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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Diary of a Mummy Misfit by Amanda Egan

   Libby's diary is a busy place. She's worried that her son Max won't make the cut at Manor House Prep School.  She and her husband, Ned, decided Max should attend a school where they know he'll get a great education. While they both know the cost will dip into their finances deeply, they are prepared to deal with it.  Once Libby gets the confirmation that Max was accepted at the  prep school, her diary and her life become even busier than before.  Libby works hard at being a wonderful mother, wife and neighbor. She cooks and bakes from scratch and does all the things she should.  Now her challenge is to fit in with the new school's Mums. It seems as though everything begins to happen at once in Libby's life and she is always busy with something. Libby immediately becomes friends with parents of another new student. They are wealthy but so much fun and down to earth. Every day with this school there seems to be a new challenge to handle. Libby's up to it, at least she hopes she is.  If not, her new friend is there to help her.

     Humor, romance, love and fun are all part of Diary of a Mummy Misfit. If you've ever felt like you didn't quite fit in with the Mothers at your children's school, you'll love this book.  The adventure Libby takes with a new school, new rules, new friends and a four-year-old who seems years beyond his age, is one you will laugh out loud about.  I found the writing delightful and the characters to real to be called characters.  This book should be given to all new Mothers around the world to help prepare for the school years.  If you are a mother, you need this book. It will help you see the humor in what happens with school fundraisers and fairs. I highly recommend this book to everyone.

   I didn't find any issues.

   I gave this one 5 out of 5 books because I laughed so hard I felt like I was right there with Libby.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Aristeia: A Little Rebellion by Wayne Basta

  Admiral Katerina Sartori was set to retire. She couldn't wait to get back to her home to see her grandchildren and children..her husband. She'd had a long military career but it was time to leave it to others now. Then she received a message. The Alliance wanted her to postpone her retirement to help them.  After hearing what had happened, Katerina felt Maarkean and Zeric, both of whom she knew, committed treason and it was her duty to bring them to justice.  It was not going to be easy but she was ready for the fight.  Protests against the Alliance were going on in every sector.  The Sulas government however were calling for the people there not to protest.  Meanwhile, Maarkean and Zeric were gathering people to form their own army. An elite special forces  group to fight along side the militias already in place. Real warriors.  They run into several problems along the way, one being the bounty hunters who are looking for them. Can they get enough p eople to build their special forces? They certainly hope so and before Admiral Sartori strikes.  

    This is the continuation of a story about a civil war of sorts. I found the writing excellent and the story wonderful! You won't go wrong with this book. This is sci-fi the way it's meant to be. The characters are well defined and likable. I love that this is a possibility for our future.  Action keeps this book flowing and the story moving well.  Get this one, you'll love it.

    I found no issues in this one.

   I gave this book 5 out of 5 books because it is a solid read.

The Scoop by Fern Michaels

  Toots had just buried her eighth and last husband. She didn't need a man to make her life complete.  While in her ten days of mourning, she began to wonder how she could make some changes to her life. She decided to call her oldest and dearest friends for a visit/conference about their lives.  Mavis is the idea woman. Sophie is the philanderer. Ida, well Ida is an OCD photographer.  Toots, she has the finances to make anything possible. They each have areas they need to work on and Toots is there to support and help them in any way she can. She also finds out her daughter's paper is being sold and all the reporters will be fired. Without hesitation, Toots decides to buy the paper in secret so her daughter can keep her job.  The godmothers, her friends, all agree to help. With that, the ladies being looking for a new side of life. A chance to begin again.  Once they head to California, where Toots' daughter Abby lives, they find out things won't go quite as easy as  they'd like. The money to buy the paper has disappeared and no one has any idea where it is.  The ladies are determined to find it and the person who took it. 

     This book is the beginning of the Godmother series. It lays the ground work for the other books in a wonderful way.  The writing is solid and the characters well defined but the action, the heart of the book just isn't there. I am a huge fan of Fern Michaels but this series isn't one of her best. If you are looking for a way to kill time, this is it. If you are looking for an entertaining book, keep looking.

   I found issues with this one. Fern Michaels books are known for the creative way she adds humor and action. For strong women characters. This book just lacked all of that.

