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Monday, September 30, 2013

How High Should I Jump: The Satirical Guide to Pleasing Today's Woman by R. Milton Quibner, H. E. R. S.

       A humorous look at what today's woman needs from the man in her life.  There are really only two choices; the object, a sort of trophy man and the good partner.  You'll learn exactly how to handle all situations with grace and dignity men.  It will require you doing your homework, but then, all will be well. If it isn't, it's YOUR fault! The woman is never wrong. 

     Women who read this will be laughing at parts of this book . Men, you'll be shaking your head and asking where it's been all your life.  R. Milton Quibner has created the perfect handbook for men.  I found the writing impeccable and the subject delightful.  This is perfect reading for the cuckolded spouse or the woman who wants to begin cuckolding her spouse.  Wonderfully funny with a hint of truth, this book is perfect for the adult shelf.

     I found no issues.

     I gave this one 5 cheers out of 5 because it really is a handbook for the submissive male. 

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Dream World by S. J. Hitchcock

          At thirteen, Debbie witnessed her mothers fatal car accident.  It was only the beginning of a very rough year for her.  Debbie began daydreaming more and more as a way to deal with the grief and sadness of losing her mother.  Her best friend Wendy stayed by her side as much as possible to shield her from  cruel things an ex friend would say.  Slowly Debbie begins to adjust and she is able to smile and laugh again.  

    A good book for the pre-teen in your life.  They will relate well to the characters and the angst they suffer.  It could take place in any school in any country in the world.

     I found some issues.  It's written in a confusing way, that is it's written in first person through all three story lines.  I found it difficult at times to tell which characters life you were in the middle of.  It's very long winded too.  Many things didn't need as much detail as they had and readers would have understood just the same.

     I gave this one 3 cheers out of 5 because it just didn't quite measure up to a universal preteen read. 

Friday, September 27, 2013

Author Showcase: S. J. Hitchcock

 Sarah Hitchcock was born in Norfolk, in a small town called Kings Lynn.  She always was a keen reader, and one day decided to attempt to write her own, and never looked back.  Today she has many novels in various stages of editing and re-writing.  Her current WIP, is in the final stages of editing, and will be out later this year as an ebook.
After finishing high school and then training to work with children, Sarah started her first job. She currently works as a pre-school teacher. 
Sarah has four children, and three dogs, and a partner who has had to put up with her rambling on about all her WIP’s.
She recalls spending hours thinking about her characters and their storylines.  To this day, she often falls asleep thinking about where she can take new and old characters.

Please stop back for the review of this book!

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

How The Rhino Got His Skin by Henry, Josh and Harrison Herz

     The rhino is a very naughty animal. He upset the cook greatly and so the cook set out to teach the rhino a lesson.  This adaptation is wonderfully written. Lovely, simply and a fantastic moral lesson make this children's book a keeper.  The illustrations are delightful and children will enjoy this story over and over again.

     I didn't find any issues.

     I gave this one 5 cheers out of 5! Another hit for the Herz men. 

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Seductive Lies by Colleen Connelly

     Harriett Burke was in love with the Viscount of Daneford, Arthur.  They were blissfully happy and planning a future full of happiness and love.  Arthur would go serve in the military and when he got home, they'd marry.  Harriett was beside herself. She'd never known love like she had with Arthur.  Family members decided their marriage was not going to take place.  They will stop at nothing to get rid of Harriet and marry Arthur off to the woman of their choice.

     Every ingredient needed for an historical romance you won't forget is in this book.  The level of deceit and treachery will astound you.  You can tell this book was a labor of love. Ms. Connelly gives us a book that could easily become a series.  The writing is amazing and the characters relatable.   Your heart strings will be pulled and you'll feel the anger and rage- it's that well written.  You must get this book, but be warned, it will leave you breathlessly waiting for the next one.

     I didn't find any issues.

     I gave this one 5 cheers out of 5 because I wanted another book from this author when I finished it. 

