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Sunday, September 23, 2012

A Shared Confidence by William Topek

     Devlin Caine is back with a new mystery that puts his brother in the hot seat.  Although they've been estranged for five years, Nathan Caine reaches out to his brother for help.  Money is missing from his department at the bank and Nathan's name is all over it. The problem is, Nathan swears he didn't sign the documents allowing the money to be moved and ultimately taken.  
     Meanwhile in Kansas City, Devlin is meeting with a potential client about a situation he got himself into. It seemed okay. A quick way for the client to make money. What happened was he lost everything.  Sensing there was nothing more he could do for the man, Devlin bid him goodbye and got back to his brother's problem.  This was Devlin's chance to show his brother how well he did his job.  Now all he had to do was get to Baltimore and find out who really took the money from the bank. Should be an easy case. People always left a trail, you just had to know where to look.  Devlin finds out his brother's problem is tied up with state and federal agencies but for other reasons. Will the case blow up in Devlin's face or can he use the agencies resources and men to figure it all out?

     LOVE Devlin Caine! He's a wonderful character! This is William Topek's second book and each one just gets better and better. The historical facts in this book are very accurate and fun to read. The book takes you to an age when detectives did almost anything to solve a case. You'll enjoy the intricate twists and turns in this book.  Just when you're sure things have settled, something else happens to blow up all your theories. I recommend this book highly. 

    I didn't find issues with this one.

    I gave this one 5 out of 5 books because I love an old fashioned detective novel.

Gotcha Gas: Debacle Near Roswell by M.A. Banak & Bill Weimer

  Ramon was give the deed to some property.  Curious about the new  property, Ramon went to the library to research it. There was nothing available on the small town of Gotcha, New Mexico. Even more curious, Ramon decides to go to New Mexico to find this town.  The trip seems to be for nothing until Ramon is approached by an older man. He assures Ramon he can help him in his quest to uncover anything about the town of Gotcha.  
     Gotcha started out as a real estate investment. A way to make quick money.  What it became was a small town with lots of problems and no sure way to fix them.  The people of the town are as quirky as the town and it's founders are.  Each one contributes in their own way.  When the founders are told there may be two gold mines under the town and there was a Spanish treasure located near the town, they  put their heads together to figure out a way to finance the digs.  Let the fun begin!

    Humorous, fun and an easy read, you'll enjoy this book from beginning to end.  The characters are an eclectic group of people.  Each one is a star in their own right.  It's easy to like all of the characters because they are well defined.  Well written, this book puts you right in the middle of it all. I found this one a joy to read.  I was laughing out loud in some parts.  I suppose because I know people who could fit into these characters skins very easily.   This on is informative, but it's basis is fun!  

   The one issue I found was the double naming of chapters.  I felt it was an unnecessary step to take.  

    I gave this book 5 out of 5 books because it tickled my funny bone over and over. 

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Tukie Tales: A New Beginning For A Better Tomorrow: LOST by Debbie Burns and Patty Cockrell

      One spring day, Jake and his younger sister Amy were playing in the backyard. A strange noise lured them into the forest.  They met some wonderful animals who could talk! While exploring, Jake and Amy got lost and didn't know which way was home.  The Tukies and many other animals said they'd help them find their way home. How can animals help though? Why are they talking to Jake and Amy? Time to do some exploring of your own and find out.

     This book is one of the cutest ones out there for young children. The characters are fun and the story is well written and includes a moral.  I love that children can learn a lesson while enjoying a colorful story. I recommend this to all parents. 

      I didn't find issues in this one.

      I gave this one 5 out of 5 books because children need more books that include lessons or morals in them. 

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Perfect Skill by Robert Andrew Mayher

    A small group is working together, in secret, to advocate against the government of Mexico City.  Jorge, the main star of the propaganda videos that appear on Aztec TV, is working to help the poor, weak and vulnerable.  His biggest contributor is Carlos Ortega. Carlos is in charge of Aztec TV and can see to it the videos make it on air.  They recruit a man fresh to the big city to help film these videos in different hotel rooms across the city.  Pedro Chavez is from a small farming village. He left because drought  destroyed all the crops and he needed to provide for his sister.  Father Juan Martinez is also part of the group. His reason for helping is to flush out those who would use the Catholic church for their own devious means.  They'd like this to be a non-violent protest. An uprising against the government to "unite the poor and oppressed, to promote freedom and justice and to uproot the corrupt government from it's source of power." With several set backs none are sure they can complete their mission but they are willing to give it all they have.  Each one has a reason for wanting this to succeed. 

    Explosive, eye-opening and extremely well written.  This book will knock you off your feet and keep going.  I was surprised to see subjects such as prostitution, molestation and rape enclosed in this book. In the context they are used, it fits though.  Terrific characters that are full and rich with the wonderful writing make this a book you'll enjoy.  You'll feel yourself getting drawn in by the characters and their situations.  I recommend this book highly.

     I found no issues.

    I gave this one 5 out of 5 books because it touches a subject most refuse to discuss- The Catholic Church. 

Thursday, September 13, 2012

The Runaway by Nephylim

     Two men meet under less than perfect circumstances.  Ciarri O'Donnell is running away from a life he has no control over. He feels as though he is dying. A secluded cabin is just the place to heal. Jack Horton is also at a secluded cabin nearby. He's trying to revive memories of his parents horrible death. Jack is also recovering from the accident of which he was a part.  Both are scared of the memories and yet they want very much to be together. With the missing pieces, can they become the loving couple they both want to be? A twist of fate may aid these two in their quest to be just an ordinary couple who are very much in love. 