   I gave this one a 2 out of 5 because it just loped along.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

ANTics by Dakota Douglas

  Zube and Brill have been friends for a very long time. They found some berries during an exploration and decided to go bring some back to the InhabitANT.  The day they decide to go, they take a smaller ant, HesitANT, with them.  It should be an easy thing to do, but it turns into an adventure the ants will never forget. They encounter the fiercest enemy they have, Puggy, the spider.  No one wants to be anywhere near Puggy. He was abandoned as a young spider because he was born with one eye missing. A spider witch saves him and then gives him special powers so he can survive in the world.  Zube, Brill and HesitANT never make it to the berries but they do learn to work together as a  team and they defeat Puggy once and for all.  

     A wonderful children's story that teaches many lessons with such fun characters.  My children and I enjoyed this book and it's terrific play on 'ant' words.  It's written in a style children will enjoy and yet parents won't feel like they just can't read again.  I highly recommend this book. The lessons of team work, how to deal with bullies, and accepting people for who they are make this book a fantastic one for all children. 

   I didn't find any issues with this one.

   I gave this one 5 out of 5 books because it's educational but fun!

H.E.R.O. Metamorphosis by Kevin Gerald Rau

  Stephanie Quinn, Lance Casey and Rael Stromm have been friends for years.  They spent a lot of time together, so when Stephanie's Dad insisted the boys accompany Steph to the mall it didn't seem THAT strange. The boys loved being with Stephanie and the fact that she was hot just made it more fun.  What they didn't know was that Steph's Dad knew there would be a meteor shower that day and it would change their lives forever.  Supers were common in Metrocity. Stephanie, Lance and Rael's parents were supers.  When the meteor shower hit, it changed these young people into supers.  They were each thrilled to be new supers and couldn't wait to join the H.E.R.O. program. All three worked out and ate healthy but now they had super powers to contend with.  This is their journey into the new them. 

     Kevin Rau does a beautiful job of laying the groundwork for future books about these three and other supers. It is interesting to learn how supers are 'made' and how they deal with their new changes.  I never knew being a super could be so profitable too. *smile* This book shows the good and the bad of being a super.  The characters leap off the page. I can see movies and comic books about these characters. The most wonderful thing of all is, they are positive. They aren't just beating the bad guys the supers, at least these three, really want to help. You'll enjoy this book even more if you are a fan of supers already.  I found the story delightfully well written and filled with some surprises.  You can't go wrong here. This series will be addictive, in a good way!

   I found one issue.. *sigh* the killing of a Mustang. I don't condone senseless violence toward Mustangs and I can completely see how it was an accident, but still, held a moment of silence for the Mustang that gave it's life. *wink*

   I gave this one a resounding 5 out of 5 books because I think we need positive characters.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Behind Reality TV Industry 101 by Kip Force

     Kip Force has written a book giving you all the inside information about reality TV. It's filled with details you might not otherwise know.  Kip is very thorough in this book describing their days and the amount of time spent waiting.  If you've decided you want to try reality TV, Kip's book can help point you in the right direction.  It's not a walk in the park like some think. This is a really involved process.  It takes longer to get cast on a show than the show itself is.  Kip explains how the directors choreograph every step each person takes. It's amazing how much they put into making reality TV. 

    This book is for those who are real Reality TV nuts. You can learn how to be one of the chosen ones and what may happen afterwards.  

     I did find some issues with this one. Kip Force supposedly graduated from college with a double major. One in Psychology the other in Criminal Justice. This book is written at a high school level. Kip is arrogant, self centered and comes off as being more like a bragging high school cheerleader than a grown woman.  At least half of the book is unbelievable and the other half just doesn't make sense.  I was set to really enjoy the insight Kip would give in this book. Someone has to first give it to her.  If you don't like wasting money, don't buy this book. 

     I gave this one a 1 out of 5 books because it just wasn't a book I enjoyed. 

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Stay Close, Novac! by Jan Romes

    Jessi Novac is being stalked.  After her stalker's latest attempt, Jessi leaves New York City. She decides to head to her grandmother's beach house and the peace and quiet that comes with it. Jessi knew of over zealous fans and how out of control they could be. She just figured her stalker was one of them. Jessi is a romance novelist.  One of the best.  Her first morning in the beach house is not all she thought it would be. Her neighbor awakens her with pounding and sawing.  Furious at her neighbor, Jessi heads outside to set him straight. From there they become terrific friends. Ian Alexander is trying to finalize his divorce settlement and regain some peace in his own life.  Ian isn't expecting Jessi when they meet. She stirs his heart and emotions like no other woman ever has.  Still gun shy after his horrific marriage, Ian isn't sure he wants to get to know her.  Fate steps in and puts the two of them together over and over. Finally they have to admit, there is more between them than friendship.  