Monday, September 23, 2013

Children of the Plague by Gregory Carrico

        Lanni knew something wasn't right.  Her mom was screaming so loudly and pain shot through Lanni's head.  Alex, her twin brother was more disturbed than usual.  Even his friend Jacob was being weirder than normal.  Then Alex grabs Lanni and tells her they must run.  Neither knew what they were running from though.  Everything was happening so fast.  Lanni and Alex would never be the same.  They had to find a safe place, but where.  Changes were apparent everywhere.  Their world was different and adjusting to it meant growing up fast. The plague was back in a new way.

     You'll be looking at people differently once you read this book. Perfect for the Halloween season, this is one terrific scare!  Well written and descriptions that won't leave your head soon, this will become a favorite book right away.  My favorite line in the book is.. "but Scarlett O'Hara, what was happening to her."  The line sold me on this book.

     I found no issues with this one.

     I gave this one 5 out of 5 cheers because it gave me quite a scare. 

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Lifting the Wheel Of Karma by Paul H. Magid

       Seventeen year old Joseph had suffered with visions and nightmares since he was five years old. No one knew why or what caused them. They were terrifying though.  Joseph seemed to excel at everything he did. Karate, sports and helping on his family's horse farm.  It was about this time Joseph had a horrific car accident after losing his first Karate tournament ever.  It changed him forever.  He tried to figure out why him but no answers came.  He knew there must be some way for him to be whole again.  It would begin with a trip across the world.

     This book is a moving look at karma.  We've all heard about it, but how many have actually experienced it and knew it was karma?  Solid writing and well crafted characters makes this book a gem.  It won't touch your heart, it will invade it and engulf your soul.  The descriptions of Montana make you wish you were there.  After this book, you'll walk away with a new perspective.

      I found no issues with this one.

      I gave this one 5 cheers out of 5 because it was truly an enlightening experience. 


Friday, September 20, 2013

The Naked Way by Chris Henry

      It's the 1990's and the world is changing.  Eli and his misfit friends are part of the world many wouldn't understand. Each one of them dealing with some serious issues and trying to help their friends.  Sex, drugs and rock'n'roll are a huge part of their lives.  Religion in the background, the group is picking their way through life and failing at every turn.  Eli is the voice of reason most of the time.  He's fallen in love but isn't sure the girl is in love with him.  War brings the fractured group of friends together with peace as a common goal.  Question is, will any of them come out the other side better off?

     I read this book twice because it's so good. It encapsulates a generation of people who are dealing with great change.  The writing is solid and really pulls you in.  You'll enjoy this book and cheer some of the characters and boo others.  You might even recognize people you know.

     I found no issues with this one.

   I gave this one 5 cheers out of 5 because it really captured the Gen X people.  

Author Showcase: Paul H. Magid

   Lifting the Wheel of Karma is Paul H. Magid’s debut novel. He is also an award winning screenwriter and independent filmmaker. His autobiographical film, A Life Unfinished, screened in The Hamptons International Film Festival. He lives with his family in Manalapan, NJ.




   Joseph Connell is a gifted high school athlete, loved deeply by his family, yet tormented by nightmarish visions he can neither explain nor escape. After a horrific accident forever alters the course of his life, he leaves the security of his family's idyllic Montana horse ranch and travels to the remote Himalayas of India, in search of a mystical old wise man alleged to possess supernatural healing power. The man he seeks, however, will not so easily reveal what he truly knows, for he is the guardian of a secret that will change Joseph's life even more than the accident that brought them together.

Please stop back for the review of this book! 

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Shadow of the World by Gregory Carrico

     Wayne Farrow was once a detective. A good detective. Then a car accident changed everything.  He killed a mother and her small son and the police said he was drunk.  The tests said he was drunk.  Now Wayne was an ex-con. A convicted murderer.  His best friend had gotten him a job at the hospital but issues there caused him to get fired.  All Wayne knew was that sand seemed to fill his mind and blackouts occurred.  What would happen next when he blacked out?

      You are gonna LOVE this book.  It straps you in and speeds off into the page-turning story it holds! Fantastic characters, well defined and easy to attach to.  The writing is superb! This is not normally a genre I enjoy.  However, this book really enthralled me.  When you hit the end, you'll have an OMG moment like never before!

     I didn't find issues with this one.

