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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Facing the Son: A Novel of Africa by M L Rudolph

   The unthinkable has happened. Matt Reiser's ex wife has stage four lung cancer. Her one wish is to have their son, Karl, come home and be with her before she dies. The only problem is neither has spoken to or seen Karl in years.  Melanie, Matt's ex wife, asks that he go to Africa and bring their son home for her.  Despite his uncertainty of leaving Melanie alone, Matt agrees. They plan the trip right down to the minute. Funny though plans have a way of being changed unexpectedly.  The trip to Africa becomes more of an adventure than Matt bargained for.  From the moment he steps off the plane in Africa things go wrong. He's mugged. He's unable to understand the language. He finds himself in a very poor village, alone, and all his money and affects gone.  With a little help, Matt soon finds his hotel and his adventure takes another turn. He gets mixed up with local petty criminals in an effort to regain his personal belongings.  Now, he's found Karl, but will his son come home and will they make it in time.

    This moving story hits right in the heart!  I promise you'll need tissues for this one. I thought this story was wonderfully written and reminds us we have no idea when our time will be up, so make the most of life. I found Matt Reiser to be a character you want to help at times and others you want to smack him for his unsophisticated ways.  The characters are well developed, at least Matt and Melanie are.  Karl seems to be just a sketch really.  The locals are every bit as colorful as you'd expect in a country where the extremes are the norm.  I loved the details about the surroundings because you felt as if you were right there seeing them yourself.  This book is one you'll share with everyone!

   The only issue I saw was, as I said, Karl seemed to be a sketch and not a fully developed character.  He's talked about throughout the book, but you don't learn to much about him as a person.

    I gave this one 5 out of 5 books because I truly empathized with the characters.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

The Hand of God by Tim Miller

 From the age of twelve, Charlie Sims knew he was different.  He knew he had a higher calling.  At seventeen, Charlie had his first human kill. It was pretty much a given at that point, Charlie was not of this world.  Pastor Charlie Sims had been doing the Lord's work for years. In his heart he believes he is The Hand of God.  His chapel? An old barn on the family property.  God spoke to Charlie about his missions. He leads Charlie where he needed to be.   Along comes Bishop Hoover. Bishop Hoover seemed to be able to perform miracles and smite people at will.  Charlie had to know more about Bishop Hoover. There was something just not right here.  Together the two battle back and forth for the folks of San Antonio, Texas. Who are they exactly? What is their real mission? Read and find out.

WOW! This book will have you looking over your shoulder and watching people at church more closely!  Would you know Christ if he were in a group of people? Don't be too sure.  The writing in this book is phenomenal! While weaving the tale of a small church Pastor, Tim Miller is also weaving a thriller.  This is a hang-on-tight-you-never-know-what's-coming book!  I really enjoyed this book. I did find it a bit ironic that the Baptist were the abstaining group ( I was raised in the Baptist church).  Tim Miller went above and beyond with this book and I recommend you read it with an open mind.

    I didn't find any issues.

    I gave this one 5 out of 5 books cause it really slammed home a message.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Surrogates by K D Grace


   Dan loves his wife. He also loves Francie, the kitchen gardener.  He can't bring himself to actually physically cheat on his wife, so he finds loopholes in his marriage vows. One such loophole, if he doesn't actually touch Francie and  she doesn't actually touch him, he isn't cheating. At least in his mind.  Dan and Francie have mutual masturbation sessions.  After a time though, it's not enough for Dan, so he approaches a friend. Dan's plan is to have Simon sleep with Francie while he watches. Simple right? Not so much. Simon really likes Francie.  While all this is going on, Dan's wife Bel is having an affair with Ellen, her massage therapist.  Soon though, Dan finds out about Bel and Ellen. He decides to join them as well. Now he has the best of both worlds.  It could come crashing down around him, but he'd worry about that another day.

    This book was a soap opera inside a porn movie inside a soap opera.  Other than the fantastically written sex scenes, this book doesn't have anything of value to offer.  If you are looking for something to spark your night, or day, this will do it. It offers a wide variety of sexual situations.  If you're looking for a good story, keep moving.

   The issues I found were that it seemed to just wrap around and around and yet say nothing.  It should at least have a solid story line before you add the sex scenes. 

    I gave this one 2 out of 5 books because it went nowhere fast.

While The Boys Are Away by Lucy Felthouse


    Three short stories about women who find another way to play.

      'While The Boys Are Away'  Amelia and Gemma go on a camping trip with their boyfriends. While the boyfriends are busy with the grill, the girls opt for some shower playtime.