     Humorous, romantic and a solid story make this book a wonderful beach read!  The characters are terrific and well defined.  You will enjoy the way this story unfolds and the secrets that pop up. I enjoyed the humor added to keep this from being a story full of fear. The down to earth qualities of the characters make it easy for you to fall in love with them.  Jan Romes has another wonderful hit on her hands with this book.  I loved it!

    I didn't find any issues here.

    I gave this one 5 out of 5 books because it will make the day at the beach even more amazing.

Interview with Author Kip Force

  Kip Force is a beautiful young woman who can do it all. Acting, modeling and now writer.  I thought before we really dive into her book, we'd learn a little more about her. Things we may not have known before.  Kip was kind enough to agree to the interview even with her busy schedule.  For those of you thinking Kip is just another pretty face and no substance, you couldn't be more wrong about her. College educated with a double Major, this lady knows what she wants and isn't afraid to go after it.  Athletic, outgoing and intelligent, Kip is just getting started on what will be an even more incredible journey.  Now, here's the interview.

   Blog: What made you write this book?
I was tired of people judging me and not truly knowing what I went though and the editing process of this show. That and also I would have people email me or message me on my social network cites with the same questions over and over so I thought that if enough people asked me the same questions obviously it is interesting to them so I decided that I would answer all of their questions in 25 chapters of in depth details.
 Is there one thing you haven't yet accomplished professionally you'd like to?
I would like to have my own clothing line out and selling along with an eye lash line. Everyone always compliments my eyes and I just want to be able to be an entrepreneur of some sort. I want to also start a foundation for domestic violence.
Is there one experience in reality TV that stands out more than others?
I would have to say the first challenge on the love show. I started to realize that everything was fake on these shows and that no matter how much you try to win the producers will always be in control of whatever you are doing. When I knew that I had won a specific challenge but they will let whoever they chose to win win.
What's one piece of advice you'd give to anyone about reality TV?
Make sure that if you are going to be on reality television that you make yourself stand out. Make sure that you go in there all in and that you try to be the center of attention. When your on the shows you have to give it your all or don’t even be there. Make sure that you do and say things that will brand you but in a good way. Everyone always remembers the girls or guys that are the most assertive and aggressive. You have to want it and be willing to take it. 
     I want to thank Kip Force again for allowing us to do this interview and for being honest with us about her thoughts.  I'm thrilled to learn she wants to do things, like the foundation for domestic violence. I think it endears her even more.  Keep on the look out for the review of Kip's first book,  Behind Reality TV Industry 101. My review will be posted on Friday for those of you who keep track of the special reviews.  Good luck to Kip Force on all her future endeavors. 


Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Behind Reality TV Industry 101 by Kip Force

         Kip Force was born in Denver Colorado, moved to Homosassa Florida at age one and resided there until the young age of seventeen. She then moved to California her senior year of high school and was highly involved with the chorus, theater, cheerleading, track and basketball team. Her mother fell ill with cancer and Kip has stood strong by her side. She has a brother who graduated top of his class and works as an architectural landscaper and a sister whom is a registered nurse. Her father is a trauma ER doctor and surgeon beloved by all of palm springs. He mother is a retired nurse and a cancer survivor. Kip graduated from Cathedral City High School with honors and a GPA of 3.5 and captain of her basketball team.
         Kip Force then was accepted to California State University Fullerton on a full ride basketball scholarship and pledged Delta Zeta Sorority. After being highly involved in school and philanthropy for breast cancer she graduated with a double Major in Criminal Justice and Psychology and a 3.8 GPA in just 4 short years. Kip realized she really liked acting and took a small part as a case person/contestant on NBC's Deal or No Deal. She was accepted to Whittier Law School but decided to put that on hold as she decided that acting was her calling.
        Kip Force has already had an illustrious career for such a young woman. Each one of her successes has brought her to her latest career achievements. Kip is now involved in many charities such as the Breast Cancer Foundation and her local YMCA. This is just in the first six months of beginning of her career and we are planning to see much more of her. 


     Stop back for the review on Kip Force's new book.  