     I gave this one 5 cheers out of 5 because it had me from page 1.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Kiera's Quest : Perceptions by Kristy Brown

     Zakk is king now and Kiera found out she's his sister. The problem is her friends have gone back to Earth without her.   Kiera knows the Witch Queen is up to something she's just not sure what it is.  She also finds out more about her parents and the Witch Queen before she was an evil being.  Zakk does all he can to protect Kiera but she doesn't allow him to do much. Now they must find a way back to Earth and stop the Witch Queen before her next strike.  Meanwhile, the Witch Queen thinks her plan is going well. 

    The writing is flawless as Kristy Brown gives us another fantastic book!  This series is one of my favorites and it's because of the writing and the likable characters.  You'll enjoy the combination of the other realm and the Earth.  Makes you wonder what really happens in the other realm when we aren't looking.  Check this out and I assure you you'll be delighted with it! 

     I found only one issue..lol.. It was too short!! *smile*

      I gave this one 5 cheers out of 5 because I love this series!

Paradigm by Helen Stringer

      Sam Cooper's life is different than most.  His parents are dead, he's traveling around the country and he owns 1968 GTO that's 100 years old.  Sam keeps moving because he doesn't want to go back to San Francisco where his parents started.  He knew he wasn't "normal", his father had told him the headaches he gets often are just from the stress.  Sam meets Nathan and thanks to Nathan's selling ability, they are selling small appliances to earn money for food and gasoline.  While in the city, they come across the Paradigm Device and everything changes.

      Sci-fi fans will enjoy this book.  It's really futuristic and mind blowing.  The characters are well defined and easily enjoyed.  The writing is descriptive so you'll feel as if you are there.  Check out this book.

     I did find issues.  I felt the book moved slowly and it went nowhere quickly.  When we finally got to the "heart" of the book I found myself wondering WHEN will this end.  It was like I stepped off a train and knew in a second I was lost.  

     I gave this one 3 cheers out of 5. It just didn't seem to get off the ground. 

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Showcase: Author Gregory Carrico

Gregory Carrico is a former dental practice management consultant and software trainer. Abandoning his dream of working the daily grind until death, he was forced into the thankless life of a fiction writer. Now an Amazon.com Best Selling horror and science fiction writer, as well as a 2013 HFA Author of the Year Finalist, he finds a small degree of succor in crafting despicable bad guys and then tricking readers into caring about them.
When not creating new worlds and plotting their destruction, he advocates for adopting rescue dogs, and politely urges slower drivers to get out of the passing lane.  

Social Links:




Newsletter: http://eepurl.com/CWRFH

email: greg@gramico.com

Web:  www.GregoryCarrico.com

Blog:   www.gramico.com/blog

 "I think I see what they're doing," Wayne said. "They need my help, but they can't officially come to me for it. So, they arrested me on charges that won't stick, and if I cooperate, I might find those charges dropped. Is it something like that?"
Her smile was both amused and sympathetic. "You were a good detective before the crash. But now? A convicted killer. A parolee who's lost two jobs in a week--fired by your best friend, to boot. A drunk. A shell of a man with severe psychiatric problems and holes in your memory a Cadillac could drive through. They don't want your help, Wayne. They think you are involved. If you can't convince them otherwise, you'll disappear into the bowels of some secret government agency, and they will find out what you know."
"I don't drink." It was the best he could do. The rest was technically accurate, except for the terrorist part. Being true didn't make hearing those cursory assessments of his identity any less painful and humiliating.
"I know," Elaine continued. "All of that aside, I want to help you. Partly because I need your help in return. You won't be able to give me help from prison or a secret jail cell in a foreign embassy."
He nodded and started to speak, but she cut him off. "I don't know how much time I have right now. I need you to answer my questions honestly and thoroughly. I'm going to help you remember, just like I did in prison. Even if my questions seem strange or unimportant, just answer them. When we finish, I'll pull my strongest strings to get you out of here. Okay?"
"Yes, of course," he said. "I'll do whatever you want. You know that."
"That's good, Wayne," she said. Her voice was warm velvet. It slipped between the rough places in his head and soothed his nerves. His mind still felt a little off, but she had always been able to help him before, even when the sand started pouring in.
She pulled a tablet computer and a phone from her bag and set them on the table between them. He recognized the phone as his.
"It's 2:32 AM. Time to remember."