     Beautiful, exciting and full of love, this love story will keep you right in your seat until you reach the end.  What some would call an unconventional love story but it's tale is age old. I love that this book teaches acceptance, love and after dealing with the past, letting it go. This one is recommended for everyone. I found the writing to be fluid. The book has terrific characters who take you from laughter to tears and back again. This is one to put on the top of the TBR pile.

     I did find an issue. The opening is a bit rambling and you'll wonder how it ties into the overall story. It does fit in the end though.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Evan Burl and The Falling by Justin Blaney

     Evan Burl is an orphan. He's special though, he has magic inside him. Unfortunately he learned this while being held captive in his Uncle's house. Evan isn't the only orphan there though. At least a dozen other orphans Evan calls "The Falling" live in this house and work for his unscrupulous Uncle.  All of the orphans want one thing, a family. A home to call their own filled with love. Evan is the self appointed protector of the other orphans. He does what he can to prevent his Uncle from causing them too much pain and seeing they get some food. As Evan learns more about himself, he gets stronger and better able to protect all of them. Just when he thinks things are getting better, a surprise drops in.

     Evan Burl and The Falling is one of the most imaginative, powerful and well written stories out there.  This book takes you on a trip through a world only another orphan can truly understand. It gives the rest of us a peek inside the mind and lives of some orphans.  I recommend this book highly. It would be a great read for your child or yourself.  It is definitely a page-turner. You'll get caught up quickly in this book and keep yearning for things to turn around for the orphans. GET THIS BOOK!

   I found no issues with this one.

   I gave this one 5 out of 5 books because it's pure entertainment with a wonderful message.

Sunday, September 9, 2012


 Dear Friends,

    After much thought and consideration, I have reached a painful but necessary decision.  I have accepted all of the books for review I will ever accept. It will take time to finish these books and review them, but I will. When I'm finished, I will be leaving Twitter and my blog.  I find, due to circumstances, I am unable to continue with the work I love so much. I know I've mentioned before I was considering it, this time, I am not considering, I am stating irrevocably. 

    I appreciate all the support, caring and friends I've had while on this venture.  It means more than words can express.  I wish you all continued success and happiness with your life and writing. This started as a project to see if I could do the work and now, I'm overwhelmed by how much work I've completed.

    I find I am unable to keep up the pace I set for myself. Yes, I know I can slow down the pace, but even that seems to be too much for me. No one is more disappointed in me than ME!  I send love, kisses, and tons of hugs to you all.

 Forever your friend and reader!

 Melanie/ Kissablysweet1

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Meet Author Justin Blaney

Justin Blaney was born in Los Angeles and began his writing career in Mrs. King’s English class at the age of 6, but after a tragic accident involving a manual pencil sharpener he suddenly declared that writing was “not his thing.”
Instead, he moved one state north to make his fortune in the organic meats industry.
After being named the Sausage Baron of Springfield, Justin grew tired of farming fame and moved yet another state north where he can venture into the meat department at Whole Foods without being pestered for the secret to one of his famous recipes.
Since then, Justin founded several companies, earned a MBA, started producing films, went parasailing, rode an elevator to the top of the Space Needle and decided to give writing one last shot, the result of which is a book about a shut-in who never takes a bath.
Justin lives with his wife and three daughters in Issaquah, a suburb of Bellevue which is a suburb of Seattle. You can find out more about Justin’s exciting adventures by executing a search on the world wide internets or by visiting his “online web page” at justinblaney.com

 *** Of Special Note to HYHMBR friends***

This story about an orphan named Evan Burl is fiction, but millions of children in the real world will go to sleep tonight without any parents to tuck them in.
That is why 10% of the profit from this book goes to caring for orphans and supporting at-risk youth around the world.
Please consider joining me in helping real kids experience their own happy endings by donating time or money to an orphanage or non-profit that benefits at-risk youth near you.
Two great organizations to consider supporting if you aren’t aware of one already: Child of Mine and Jubilee Reach
Justin Blaney, Author of Evan Burl and the Falling

*************Stop back by for the review of 'Evan Burl and the Falling'. 

Monday, September 3, 2012

Saving Gerda by Lilian Darcy

     Gerda is from a very influential German family. She is an only child and rather spoiled.  At age twelve she is  developing some questions about the Jewish and Hitler. Marianne is from a once moderately influential Jewish family.  She is forced to attend school with the German girls and treated as a leper. No one would think these two school girls lives would intersect in major ways in a very short time.  
    Kitty, Gerda's mother, begins to see her daughter's interest in Hitler. She becomes concerned at the direction her daughter's thoughts are heading. Gerda has begun to  treat the Jewish girls in her class with such hatred and disregard. Kitty is determined to change her daughters view of the Jewish. She is also trying to find a way to keep her daughter safe during this turbulent time. Once her husband is arrested and her health begins to fail, Kitty realizes she must find a way out for Gerda.
   Sophia is Marianne's aunt. She's unmarried and living with her family. She's the voice of reason for the family. She realizes they need to get out of Germany before it's too late. Sophia also meets a wonderful man. He's an artist and somewhat confused by his family history.  Now, will she leave Germany or will she stay.

     This book is very involved.  It's two women's point of view of a time in history that nothing good came from.  They are determined to save their families and make it through a war no one saw coming.  The writing is terrific and the characters well defined.  I recommend this book if you have time to really delve into it.  The book is less about Gerda and more about the two women getting through a time in their lives they never dreamed would happen. 

    I did find issues. While the base story and subject are interesting, the book drags along.  The title is somewhat misleading. 

   I gave this one 4 out of 5 books because it was dragging so much.