The Ferryman and The Flower Book Blast

Flame of Surrender (The Ferryman & the Flame Book 1) Kaliel and Krishani weren't meant to meet or fall in love but they did. Krishani’s dreams of death lead him to a fate he’s terrified of - becoming the next Ferryman. His only refuge is Kaliel, the peculiar girl that swims with merfolk and talks to trees. Kaliel has a secret of her own. She’s the Amethyst Flame, one of nine apocalyptic weapons. The Valtanyana will destroy everything on Avristar to get to her. Kaliel has to choose: face them, hide or unleash the Flame. How far would you go to save everything you ever loved?
Ra Rafflecopter giveaway

Friday, June 8, 2012

Shadows Of Kings by Jack Whitsel

   Lucia is sixteen years old and about to become a Viscountess.  In the space of a few hours she will lose both of her parents and be helping to protect the knights who fight for the kingdom.  Lucia is about to be tested in many ways. She will learn things she never knew along the way and they will help to strengthen her.  Lucia will also question the Dragon Order and the very way in which they are supposed to protect the helpless.  Many kings and knights will lose their lives to the Harhn and the dark powers of the Elves.  Traitors will be exposed and heroes will walk where lowborn serfs use to be.  The question is can they hold out long enough to protect Lucia and the little girl? Both are equally important to the Dragon Order.  They have a little something extra in their genetics that makes them very special.  One man will become King and recognize the young daughter he was never sure about. They will all grow spiritually, emotionally and mentally. 

     This is one of the greatest books of its kind.  Filled with sorcery, magic, both good and bad and a chance to set things right in the Hugue, this book takes you on an adventure you'll never forget.  Well written with clearly defined characters, Jack Whitsel gives us a book we can get lost in and learn from.  I loved the growth of Lucia that even she didn't expect. The battles are emblazoned with the most entrancing descriptions. You can smell the foul stench and feel the hits with axes and swords.  I enjoyed this book immensely.  

     I found only one minor issue.. *smile* I'd like to have seen a bit more of a love story between Lorrette and Baudouin. 

     I gave this one 5 out of 5 books and hope you'll get your copy today! 

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Coming June 8, 2012 : Shadow of Kings

         Twilight Times Books

       Author Jack Whitsel 

Jack Whitsel is a native Californian, but has made Oregon his home since 1982. He holds a Bachelor's Degree of Finance from Portland State University, but studies medieval history in his spare time. His favorite genres are fantasy and historical fiction with a medieval emphasis. Shadows of Kings, the first novel of the Dragon Rising Series is the love-child born of these two passions.
"I love the elements of fantasy when mixed with the gritty aspects of a medieval society. In the worlds I create, there are neither citadels of shimmering glass, nor any utopian realms."
The final contributing catalyst to Jack's creative process comes from his two sons, Josiah and Noah. They remind him how important an active imagination can be, and are the first to hear his tales of diabolical wizards and valiant knights.
"Because of my boys, I still believe in Santa Claus, the Easter bunny, and the tooth-fairy."

     Jack Whitsel's new book 'Shadow of Kings' will be available June 8, 2012.  The book will be reviewed here as the beginning of his blog tour for the book.  Check back and learn more about this author and his book. I look forward to diving into this book and learning more about Jack Whitsel.  
For more information, go to his website: http://www.jackwhitsel.com/

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Aristeia Book One: Revolutionary Right by Wayne Basta

      Maarkean Ocaitchi served in the Alliance Navy as a fighter pilot. He never dreamed one day he'd be fighting against the very agency he fought for. He had a good reason though.. his sister Saracasi. She was attending university and a peaceful protest when it turned ugly. The Alliance attacked the protesters and someone got footage of Saracasi. She was then labelled a terrorist and wanted for treason. Maarkean was not about to let his sister go to prison so he whisked her away before the warrant was issued.  Their only means of  survival was to become smugglers.  They lived on the edge of society so as not to attract attention.  During one of their smuggling deliveries, things go really bad and Saracasi ends up in prison.  Maarkean is not about to take this sitting down. He forms a plan that leads to a complete change of life for him. He wrestles with his own beliefs and ideals, but when it all boils down, he knows what he must do.

     FANTASTIC! This book includes all of the very best from the greatest sci-fi movies, books and television shows. If you are sci-fi fan, this book is perfect for you to get lost in! The action is well detailed and plentiful. You can visualize the characters with ease.  The writing is solid and flows well.  This is one you need to read to believe. It's simply amazing.

     I did find a couple issues. If you are hardcore sci-fi.. then you'll love all the talk of weapons, ships and battles. For those who enjoy an occasional sci-fi book, it might seem a bit much. 

    I gave this one 5 out of 5 books because even with the issues, it rocked!

  "This country, with it's institutions, belongs to the people who  inhabit it. Whenever they shall grow weary of the existing government, they can exercise their constitutional right of amending it, or their revolutionary right to dismember or overthrow it." Abraham Lincoln