernon could only write once he had found his muse; unfortunately Algernon’s muse lived at the bottom of the second bottle of port”.  Seriously, folks, this is all a lot of propaganda put out by writers to make their job look somehow magical.
            There is nothing magical about writing.  Being a writer is a job just like any other skilled trade or profession; you have learn your craft through a lot of study and hard work and you have to practice for years to get it right.  Obviously it helps if you have a real flair for storytelling, in the same way that the difference between being a good cook and a great chef is having a built-in affinity for creative cooking.  But both the competent cook and the great chef had to start out learning how to boil water.
            If writing is not magical it is certainly mythical – at least in the way non-writers seem to imagine it.  People think writers can work when they want, take endless vacations lying under palm trees and drinking tall, cool Cervesa beer.  Wrong.  Writing is done in private and if you are not a self-starter who can spend days and weeks on end shut off from the world you will never be a serious writer.
            Writing is lonely, generally badly paid and most people who know them think writers are more than a little ‘weird’, but the fact is I write because I love writing.  I enjoy writing more than I enjoy anything else I have ever done.  Where else can you invent a world, or an entire reality, of your own choosing and then sculpt it and mold it – along with all of the people in it - into whatever shape you want?  The only other place I am aware of that you can shape your own reality is during a psychotic break from reality and while writing probably won’t ever make me rich it does pay a lot better than insanity.
While writing is a serious undertaking, the writer’s work need not be serious in tone – indeed, if you are writing fantasy it is my humble opinion that your characters should never take themselves too seriously.   The characters in a fantasy novel probably don’t have much to say that is really important to life in general, so they need to have the capacity to laugh at themselves and the absurdity of their world.  At least, that is my view of fantasy literature.
            I am not going to name names of those who suffer from the malady of over-serious fantasies, because that would look like sour grapes, but in my humble opinion any writer who dips into the vast and fun-filled well of fantasy and can’t find a few jokes has probably had their funny bone surgically removed.  Fantasy is GREAT.  It is just designed to poke fun at itself and the whole real world on which it is based.  I think my three favorite living fantasy novelists are Terry Pratchett, author of endless dozens of DiscWorld novels, and the less known but just as weird Christopher Moore, author of such mind bending wonders as ‘Practical Demonkeeping’ and ‘Lust Lizard of Melancholy Cove’ and Malcolm Pryce author of some of the weirdest Welsh fantasies ever to crawl out of a human mind.  These guys, along with dozens of other contemporary fantasy writers, really know how to have fun.
            I have tried to bring this sense of fun to my latest novel ‘Revelations: book one of The Merlin Chronicles’.  Sure, there are times of serious peril, desperate situations, more adventure than you can shake a stick at; and in the person of Morgana leFay we have a wonderfully vile baddy that you will just love to hate; but more than anything this is a book about having fun.  Real life, particularly in today’s politically, economically and environmentally uncertain world doesn’t offer a lot of chuckles so we all need somewhere to hide from the ugliness and enjoy a ripping good yarn with a few good laughs.  Today’s prescription to overcome reality-induced melancholy: Read two chapters of ‘Revelations: book one of The Merlin Chronicles’ tonight and call me in the morning.

Merlin the Magician has returned to the world to resume his fight against the forces of darkness and chaos. -

That’s right, less than a month ago on Dec 12, 2012‘Revelations: Book One of The Merlin Chronicles’ was released by Sunbury Press – and what a release it has been: orders from individual readers and bookstores have started to skyrocket and Sunbury’s shipping department is keeping the UPS man busy. eBooks by the hundreds have already been uploaded to ‘e’ readers and computers. We know for certain that electronic versions of Merlin have already reached readers in places as far-flung as Spain and Israel.

To all of the online reviewers and webmasters who have been helping us promote the sly old wizard’s return (and those who will do so in the future), we want to extend a very special thank you. While we don’t want to slight anybody by mentioning some names and not others, we've added a few links below so you can find Merlin there also. To all the rest of you great reviewers, readers, tweeters and Merlin followers who been busy over the holidays, we are extending our invitation to you to jump on the bandwagon now as it seems The Merlin Chronicles: Revelations (Book l) is going to exceed all expectations, and we'll be releasing Book ll even sooner than we thought due to demand. If you haven’t yet read and reviewed ‘Revelations: Book One of The Merlin Chronicles’, for heaven’s sake, what are you waiting for? Now's the time to jump in on the forefront of this new Fantasy series sensation...