   ' Beside The Seaside'  Two women start up a friendship after meeting outside a tattoo parlor. Candy has a new tongue piercing and Ella finds it very intriguing.

    'The Inner Circle' Adele, Donna and Josie have always been a tight knit group until recently.  Josie and Donna stopped inviting Adele over. Curious, Adele investigates and finds her friends found a loophole in the no cheating rule. 

    These three short stories are wonderful for starting out that special evening of fun with your partner. Erotic enough to get the engines moving, but not pornographic to the point you feel left out.  Try reading them to each other and then devise your own fun!  I enjoyed all three and do recommend them highly.

   I found no issues here.

   I gave this one 5 out of 5 books because they will make things spark.

Dark Moon by Maggie Tideswell

   The hand-fasting was complete. Now the man and woman had only to find each other to complete their destiny.  Storm and her friend Donna have been friends since junior high. They share everything.  With all the murders happening in the area, they are both on guard.  It seems though they should have been more careful of their friends.  Elle, Sybil and Trevor are all related, but Elle and Trevor don't know that right away.  It's not until Elle is raped and her birth mother, Sybil, comes looking for her that she learns the truth.  Unfortunately, Trevor is dating Storm.  Storm believes everything is ok until she starts to look closer at Trevor. Then, she has an encounter on the beach with a man she can't forget. Jarred can't forget Storm either. He's been searching for her since their meeting on the beach. He knows she's the one for him.  To add to the fun, Elle and Sybil are witches. Trevor believes himself to be the Lord of the Underworld.  Does it get sorted out? Read to find out! 

  Mystical, loving and a bit strange, this book weaves through story lines like a snake.  I did find the story thrilling and a true attention getter, however, it does start out a bit confusing.   The story is one of good vs evil. Love vs hate. The writing style is definitely unique.  You'll enjoy this one if you are a fan of fantasy.  I thought it was difficult to dig into at first. There seems to be a rush to get all of the characters in the story and let you know their place.  The basic story is a true love story. 

  I did find issues, those listed above and the fact it didn't make much sense at first. It didn't explain that there were murders happening. It didn't explain why Trevor was so difficult. It was hard to keep all that straight. 

   I gave this one 3 out of 5 books because it took so long for the real story to be told.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Helpless by Daniel Palmer

   Life in the small town of Shilo was pretty typical until that day. Kelly Hawkins was murdered not far from her home. The suspect? Her estranged ex husband. Their relationship was volatile and had been for some time.  Tom Hawkins, coach, guidance counselor and estranged father was shocked when he was told he was the prime suspect.   Things just get stranger from there. Someone is intent on destroying Tom's life and he's not even sure why.  Just when he thinks things might be settling down, a new wave of problems hit.  The police think he's having an affair with one of the girls on his soccer team. Then they find child pornography on his work laptop. Meanwhile, Tom's daughter Jill is trying to live a normal life after losing her mother and now having to live with her father.  It's not easy when each day brings a new hurdle for her to jump. The father and daughter need to rebuild what her mother tore down over the years.  It was going to take time.  With each day bringing a new issue for Tom to deal with, including the murder of his attorney, how can he hope to build a relationship, a strong relationship with his only child?

    This book takes you on a ride full of twists and turns you won't even expect. Just when you think you've got it all figured out, another bombshell is dropped.  Secrets, mystery and intrigue make this adventure even better.  I really truly enjoyed this book. I wasn't sure at first, but the more I read, the more I liked.   Powerful, intense and spine tingling! Helpless is a terrific book! 

   I didn't find any issues with this one.

   I gave this one 5 out of 5 books because it had me sitting on the edge of my seat.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

A Dream In The Night by Michael Phoenix

  A deeply personal reflection of love, hate, life and death.  Poetry to make you think about times in your own life and how you came through them on the other side.  Not a black and white version of what should be, just a guideline to give you direction. Michael Phoenix allows us to explore with him as he tries to figure out just where he fits in all of this stuff called life. 

  I really enjoyed this collection of poetry and thoughts. I felt many of these same things when I lost three different people in my life at different times.  I thank Michael Phoenix for sharing some of his deepest emotions and thoughts with us as he works through it all. This is one you'll refer to again and again. It's timeless when it comes to life and death.  Easy to read and yet more complicated than anything you'll ever deal with, this book has it all. I recommend this to anyone but especially to those struggling. 

   I found no issues with this one.

   I gave this one 5 out of 5 books because of its unique way of saying what we all feel at one time or another. 