Thursday, September 12, 2013


Coming September 13!

Jill Sanders is having a 3,000 likes giveaway on her Facebook page.
Stop by and check out the details! So many prizes to be won.


Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Shadows of Valor by Elsie Park

    Known as The Shadow, Sir Calan Beaumont came to Graywall to find smugglers.  He had to be very careful no one knew his other identity.  While watching for smugglers, Calan heard a conversation about a kidnapping.  His first thought was the nobles daughter, Genevieve.  Sir Calan knew he must protect her at all costs.  After approaching the castle, he found out his childhood friend Elsbeth was living there as well.  Elsbeth  was a friendly person who helped serve the village and castle.  She was content with the knowledge she would never marry.  Sir Calan sent her thoughts in the other direction though.  

     The story is a good one and you'll enjoy the mystery and intrigue this book offers.   A little light on the romance, but that's okay. When it does have a romantic moment it's sweet and special.  I recommend this book for everyone. You'll enjoy the refreshing approach Ms Park takes.  For a debut novel, this one ranks right up there.

     I found only one issue.  It takes awhile to build up to the conflict and then ends quickly. Up to that point, it's a little slow in parts.

     When all is said and done, I gave this one 5 out of 5 cheers. Great debut Elsie Park!!  


Perry Road by Emi Gayle

     The year is 2132.  Nothing is as you remember it.  There is now the American Union and the United States. Two separate countries. A fifteen foot wall separates them.  It's also Erianna's eighteenth birthday. The day she becomes an adult.  She will register for a job. It's the law.  Then she will be required to go to the house listed on her email.  Once there she will be trained and readied for the world.  Somehow though things don't end up going as they should. Eri, or Anna as she is now known, will find out things no one else knows. She will come face to face with her past.  Anna wonders if she's adult enough to handle it all. With a leap of faith, she moves forward. 

     Another amazing book from Emi Gayle! She is a fantastic storyteller who engages your  mind, heart and imagination all at once.  This book gave me pause.  I couldn't imagine the world changing so in my children's lives.  Bold, straightforward and equal parts heartbreaking and empowering, this book is one you'll keep.  I think the readers will enjoy some of the changes in this world created by Emi Gayle. Others, they will be upset about.  I think one thing that stuck with me, among the hundreds of things, was that in this year 2132, breast cancer is still not cured.  GET THIS BOOK! Your TBR pile will be enhanced by it.

     I found no issues.

     I gave this one 5 cheers out of 5 because the thought provoking contents is still with me. 

Saturday, September 7, 2013


      Several weeks ago, Memorable Entertainment Television- METV- gave away the book pictured.  To win you had to keep track of the code word for the day, then enter it at ME-TV.  We did just that and surprise, surprise, today in the mail we received this very book.  I can't wait to dive into it and learn more about one of my favorite shows from back when.  I'll do a review here once I get the chance to read it.  

    You never know if you will  win unless you try!! Enter the contests authors have on their page and Twitter. 

   Read on!!!

 Melanie and crew

Friday, September 6, 2013

Friday Showcase: Author Helen Stringer

           The author, Helen Stringer, grew up in Liverpool, England, and currently lives in Redwood City in northern California.  While in Liverpool, she was active in the music scene where she edited local music paper MerseySound while researching the life of the Countess of Sefton through her late 19th century diaries for an exhibition on behalf of Merseyside County Museums. 
            After moving to the United States she studied film, winning several student film awards, including a student Emmy and the National Federation of Local Cable Programmers award for Best Entertainment Program for a Western version of “A Christmas Carol,” called A FISTFUL OF HOLLY (subsequently bought by CBS), and was a Directing Fellow at the American Film Institute Center for Advanced Film and Television Studies. She then worked as Director of Development for a Los Angeles television production company.  She has also written for the food section of the Los Angeles Times and Victoria magazine and founded and edited the eclectic web magazine The Mediadrome.
            Her first book, SPELLBINDER, was published in 2009 and chronicled the adventures of Belladonna Johnson, a girl who lives with the ghosts of her dead parents until the day when they, and all the ghosts in the world, disappear. This was followed by the sequel, MIDNIGHT GATE, in 2011. This year sees the publication of her latest novel, PARADIGM, set in a future in which everything we have been warned about has come to pass.
            Helen lives and works in an old barn that used to be a ballet school, along with an embarrassing number of cats and the occasional visiting raccoon.