Award-winning author Daniel Diehl has created a sensation with his highly anticipated new fantasy series The Merlin Chronicles. A seamless blend of Arthurian legend, biblical prophecy, classic wizard fantasy and contemporary urban fantasy that never takes itself too seriously, this refreshing new series creates a world exactly like ours -- except that Merlin and the age of magic have returned full-blast to battle ancient evils and save civilization.
In Revelations,the first book of The Merlin Chronicles, archeology student Jason Carpenter discovers a mysterious orb that has housed history's greatest wizard for 1,600 years. Forced into an uneasy alliance, Jason and Merlin are sucked into a web of deceit, intrigue, and murder in a race to outwit and outrun Merlin’s ancient nemesis, the evil sorceress Morgana LaFay, a gang of drug smugglers, and a 500-year-old Chinese necromancer. It’s a race against time to complete their quest before an army of dragons is unleashed on a vulnerable and unsuspecting 21stcentury world.
Daniel Diehl, author, writer and investigative historian, has over thirty years’ experience in his field. His canon of work includes twenty non-fiction books (translated into ten foreign languages) and scripts for more than one hundred and seventy hours of documentary television for A&E, Discovery, History Channel, History International and Biography networks.

Author Showcase: Daniel Diehl and his book Revelations: Book One of the Merlin Chronicles

    Daniel Diehl has been an author, writer and investigative historian for thirty-five years. For nearly twenty years Diehl has been involved in writing for publication and documentary television production. Mr. Diehl’s work has won awards from the Houston (Texas) Film Festival, the National Trust for Historic Preservation (US) and the City of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Arts Foundation. Working alone and as a part of the multi-award winning team of Daniel Diehl and Mark Donnelly, Diehl has produced work in two main categories; trade publication and television documentary scripts. His canon of work includes twenty non-fiction books (which have been translated into ten foreign languages), one previous work of fiction and scripts for more than one hundred and seventy hours of documentary television primarily for A&E Network, The History Channel, History International, Biography Channel and Discovery Network.

Connect with Daniel:

Merlin the Magician only exists in myth and legend – at least that’s what archaeology student Jason Carpenter thought until he discovered the mysterious orb that had housed history’s greatest wizard for 1,600 years.
Forced into an uneasy alliance, Jason and Merlin are sucked into a web of deceit, intrigue and murder that sends them on a chaotic race to outwit, and out run, Merlin’s ancient nemesis, the evil sorceress Morgana le Fay, her gang of drug smugglers and a 500 year-old Chinese necromancer. Tis a race against time to complete their quest before an army of dragons are unleashed on a vulnerable and unsuspecting 21st century world.

Links where to buy the novel

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Timeless Trilogy: Book One, Fate by Tallulah Grace

     Kris, Roni and Cassie have been friends for a very long time. They each have jobs they love but friends come first.  Kris finally found a home on the beach and so she moved into her dream home.  Her life is going well and she's very successful.  Kris is producing a new show and she has an idea for a weekly show.  It's about this time strange things start happening. She is certain someone is watching her but she hasn't seen them yet.  The one bright side? Her friend and ex-boyfriend Nicholas Evans is her new neighbor.  

     I found a trilogy you are gonna love. This thriller has a bit of a dark side but it's well written and the characters are relatable.  Ms. Grace does a fantastic job of weaving this story around you. She pulls you right in and gets you comfy before she lets you have it!  I enjoyed the fact Nicholas and Kris were neighbors again. Such possibilities.  

   I found no issues.

      I gave this one 5 cheers out of 5 because I loved it.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Encounter by Douglas Wickard

     Alex is a successful businessman and has a wonderful wife and two kids.  He also has a secret.  His trips out of town aren't only about business. He manages to get some fun in too.  When he flies to San Francisco for a meeting that is work related, Alex sets up a little fun too.  Within just a few days, Rhonda, Alex's wife will realize she never really knew her husband.  Her missing persons report opens the file on the horror happening in San Francisco!  The police are stumped and clues can't be found anywhere.  What is happening to married businessmen who come to San Francisco?  Everyone would like to find out but it may change them all forever!

     Sexy, hot and heart pounding, this thriller will turn you inside out! Extremely well written with characters defined so well you can feel their breath.  You will NOT put this book down until you reach the end, it's that engaging.  I found this thriller to be right up there with some of the biggest names in the thriller genre.  Mr Wickard has the uncanny ability to lure you in slowly and then SLAM the door behind you.  This is a book you'll be telling friends about.

     I found no issues.

     I gave this one 5+ cheers out of 5 because it made my skin crawl.. that's a good thing. *smile*


Thursday, November 14, 2013

Wolf With Benefits by Shelly Laurenston

     Toni is the oldest of eleven children.  Ten of these children are prodigies.  They also happen to be shifters. Jackals to be exact.  Toni was responsible for seeing to the schedules of her brothers and sisters. Her parents, also prodigies, were busy with their careers.  Toni meets Ricky Lee Reed, a shifter, a wolf shifter.  He's from Tennessee and as laid back and calm as he can be.  He meets Toni at the Sports Center and his life will never be the same again.  Their introduction comes after Toni's youngest brother, seven, asks Ricky Lee if he's the boys father. Ricky Lee has no idea this is Toni's way of putting men off.  Soon, he'll learn a lot more about this family.  Maybe enough to stay.