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Mistress, INC by Niobia Bryant

  Life can change in a heartbeat. It can also make you reevaluate. Jessa Bell was doing just that.  She'd been through the ringer in the last few weeks and it wasn't getting better. Lying in her hospital bed watching the story of how her ex-lover tried to kill her and did kill himself, she realized something had to change.  Right then she asked to speak to the hospital chaplain.  Jessa knew change would be hard, but she was no stranger to facing hard facts. With her friends, ex-friends, shunning her and her neighbors watching her like a side show freak, she knew she'd be tested.  Then, the unthinkable happens. Jessa is pregnant. The father? Her dead ex-lover. He'd killed himself and left her to deal with the fallout of their affair and now a baby?  Jessa's mind went back and forth on whether to have the baby or not. She finally realized she couldn't give up her baby.  Could she change? Would the world allow her to become someone different or would they always paint her with the same brush?

   Mistress, INC is not what you are expecting! It's spiritual message is well placed among the life of one Jessa Logan Bell.  Funny, tough and full of 'aha' moments, you're gonna love this book and will share it with friends.  I enjoyed the way Jessa stumbled and then picked herself back up and kept moving forward. I found humor in the way she chose to reach out when things were at their most awkward.  Well written and in down to earth language, I can't recommend this one enough. If you've ever known someone who was cheated on, or if you have been cheated on, this book will make you cheer at times. Other times the tears will be close. 

   I didn't find any issues.

   I gave this one 5 out of 5 books because Jessa has a fighting spirit we all need.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Master of Sin by Maggie Robinson

   Andrew Rossiter did not have a normal childhood. As the son of a whore, his early life wasn't pleasant.  When his mother died, his "Uncle" Donal took him in and made Andrew his sex slave. Donal then began whoring Andrew out.  Andrew's whole life was being a whore to men and women of the ton.   He was quite popular too.  Then he was given a chance to earn a large sum by impregnating an Italian Duchessa.  He did and when his son was still quite young, the Duca's cousin killed the Duca and Duchessa to become the next Duca.  Andrew was able to save himself and his son, Marco.  They fled to an island where no one would know their past. He'd hired a governess for Marco as well.  Miss Peartree was the daughter of a courtesan. She was hiding her past too.  Together they begin to live a life of hope, love and family. 

This book is a refreshing twist on the usual historical romance.  I liked the idea a male whore.  It gave the book a wonderful story line.  The writing is superb and easy to follow.  I loved that this man was given the opportunity to turn his life around and make his son's life better.  When he gave in to his love for Miss Peartree, the transformation was complete.  Sweet, hot and a must read!!  Maggie Robinson gives us another terrific book to sink our teeth into. Check this one out. I promise you won't be bored. 

     I did find a couple of issues.  The story drags in parts. It builds up the steam but doesn't go anywhere. Also at the end, it was as if Maggie Robinson forgot about the killers who were after Andrew and just threw them in as an after thought.

     I gave this one 4 out of 5 books because of the above issues.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Bedding Lord Ned by Sally MacKenzie

  Eleanor Bowman was the vicar's daughter and a bit of a tomboy growing up. She also happened to be in love with Lord Ned from a very early age.  She was thought of, by the Duke and Duchess of Greycliffe, Lord Ned's parents, as a daughter.  Each year she was invited to the annual Valentine's birthday party. You see, the Duchess of Greycliffe's maiden name was Valentine and she, as well as her three sons, were born on Valentine's day.  Eleanor knew of the Duchess' other name in society, the Duchess of Love, and had in fact been one of the many the Duchess tried to match make for.  There had been no luck, but they were both hopeful this year would be the magical year. After all Eleanor was twenty-six now and firmly on the shelf.  With a Duchess whose given name was Venus, a Valentine party, Sir Reginald ( the resident thief)  and Ned now available, this might very well be Eleanor's year to shine.  Oh the path she will have to take though. 

    Witty, wonderful and full of surprises you will want to check out Bedding Lord Ned.  The love story is wrapped in some unusual characters, some rather wacky situations and a whole lot of love.  I finished this book in a matter of hours it's that good!  I love the 'Venus love notes'. They are tidbits of helpful information for the lady trying to find a husband.  You'll laugh. You'll commiserate and you'll cheer.  Sally MacKenzie created a wonderful book everyone can enjoy.  This book is terrific year round.

   I didn't find any issues here.

    I gave this one 5 out of 5 books because I was laughing out loud at times.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Fire and Ice by Dianna Bellerose

    Nancy's life is nothing like she thought it would be.  She's in a bad marriage with in-laws who don't like her and trying to keep her family financially afloat.  She even went so far as to move from Poland to the United States in hopes things would get better. However, her mother-in-law had other ideas.  She poisoned her son against Nancy, his wife, and her family.  The things the mother-in-law says helps increase her son's anger toward Nancy and beatings become a regular occurrence.  

