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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Embryo 3: Raney and Levine by J. A. Schneider

     Strange things were happening at the hospital again.  Jesse was now 8 pounds and doing very well. Still, he seemed to divide the public evenly. Those who felt he shouldn't be living and those who felt he had every right to be alive. Jill and David were very protective of him. 
    Women are being killed. Surrogates. Jill and David knew they were about to be embroiled in another mess.  

     Ms. Schneider does a wonderful job of spinning a web of intrigue, mystery and danger. All of these things are encompassed in one fantastic book. This series is a must read. Well defined and written expertly, you'll enjoy each one.  

    I found no issues.

I gave this one 5 cheers out of 5 because it's a bestseller!

Monday, May 19, 2014

Cherokee Talisman by David-Michael Harding

     The Cherokee are known as The Real People.  A Cherokee chief known to the white man as "Dragging Canoe" and his people are being asked to make land concessions yet again. This time he refuses to sign the treaty but others do sign.  While at this meeting a young boy called Totsuhwa meets and becomes like a son to Dragging Canoe.  The war chief gives the boy a Talisman and keeps him safe. This talisman travels through generations and many miles. Each holder of the talisman doing their best for the Cherokee people.

     As a member of the Cherokee tribe, I was amazed and delighted by this book. Mr. Harding does  a wonderful job of researching for his books.  You can see the work that he puts into his books when you read them. Well written and such relatable characters you can't help but enjoy each one.  I enjoyed the "other side" of the land treaty story. No one has ever been brave enough or kind enough to share it until now.

     I found no issues.

     I gave this one 5 cheers out of 5 because this book touched me deeply.

Notable by Marni Bates

        Chelsea Halloway is the queen of the Notables.  She's held the position for quite some time and not going to willingly give it up just because she's moving.  Her parents are divorcing and they decided to send Chelsea to Cambodia while they deal with it all.  It's going to be quite a wake up for Chelsea. She'll be traveling with a college group her father knows and it won't be all first class as she's use to. Still it could change Chelsea for the better, couldn't it?

     Marni Bates is an absolute wonder at writing about teens. Her books are always well written and have characters that are relatable to any teen.  I really enjoyed this one! The queen of mean getting her just dessert reached the teen girl inside of me and thrilled her.  I do recommend this series for your teen. They'll see they aren't alone, many deal with the same issues. I love that Ms Bates ends her books on an upbeat note. Gives hope to all of us awkward, invisible former teens and touches the new teens in a terrifically positive way.

     I found no issues in this one.

     I gave this one 5 cheers out of 5 because it really was great seeing the Queen be dethroned. 

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Nothing Sacred by Douglas Wickard

     Someone is killing young girls. Not just killing them, mutilating them.  There doesn't seem to be a link between them other than age.  George Madden found Angie Kessler running near Old Towne Road.  She was covered with blood and he knew she needed a hospital immediately.  It became apparent they needed the FBI to help find this killer.  What happens next will surprise even the most hardened reader.

     Douglas Wickard does it again! He's spun a story and brought attention to a situation that is long over do.  Well written and characters you'll identify with, this book is one you need to have in your collection. Mr. Wickard is fast making his place in history as one of THE best authors out there.

     Personally I felt Mr. Wickard held back in this book. His books are usually a whole lot more powerful and engaging. It is still a great book though. The over use of the word "Jake" got to me also.

      I gave this one four cheers out of 5 because it's a terrific book and the story should be told. 

Kiera's Quest: Choices by Kristy Brown

     Kiera's been missing for a year. Zakk and his people have been searching for her everywhere.  On Earth, Maddy is rallying the troops.  They feel Kiera is still alive and in need of their help. Meanwhile, the Ovad people have found Kiera and taken her in. Kiera doesn't remember anything. The Witch Queen is regaining power and everyone is worried about what is coming.  

     This continuing story of Kiera and her quest to defeat the Witch Queen, is one of the best series out there.  You get so deep into the story you can imagine you are there. The writing is excellent and the characters extremely well defined. Looking for a new series to read, this is it! You'll love it.

     I found no issues with this one.

     I gave this one 5 cheers out of 5 because it's a fantastic book.