     A wonderfully written book with blunt, colorful characters awaits in this one.  Ms Laurenston included humor, southern charm and even some basic fears to make this book a real joy to read.  The family is devoted to each other and you don't see that much in books like this.  I enjoyed how well this book flowed.  Made me wonder how we would react if there were shifters among us now. Could we be accepting or would they be the next minority group given the cold shoulder?  I really did laugh out loud at parts of this book.  To be honest, it could have been my mother's family she wrote about. *grin* I for one can't wait for the next book by Ms Laurenston I get the chance to read.  This is a keeper.

     I found no issues with this one for me.  Some, however, may have problems with some of the blunt language.  Don't let it stop you from reading this one.

      I gave this one 5 cheers out of 5 because I howled at many parts of this book! *smile*

Friday, November 8, 2013


  "She was one horrible mess.  Always looking over her shoulder, avoiding becoming too friendly with the neighbors, never letting her kids out of her sight for fear of human monsters lurking around corners, waiting to cause them harm.  That anxiety stemmed from her own childhood memories.  Always fearing  that someone would recognize her face, she kept to herself and didn't go out much.  And when she did, no matter the season, she wore some kind of hat or covering on her head, enough to shield her face.  HE had done this to her even though he was dead now.  

Walter never understood why she was such a loner, avoiding  people as much as she could, and just being extremely anti-social outside of the house.  Houston was originally her home, not his, yet she didn't even want her own family and friends to know that she had returned.  The only person she found herself able to really open up with was him.  And although she tried to make him feel otherwise, he knew that there was still a huge wall up that even he would never be able to see over or climb.

Marisa had a secret and if it was ever discovered, it could cost her her life and her freedom."

"I couldn't put this book down! Every chapter that I read kept me on the edge of my seat, excited about what was to come in the next chapter.  I want more...so hope there's a sequel! Lifetime Television...watch out for DAYDREAM'S DAUGHTER, NIGHTMARE'S FRIEND.  You're going to want to turn this script into a movie!"- P.J. Soemer, Book Lover


Also on Amazon 

 Coming to Amazon as an ebook, Saturday, November 9, 2013. 

Nonnie Jules, Author
"...and her words breathe life onto paper"

If you're interested in keeping up with this author, please check out the links below!  Thanks for joining us on this collective 25 blog BOOK INTRO!!!

General Blog
Parenting Blog 
Nonnie's Book Store - Signed Copies & more
Twitter:  @nonniejules

"The Good Mommies' Guide to Raising (Almost) Perfect Daughters,"
100 Tips On Raising Daughters Everyone Can't Help But Love!



Tuesday, November 5, 2013


     I got my Kobo a little over a month ago and I wanted to share my thoughts. I've always been a Kindle person.  The people at Kobo contacted me and asked if I'd like to try a Kobo Aura.  Thinking it was a joke, I said sure.  Low and behold, the Kobo Aura arrived at my house. I was super excited!  

     First, the Kobo Aura is really perfect for the tech challenged like me!  There are step by step instructions and no way to get confused.  I took it out of the box and plugged it into my computer.  I followed every step and within minutes had my Kobo ready to use.  There are many features on the Kobo and though I could break them all down, I'll let you have the fun of learning about them.  For me, this is a practical use review.

     Second, the back lighting is phenomenal. I love the fact I can just turn on my Kobo and the light is right there.  It makes the Kobo a joy to use.  The Kobo Aura is lightweight and almost paperback book size.  It makes the Kobo so much easier to use.  My Kindle doesn't have a light and makes it difficult to use in some instances.  The Kobo is a touch screen so no buttons to break.  

     Third, you can store articles you find online, on the Kobo! I can take them anywhere that way and read them at my leisure.  The other features are ones you'll enjoy as well.  I'm just a basic use person.  I love that the Kobo has only a couple buttons for it.  The Kindle can be confusing with the keyboard and all the other buttons just to use it as I did for basic reading.

     Fourth, I did find some problems.  Kobo doesn't have anywhere the number of free books that Kindle does. The books are a bit more expensive too.  No real instructions on how to download books from other sites to the Kobo.  It's difficult to find a leather or other cover for the Kobo too.  My Kindle had a leather cover I found for it.

     Finally, I do think you'll love the Kobo just for the basic reading.  More than that I can't speak to.  As you all know, my reviews are brief and to the point. Too much information can be a bad thing too.  Get a Kobo, you'll love it!!