    This story is a good one of a woman struggling with life in an abusive marriage and with money becoming more and more of a problem every day.  The writing however, is terrible.  This is more of a narrative than a book.  I found it difficult to read in places because of the way it's written.  I think the author has potential.  

  The issues I found were listed above.

   I gave this one a 2 out of 5 books because the whole package needs work.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Love From Planet Wine Cooler by Kate Baggott

   A book that follows a young girl from her first imaginings of what the man in her life might be and onward.  This young girl is trying to find her way through life among smoking, drinking and sex.  Trying to figure out what everyone else seemed to just know.  It cost her some embarrassment and gave her a chance to change the things she'd done wrong. Each chapter is a mini story all it's own about a particular situation she found herself in and what happened.  She's blissfully unaware of the world around her.

   This is a coming of age book.  I found this book to be ok, but I wasn't fond of the format used for it.  It was more like reading someone's diary than reading a book.  The book is a tough read in spots, but maybe that's just me.  You'll follow this girl from 16 on and it's not always so entertaining.  

    I did find issues with the format and the story. It just didn't seem to strike an interest.

    I gave this book a 3 out of 5 because after reading it 3 times, I still didn't get much out of it. 

Immortal's Eden by Lori Perry

    Since Anastasia was a little girl she was prepared by her father for one job. One job that would forever be her place in the universe. Immortal Slayer.  The training was rough and her father was rougher, but she did as she was told.  The year is 1761 and it's the first time Anastasia meets Michael.  He knows instantly she is his mate, but how to convince of it and give her a choice of freely becoming his for eternity or walking away.  Through many deaths and reincarnations, Michael watches over Ana. He is simply waiting for the time to make her his.  Then, Michael believes he lost Ana for good. A werewolf by the name of Orlando contacts him. He tells Michael he knows where Ana is. Michael will move heaven and earth to find her.  Now to convince her the time is right for their eternity to begin.

     A wonderful journey through the lives of two people destine to be together for all eternity. I thoroughly enjoyed reading from their first meeting and on.  Lori Perry did an exceptional job of capturing Michael's emotions both as a vampire and as someone in love.  I also liked that Ana kept her personality through all her reincarnations. She didn't become this whole other person.  Delightfully written and an easy read, you'll want to have this one handy. I urge you to read it today.

    I didn't find any issues.

    I gave this one 5 out of 5 books because it's a wonderful little book. 

Monday, April 16, 2012

Storm Rising: A Kelli Storm Novel by Kenneth Hoss

     Detective Kelli Storm has seen too much sadness in the last few years. She's lost her father, a partner and now her mother has Alzheimer's.  Kelli's new partner Bill Hayes is someone she has a feeling will become a great detective one day. She likes him.  Their first case together starts off badly. They are trying to nail down one of the biggest scumbags in town. The leads they get keep sending them no where. Suddenly they are caught in a whirlwind of trouble. Kelli shoots the girlfriend of the scumbag. The dead girl's father steps into the picture and Kelli's life is at stake. While going through her father's old cases, she learns her father was after the dead girl's father.  It starts to appear like everything is connected but just how? Kelli's mom is kidnapped and her new partner and his wife shot. Kelli is now out for blood. She turns to her ex husband for help and between the two of them they might just figure out what all this is about.  Keeping Kelli safe becomes a job for her squad and her ex husband's department.  She's determined to settle the score. 

     Kelli is a fantastic character for women everywhere. She's strong, intelligent and a take-no-crap- kind of woman.  Her love of family and her job shows just what a wonderful person she is. The story is easy to get lost in because of the action.  Every time something happens you want to hurry to find out why and what happened as a result.  The writing is  right in line with any of the big name cop shows on TV. I can actually see this one as a weekly show or a movie series.  You'll love that it's written in cop speak and down to earth language.  Kenneth Hoss did a fantastic job of putting you in Kelli's shoes and making you part of the story.  I applaud his efforts!

    The only issue I found was the trip to Mexico. Seemed a little overkill, but that's just my opinion. Couldn't see the need for it.

     I gave this one 5 out of 5 books because I'm a real sucker for anything law related. 

