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Sunday, October 26, 2014

Four Wishes by Christine Nolfi

     Meade Williams' life is changing quickly. She just found out she has a step sister who is getting married.  Meade also found out her father's health is getting worse.  All this while she's running a vastly successful cosmetics company.  Meade just wants life to go back to normal. About the time of the wedding, Meade finds a man she thinks she wants to spend her life with. What else can happen in the short time of the wedding?

      This book is written well and has relatable characters.  Ms Nolfi always does a fantastic job on her books.  I found this one a bit bland though. I couldn't connect the title with the story though.  It was as though it was picked out of a hat at the last minute.  The story is a beautiful one though.

     I found issues.  It lacked excitement and connectivity.  The characters were relatable however they didn't seem to have any way of working together.

     I gave this one 3 cheers out of 5 because it was a nice story that went nowhere.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

After The Goode by Carey Allen Stone

     Vacation time and Jake sure can't wait.  Time with old friends in Phoenix is just what he needs to break up his days.  Living in Los Angeles now and writing books is how Jake Roberts spends his days.  Still he gets the itch once in awhile to see what's happening in law enforcement.  
     While in Phoenix, a murder catches his eye and he decides to see what he can do to help. He never expects to get wrapped up in another case, but that's just what happens.  

     Just when you think you're gonna ease into an easy read, Jake strikes again.   This one moves at a slower pace than the others but it's just as good.  Characters are well defined and relatable.  Well conceived and written, this is one to ad to the TBR pile.  I felt we got to see another side of Jake Roberts in this book.  It gave him a more well rounded personality.  I love Jake Roberts books and you will too. Get all of them so you have a great view of Jake.

     I found no issues with this one.

     I gave this one 4 cheers out of 5 because the pace was slower than the others. 

Mind Over Murder by Carey Allen Stone

     Lori Powers is back, but not the way you think.  She's being brought to justice.  Five years have passed and Jake is a little older and wiser now.  He wants the books closed on her case for good.  It took some time but Mika and Jake found Lori.  Now they'd get the chance to put her behind bars.  Jake has no idea there is someone watching his every move.  Someone who wants him dead.  The game will begin again with new players and different rules.  Jake will do what he has to do to survive.

     This book is raw and spine-tingling. You will be entranced from the first page.  I fell in love with Jake in the first book about his exploits.  He's a man's man and someone you can admire for all the right reasons. Exceptionally well written with characters you can relate to, this book will keep you enthralled from the beginning.  It's not one you can read a chapter or two and put aside. You'll want to finish this one in one read.  I recommend you read this one and all of the Jake Roberts books.  You can't get any better than 

     I found no issues with this one.

     I gave this one 5 cheers out of 5 because I can't wait for more from Jake Roberts.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Trust Me Once by Jan Coffey

      Owen Dean was only in Rhode Island because Arthur Warner asked him to be. He wasn't exactly sure why, but he was here none the less.  He wasn't expecting anything of his time in Rhode Island.  Teaching some classes at the university and spending a little time working on projects for his television show kept him busy, at least for now.
      Sarah Rand had just landed after a trip to Ireland. She knew someone was after her, but not why they were.  Scared and trying to put the pieces together, Sarah encounters Owen on a dark stretch of road.  An attorney and a teacher who seem to have nothing in common work together. 
       Sarah and Owen will put the puzzle together and find out just who is out to kill her. They hope to solve the puzzle before Sarah is found. The question is, will they?

      A wonderful book of winding turns and unexpected twists.  Well conceived and executed, this is a hold-on-to-your-hat ride.  I was never certain who were the evil ones and who were the good ones.  The characters are well defined and very much alive.  You'll keep guessing until the very end about this thrilling mystery.  I found it warm, fun and a bit puzzling. This is one for the TBR pile. Definitely worth the money and the read! You'll be glad you purchased this one.

     I found no issues.

     I gave this one 5 cheers out of 5 because no one is who they seem to be. A fantastic read.

Embryo 4: Catch Me by J.A. Schneider

    Jill and David are back. Just about time for Jesse's first birthday and the media are at it again.  They want to see how Jesse is doing after his first year.  He is advanced in some areas and quite normal in others.  Jill is worried trouble will start again.  She and David have  done everything they can to keep life normal.  Someone else has other ideas though.  A man is killing couples and trying to entice Jill and David to get involved.  What can they do when a patient is part of the killers plans?

     I am such a fan of this series. It's action filled and extremely well written.  I love that David and Jill are committed to raising Jesse out of the limelight.  I enjoy this couple very much.  You'll enjoy the story of this couple and their friends who make up hospital staff and officers.  It's easy to picture these people in your local area and part of your life.  Now their plan is to be a family. A normal family regardless of how Jesse came to be.  Get this one and read the entire series. It's worth your time and money.

     I found no issues in this one.

     I gave this one 5 cheers out of 5 because it's such a well written book you'll wanna share it.

HITCHED by Karpov Kinrade

      Las Vegas is a city where you can get almost anything you dream of. It's no surprise then, Kacie and her brother Tate opened up their business there.  Hitched caters to bachelor parties. All kinds of bachelor parties involving all kind of activities.  Kacie and Tate love making others happy with their parties.  Kacie secretly hopes she'll find her Mr. Special, someday.  She has no idea he may be closer than she thinks.   Will she recognize him when she sees him though?

     This is a seven-alarm-fire HOTT!!  Hitched is geared for the over 18-21 crowd. It will leave you hot and wet! *smile*  Love, romance, family, sex and friends. What more could you ask for in a book? I felt as if I were in Kacie's shoes. Could imagine the touches and the love.  I recommend this book to everyone.  You'll want to enjoy it many, many times.  Well written with characters who feel like friends, this book is tops in it's genre.  I couldn't get enough of the characters. I want what they have. *grin* Get this book, you'll be keeping it in your library for years to come.

    I found no issues with this one.

    I gave this one 5+ cheers out of 5 because it really hit my heart

Worry Is Not Worth Worrying About by Paul M. Kramer

     Kids worry about not getting good grades. They worry about bullies. They worry about being too tall or too small.  Kids worry about what might happen and what could happen.   We need to help them understand that concern is good but worry won't make things better.  We need to stress to them to do the best they can and to be the best they can be.  

     Mr. Kramer makes it easy for parents to find the right tools to have in their toolbox.  It's books like his that make us more successful in teaching lessons such as these to our children.  I found it fun and easy to read.  I enjoy the examples given because they fit all children.  A quick read but an invaluable tool.  Your children will love these books. 

     I found no issues with this one.

     I gave this one 5 cheers out of 5 because they really do help. 

Why Are You Shy by Paul M. Kramer

     Mary Lou became shy at age 3. No one knew why. She had one friend named Margo who she spent time with.  Margo got to go to all the parties and was invited to join in the fun.  The only place Mary Lou felt comfortable was her bedroom. There she could be the star of everything.  Mary Lou's mother was also shy and so she worked with Mary Lou to get through the shyness.  

     If you have a shy one, this book is for you.  It really will help them see it's okay and they can get over the shyness.  I love that this book breaks it down in a way that's easily understood by both children and parents.  I could have used this one when I was a kid.  Mr. Kramer does a fantastic writing job and the illustrations are beautiful.  Read it with your child today.

     I found no issues with this one.

   I gave this one 5 cheers out of 5 because there are a lot of us shy ones out there.