Sam Cooper is seventeen. He drives a cherry red 1968 GTO that he won on a bet, and spends his days exploring the open roads of the great American West. He should be living the teenage dream, but post-collapse America is a hard place to survive. 

The United States is long dead, basic resources are getting scarcer, and no one on Earth has seen the stars since before he was born. Vast tracts of the country are now empty as people huddle together for safety. 

In all this chaos, Sam has survived on his wits and occasional luck. But a visit to the walled and prosperous Century City results in a split-second decision that changes everything. Soon Sam is on the run from the ruthless Carolyn Bast, and by something much more dangerous: MUTHA--a powerful artificial entity that has been watching and waiting for Sam's return from the barren outlands. Sam unknowingly carries the key to something MUTHA can't live without, something so dangerous that others are willing to kill him, or worse, to ensure that the great plex never possesses it. 

Sam can't stay one step ahead of them forever. His only hope is to unravel the secrets of his peculiar past and awaken the incredible power that sleeps within--because even in his beloved GTO, without the truth, Sam will never succeed in outracing the nightmare to come.

Thanks for stopping by. Come

 back for the review of this book!! 

Monday, September 2, 2013



             In 2132, “We the people …” means nothing, and it hasn’t for a hundred years.
Like all the citizens of the American Union, eighteen-year-old Erianna Keating is not to ask questions. She is not to believe anything except what the A.U. tells her. More importantly, she’s not supposed to know what she doesn’t know, nor that she’s a pawn.
Like everyone else, though, she is, and like everyone else, she is a hundred percent oblivious to what’s going on.
Or is she? Are they?
               Erianna thinks going to Perry Road and joining the national registration program is her next step toward adulthood; the 2132 candidates for adult-classification, though, are in for a big surprise. Especially Erianna.
Thanks to Zane Warren, an awkward but hot guy who won’t shut up about a history that doesn’t—or shouldn’t—matter anymore, Erianna will know. Will learn. That includes finding out what actually happens after registration and doing something, anything, about it.
              Fixing what went wrong, what caused the U.S.A. to split into two countries, though, is not on Erianna’s bucket list, but as she faces her future, she must decide whether to fall in line with the American Union’s plan for her, or to consider that Zane might not be wrong, and the time for revolution begins now.

    Stop by  emigayle.com for any other information!!

Sunday, September 1, 2013


Debut Novel!!! 

 Blurring the psychological haze between justice and revenge,
Park's debut novel brings new meaning to the Dark Knight.

        On the surface, Graywall is content and booming. Lord Shaufton, who
presides over the city, is a fine ruler. The poor are well-cared for, the
area is popular, and morale is high—but within Graywall’s roots,
something dark is stirring. This darkness threatens to overpower the
once-peaceful town, until a mysterious figure appears: The Shadow.

         As much a figure of fear to the unruly as legend to the innocent,
The Shadow is an enforcer of justice and aid to the King. Due to an
outrageous export tax set by King Edward, smuggling has tainted the
kingdom, so The Shadow is sent to hunt the smugglers down. Contrary
to legend, The Shadow is simply a man known as Sir Calan who,
although talented and just, struggles to keep his dark thoughts of
revenge from becoming ruthless action.
          Due to sheer coincidence, The Shadow learns of a deadly plot
against Lord Shaufton on a journey to Graywall. Now, he must enter a
pseudo courtship with Lord Shaufton’s daughter under his original guise
of Sir Calan, all while old emotions are stirred by the lovely Elsbeth,
Lord Shaufton’s niece. Elsbeth, it seems, is the only woman who can
heal his troubled soul, but she has a story of her own. 
       What transpires is
a glorious tale full of deceit, greed, inner struggles, betrayal, and most of