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Passing as Elias by Kate Bloomfield


   Elizabeth Searson is an independent woman. At least she'd like to be. Studying to be an apothecary with the Professor was only one step in her plan to becoming her own woman.  She did worry the town wouldn't accept a woman apothecary but the Professor said they would adjust and she was an excellent student.  Suddenly the Professor dies.  Elizabeth is distraught. What would happen to the apothecary shop now? When called to the local attorney's office for the reading of the will, Elizabeth can't imagine what the Professor would have left her. Once the will is read, she finds out the Professors's house and apothecary were hers. Or were they?  During this same time period, Captain George Greenwood is spending more and more time in Elizabeth's company. He wants to court her, her mother tells her.  After being told her husband would be the owner of the property left by the Professor, she decides to marry George. Seems like a happy ending for all doesn't it? It's only the beginning.

    What a wonderful book! Celebrating a woman's need to be independent and her forward thinking ideas, this book will make you cheer the main character.  When she gets the idea to pass as Elias, it's a stroke of genius.  No woman of that time period would have dared do such a thing in daylight.  Elizabeth is a character that's easy to love and feel sorry for. The story unfolds slowly and romantically. The twist at the end blew me out of the water!! I was so not expecting it!  Kate Bloomfield continues to show us just what good writing is all about.  I highly recommend this book. 

   I didn't have issues with this one.

   I gave this one 5 out of 5 books because it's a stand out read!


Michal's Window by Rachelle Ayala

    Approximately 1000 BC in Israel.  David is the son of a shepherd and a harpist. The King is in need of soothing and so David comes to play his harp for him.  It works. The King delights in David's playing and keeps him at the palace.  Princess Michal is also taken with David. This the first time she's ever wanted a boy to notice her.  David is smitten with Princess Michal right away and makes time to see her without the King knowing.  Their romance blossoms.  When the King does find out he's upset at first but then allows Princess Michal and David to marry. Not long after, the King rages out of control and promises to kill David. Princess Michal knows David is the anointed King. When she watches David fleeing her father through her bedroom window, she knows things will get better in time. David has promised to come for her when it's safe. The problem is years pass with no word from David. Everyone believes he will never come back. David must keep his promise to Michal.

   This book is the extended version of David and Goliath.  It's very detailed, long and an excellent book.  I love the idea we get to see David before and after the Goliath incident and learn of his life in between.  The love story continues through years of fighting, lies and multiple disasters. The book is well researched, well written and one you'll enjoy.  I liked the book, however for me it was like being in Sunday school all over again. I found it too long for my tastes in this kind of story. 

   The issues I found were that it really began to drag in parts.  It was difficult to stay interested in.

    I gave this one 4 books out of 5 because it just seemed to go on and on and get no where.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

C'mon! My Story of Rock, Ruin and Revelation by Christopher Long

  * Nonfiction*

   Christopher Long was from a middle class, church going family. He didn't start out with a widespread knowledge of rock and roll, but he made up for that quickly.  Trying to enjoy rock music and being the son your parents want can be a challenge.  Chris did a terrific job of  it. He made things happen in his life.  His introduction to heavy rock came slowly and with some mistakes.  Learning about the rock lifestyle the hard way, Chris didn't partake of all things rock and roll. He was an extremely responsible man while still rockin with his group. Chris was fortunate enough to meet and work with some of the greats of heavy metal and rock.  He learned from them and applied it to his own group, Dead Serios.  Determination and drive took him on a wild and sometimes scary journey through the music  business and brought him right back to his roots. Realizing he'd allowed Jesus to get too far from his life and heart, he began a journey into himself and his relationship with Jesus.  An ongoing journey!

   WOW! This book is a lighthearted, fun, honest account of the life of rocker.  Christopher Long shares amazing stories of his life and heartache over the years.  I found it refreshing to see someone be so honest about themselves and their exploits.  It doesn't happen often enough. You will connect with Chris throughout this book and feel as though you were right there by his side for the entire event.  I certainly did!  Also his message of beginning or renewing your relationship with Jesus is inspiring!  You'll enjoy this book on so many levels.

    I didn't find any issues. Chris covered it all.

    I gave this one a 5 out of 5 books because he could have been my neighbor, my brother's friend or a relative. Thanks Chris!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Deadly Vows by Robert Marsh


     Deadly Vows is a diary, poetry and short stories all rolled into one. Author Robert Marsh shares, in his own unique way, what it's like to have someone back-stab you and try to break your spirit. It covers  the idea we all have a doormat part of ourselves that can be triggered by anyone or any situation.  Each piece is incredibly covering an area of the main topics.

    This very personal account takes you from the author's highest highs and to his lowest lows. It opens your eyes and allows you to look inside yourself.  I found each powerful piece well written and touching.  I enjoyed this book because it's very straightforward in it's presentation. Deadly Vows doesn't hide the message or the author's feelings.  This is one you'll want to look into.
       I didn't find any issues with this book.

      I gave this one 5 out of 5 books because it should be required reading for everyone.

Pete and Samantha's Guide to Seasonal Sex, Spring 2012

   Stories, information and fun are included in this volume of the book.  Learn new ways to excite your partner and new things to use in doing so.  This is a chance to experiment with your partner this Spring.  Hot sex, romance and trust are all part of these methods.  

    I love that this book doesn't shy away from the more severe of the sexual world (BDSM) and covers the more sedate items such as aphrodisiacs.  I think this is the perfect "how to" book for all couples looking for ways to make the bedroom sizzle even more.  I enjoyed this book and it's information immensely. 

    The only issue is that this book is not suitable for all couples or individuals. It includes some rather intense ways of finding pleasure.

    I gave this book 4 out of 5 books because while it was informative, it is geared toward the intermediate couple to experienced.  

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The Heart Gem by Isabella Macotte

Bremen Tyler's wanted to live a normal life. He didn't want to deal with the restrictions the Ancestrals placed on him.  When they summoned him and told him he must marry his cousin, it was  the last straw. He'd already met Hallie Pinefoy and loved her more than words could say. She was his heart match.  Bremen does the only thing he can do, negotiates a way out.  He will find and return the Heart Gem that was stolen, and in return he could live his life forever with Hallie.  It should have been a simple thing to do. The person with the Heart Gem was using it to make money and very elusive.  Hallie Pinefoy had never felt about any man the way she feels about Bremen. She knows her life will not be complete without him in it.  

    A beautiful, completely romantic book. This book will make you believe in happily-ever-afters and soul-mates.  I got lost in this book from page one. No unnecessary filler in this book, just a well written, love story you'll love as much as I do.  The characters are very easy to relate to and fall in love with.  All women need a Bremen in their life at one point. I like the idea that both main characters weren't so high up in society they'd be required to behave a certain way.  I love that Hallie is an independent, high spirited woman too.  This author went to great lengths to make sure this book was one we'd all keep and read again and again.

   I didn't find any issues with this book.

   I gave this one 5 out of 5 books because it makes me believe anything is possible.

Monday, April 9, 2012

A Cottage Affair by Sharon Sobel

     Arden Alexander's life just got a whole lot more complicated.  As a curator for the University Art Museum, she was well respected and moving up in her career quickly. It only took one dishonest person to bring that crashing down around her.  She decides to go to the family cottage. It's sort of a special place for the single females of her family. The cottage has been in the family for generations.  Once there Arden realizes she may have even more  problems. Eastfield is a small town with all the usual small town charm.. and gossips.  Everyone seems to know her and about her now trashed career. How will she ever fit in? Add to that a neighbor who always seems to be showing up at the wrong times, and Arden has a few more headaches than she was ready for.   Arden and her nosy neighbor Alex stumble onto a truly great mystery.  Putting pieces together slowly  they begin to get a picture what they are looking for. Now they just have to find it before whoever broke in does.  Arden also begins to realize small town life may not be so bad after all.

    I was set for a sexy romance when I began this book.  I quickly learned it was something else entirely. A Cottage Affair is a splendid book about the history of several Colonial families and their modern day relatives.  A sweet, funny romance between two independent souls make this book a real treat!   I am a BIG fan of history so this book was a lovely surprise for me.  Sharon Sobel includes some laughter, some tears and a whole lot of love and loyalty in this book.  You will be delighted with the characters and the superb writing. This is a must read.

    I didn't have any issues with this book.

    I gave this one 5 out of 5 books because I laughed out loud in some parts.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

The Perfect Game by John Hansen

*Short Story*

   There's a new game on television. You might want to check it out. Then again, you might not want to. It's an unusual take on something none of us consider a game.

   This book will make you wonder if we aren't headed in this direction with all the reality TV we watch.  I enjoyed the story and the  twist at the end. Didn't see that one, I thought it might be another twist.  Check this out. It'll keep you thinking.

   I didn't find issues with this one.

   I gave this one 5 out 5 books.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Enhanced by Ben Brown

   Zac Thomas' life is going great, until that day.  Lea approached Zac on a very urgent matter. All he saw was a beautiful woman. She tried to explain why she was there. Zac just didn't understand it and with the matter being life or death, she had no choice but to drug him.  When Zac woke up he was in a lab. Nervous and unsure of what was happening, he began to ask questions.  The answers confused him even more. In time, Zac began to believe what Lea and Dr. Skinner told him about his body. He was special. He had abilities no other human had. They needed him to help stop Dominic.  Together, the three of them, with some help from military sources, began to plan just how to beat Dominic at his own game. At stake: Super human abilities able to be transferred into other humans by injection.  It could be catastrophic if evil powers were able to harness and use this.  Dominic is determined to be the one who profits from helping the evil sides gain the upper hand.  

    AMAZING BOOK!  Intrigue, futuristic, and a ten on action Richter scale, this book will keep you entertained from start to finish.  It was wonderful how the abilities were just dormant in some humans. It wasn't some experiment gone wrong or explosion somewhere.  They possessed these  genes all along.  The possibilities behind this story are something that could be possible in our children's lifetime. You'll enjoy the way this story comes together to end the war between Dominic and Dr. Skinner. This book will surprise you!

  I didn't find any issues with this one.

  I gave this one 5 out of 5 stars and wish it could be more.  

Friday, April 6, 2012

Pohon Setan by Ben Brown

   Bill Redcliff hasn't had a big story in years, now he must watch over three new reporters as they investigate a rumor.  The rumor is about the import and export of live cattle. It was banned and then it was reopened. No one knew why.  Their boss sends the newbies out because he isn't sure there is even a story here. He figures it will keep them busy and out of his way.  Problem is there's a bigger story to tell. The four of them happen on an abandon temple during their investigation.  It's filled with skeletons, blood and parts of cows.  They decide to watch the temple to see what's going on.  They learn what's happening  but it will cost them. Four went into this investigation but will all four make it back out?

    This book is exciting, a little scary and gives you another reason to be unsure in the jungle.  I especially enjoyed the rough, weathered reporter who must take on the new reporters. He's such a gruff, in your face person at first.  This story builds slowly and it's well worth the wait. You can't go wrong with this book.  Just don't read it and then head to the jungle. *smile*

 I didn't find any issues.

  I gave this one 5 out of 5 cause it was fun to explore new possibilities.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Charmeine by Emily Guido

* Book 1 in the Light-Bearer Series*

    We all know God created someone for everyone. Tabbruis and Charmenine were two such people. Actually Angels.  Tabbruis was the Angel of Self Determination in the 4th choir of Angels. Charmeine was the Angel of Harmony in the 9th choir of Angels.  They were the yin to each others yang.  Their family was happy and doing well until they were ripped apart by a mistake. A miscalculation. For centuries they were each alone. Feeling as if something was missing but not sure what.  Tabbruis, Tab Hunter, had become a blood hunter, immortal.  Charmeine, Charleen Davis, became a light bearer, also an immortal.  For some unknown reason they are drawn to each other. After spending time together, they realize they have something special.  Each has seen the other in their dreams but never thought they'd be together.  Like most good things, it comes with a price. They must defeat the blood hunter's council before they can truly be together forever.  With questions and issues, they begin the journey and realize they are not alone.

   This story is a fantastically tender, romantic one of timeless love.  I enjoyed the fact they'd fought so hard to find each other and nothing or no one would tear them apart.  I loved the fact it explained how the situation came to be and what they must do to right their lives again.  Another good thing was the friends and family they had helping them along the way.  This is a first novel for  Emily Guido and she did a great job with it.  I would be less than honest if I said it didn't have problems. It's mostly editing, grammar and repetition.  Still this story is well worth a read!!

   The only issues I stated above.

   I gave this one 4 out of 5 stars because of the redundancy in places.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Freedom First, Peace Later by Jeanette Hewitt

    It's 1980 and six Irish lives will change forever.  Their lives intersect in so many different ways and they each learn something on their journey. It's a time when Nationalist and Unionist are at war and have been for more than twenty years.  Death, bombs, racism and fear are included in every day.  Love will be won and lost.  Hearts will be broken and some may never recover from it all.  Bronwyn, Stu, Barry, Rosina , Connor and Danny are the people whose lives are affected by this war.  Bronwyn is confident, outgoing and very pretty. Barry is her fraternal twin and being torn in half by his job. Stu is a very young soldier far from home.  Rosina is a kind, sweet girl.  Connor is full of life, very protective and kind. Danny is all about the IRA.  The decisions they make will impact many lives.  Now to see if they can all survive this mess.

    A book that describes so much love from so much destruction is what we have here.  It's a poignant, heart wrenching story of the human side of the IRA and Britain's war.  Jeanette Hewitt has designed a story that puts you right in the heart of it all. I love the approach she took to this particular subject.  She took great care with each of her characters so there is much to learn about them.  I enjoy the honesty of this story. It doesn't glamorize war or the people involved, it stays very true  to the situation.  I recommend this book highly.

I didn't find any issues with this one.

 I gave this one 5 out of 5 books because it swept you into the fray.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Little Demons by Marty Shaw

* A novelette*

   A stolen truck and police lights and sirens sets Frank off on a trip he may never recover from.  Trying to get away, Frank decides to take a side road. This road leads to Hale.  Frank knows he needs money and a better vehicle and feels this is the place is where he'll find easy pickings.  His first stop at convenience  store sets the wheels in motion for something even Frank can't believe.  Staying with Farmer Crowley and his daughter Lilly might not be the best idea he ever had. Keep your eyes open.

   I LOVE this novelette!! A wonderful story with a lesson all in one. Don't let the title fool you, it's a more in depth story than it leads you to believe.  You'll enjoy this novelette and the message on greed is one that should be shared everywhere.

  Didn't find any issues with this one.

   I gave this one 5 out of 5 because I never saw it coming! *smile*

Walking With Ducks by Martin A Naltiz, Jr.

* A Jack Reno Novel*

    Jack is a paralegal for a growing law firm.  He's very intuitive when it comes to finding scams or hustles. Oh, and Jack is a white-collar criminal on parole. The DA who prosecuted him is now his boss.  Who better to find out if someone is being taken advantage of than a criminal who use to do the same thing. Jack is working on a case for MFG. They are a mortgaging firm and are going to be investigated.  It's up to Jack to figure out if there is a swindle and what it is.  With some luck and a little help from former inmate friends, he does figure it out. The problem is the swindler isn't who he thought it was.  He gets drawn back into his old lifestyle, but can he walk away this time for good?

  A detective novel with a different approach and extremely likable characters is what you'll find in this book.  I enjoyed this book immensely.  The inclusion of what prison's like and some of the people there make this an education as well as a great read.  I did find all the talk of mortgages and stocks a bit over my head and boring.  I don't think it was necessary to include THAT much detail.  Still you'll enjoy this novel and Jack Reno.  I recommend this book especially to the mystery  and detective lovers crowd.

  The only issue was the overly detailed chapters on mortgages and stock markets. I think it took away from the story.

   I gave this one 4 out of 5 stars because the boiled down version of this book was very lite.


Sunday, April 1, 2012

Wrong Way Street by Joshua Merrick

   Jason Callaway has been an Army Ranger for five years. His team is sent on a black ops mission to Lebanon. There's one problem. The President has called the General in charge of Jason's team and told him to abort the mission.   It's too late, the team is almost at their drop zone.  They complete the mission but not before some of the team is shot and Jason messes up his ankle.  What happens next is nothing short of a nightmare for everyone. The government is trying to deny the operation and all but Jason are imprisoned and court martialed. They list Jason as MIA.  After his wife is shot, and he believes killed, by Mideastern men, Jason begins his own private black ops mission.  He endures more than any human should have to in his pursuit of one Yassaud Sharief A'Danni.  He knows this is man behind all of his problems.  Enlisting his friends and strangers, Jason goes all out in his war.  He completes this mission successfully and has some changes to his life in a good way.

    WOW! This book puts you right in the moment. You can almost feel the Rangers tension as they head into this mission.  Joshua Merrick has a way of writing that pulls you in deeper with each page.  I loved this book simply because it's so realistic. It gives you pause though, to think our government would actually do something like this, but I'm sure they do and have.  If you aren't supporting our military before you read this book, you definitely will be when you finish.  It's great to know that nice guys don't finish last. Do yourself a favor, get this book and travel with Jason Callaway as he defends himself, his wife and his team.

   I found nothing wrong with this one. Everything was there.

    I gave this one 5 out of 5 books because the writing style is amazing.

Night Sighs by Emma Meade

    The Dead Beats, The Ancients, Until Body Is Dust, Bourbon & Jazz and West of Forever are the short stories that make up 'Night Sighs'.  Alex and Tristan star in these tales as an unusual couple. He's a vampire and seemingly a big kid at heart. She is a human who lost the love her life.  Together they live a very exciting life. From being a rock star with a huge fan base for him, to turning her and running from the British Vampire government board. These two share a love and romance equal to none.

    I don't want to say a whole lot or it will spoil the short stories for you, but these bursts of excitement will liven up any day for you.  I found them to be fun, sexy and diary like.  It amazes me how passionate these short stories are, yet they tell of a great love.  I encourage you to buy 'Night Sighs' and keep up with Alex and Tristan. I'm sure we haven't heard the last of them.

   I didn't find any issues with these stories.

   I gave this one 5 out of 5 books because they were just the added spice the day needed.