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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Easter Bunny Murder by Leslie Meier

     The big Easter egg hunt at Pine Point mansion was due to start any time.  Lucy Stone and her daughter-in-law, Molly, were taking three year old Patrick for the first time.  Everyone was to be dressed for the occasion and most were.  As they waited at the big gates to see the Easter Bunny come out of the house, questions began to filter through the crowd.  Where was VV?  Were they even having the Easter egg hunt this year?  Why were the gates locked?  Suddenly the Easter Bunny comes out the front door, then staggers.  He only gets a few eggs "hidden" when he drops to the ground.  Willis, the butler, was trying to open the gates when he turned and saw the bunny fall.  Terrific! Now all these children, ages 3-8, just witnessed the Easter Bunny's death.  Or maybe he was simply sick.  

     Quirky, fun and with a surprise ending you won't believe. This is one of the most fun books I've read lately.  I adore bunnies and was unsure about the title.  Rest assured it's not the REAL Easter bunny. (WHEW!)  With so many people involved and so many well executed twists and turns, you'll be guessing until the end.  There are some terrific Easter tips in the back of the book and yes I did try two of them. WONDERFUL!  For you mystery lovers, this one you need on your TBR pile and then in your Keepers pile.

     I found no issues with this one.

     I gave this one 5 out of 5 cheers because I had fun following Lucy Stone around!

Sometimes Love Hurts by Marie Fostino

     Blake wasn't being quite as loving and affectionate as he had been earlier in their marriage.  Crystal was concerned he was cheating on her.  Things get worse because Crystal is due to have their first child any time now.  Worried and fearing the worst, Crystal goes to visit her parents.  After explaining things to her mother, she gets some much needed clarity on the situation.  The source would surprise Crystal and help her decide what to do.  

     Love takes work if it's strong and true.  False love will fade quickly.  Romantically sentimental and imparting some great advice, Marie Fostino once again pulls delicately  at the heart strings of her readers.  Ms. Fostino seems very comfortable with her style of writing and WOW are we the ones who benefit!  Well plotted out story and characters who are relate-able make this another hit for Ms. Fostino.  This one is a keeper!

     I found no issues with this one.

     I gave this one 5 cheers out of 5 because it tells a story in a different way. 



Monday, March 25, 2013

Gateway to Reality by Becca Campbell

     Wes Teague is college age man whose dreams are making him feel disconnected. He doesn't feel like his world is right side up. He isn't sure why until he wakes up in a new place. It looks sort of like the city he lives in, yet it isn't.  Looking for something familiar, Wes goes to the park and the sculpture there.  It's called "The Bean".  Something is different about it though. Trying to get through the crowd to see what's happening, Wes gets a look at this "new" world.  He's not expecting any of the information he's about to get.  But is this home or is home in his dreams? It might take some time to find out.

     Fascinating plot and full rich characters you'll really enjoy this book.  Becca Campbell pens another wonderful book that will keep you thinking for sometime.  What if it happened to you? Is it possible?  I thoroughly enjoyed this book and can't wait for more from Becca Campbell.

     I found no issues with this one.

     I gave this one 5 cheers out of 5 because it blew my mind in a terrific way. 

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Lipstick Apology by Jennifer Jabaley

    As  she's dancing on her kitchen counter, she isn't thinking about anything but the fun she's having.  Then Emily Carson is watching the news. The plane her parents were on crashed!  The only thing left was a tray table with the words "EMILY PLEASE FORGIVE ME," in lipstick.  Now Emily is living in New York and everything is new.  Her new school's swim champ has his eyes on her.  Her chemistry partner isn't bad either.  Now her big worry is which one to choose. 

     This book hits hard with a very deep message to kids.  Jennifer Jabaley handled this subject matter with  grace and dignity.  The characters are ones you'd see anywhere in the world.  Emily is a very relate-able character and what she deals with, children handle every day.  

     I found no issues with this one.

     I gave this book 5 cheers out of 5 for originality and creativity.

Reviewed by Holly Baron age 12.

Crush Control by Jennifer Jabaley

     While moving to Las Vegas was bad for Willow Grey, leaving her best friend, Max was worse.  To make sure he always stays her best friend, she hypnotizes him, but at age nine, she's not sure it will work.  Now that she's seventeen, her mom decides that they should move back to Georgia. She's going back to her home town, which means her best friend too.   
Willow realizes how much she admires Max and she wants to tell him.

     This book is very well written and speaks directly to preteens and teens.  Thought provoking and exploring young love in a very sweet book.  Characters your child will relate to easily and get excited about, keeping them reading even more.

     I found no issues with this one.

     I give this book 5 cheers out of 5 because it's something I'm sure all teen girls can relate too.
Reviewed by Holly Baron, age 12

A Rocky Mountain Christmas by William W. & J. A. Johnstone

     While waiting for the runways to be cleared at the airport, former Ambassador Rebecca Daniels Robinson is approached by a reporter. The reporter wants to know what her most harrowing Christmas was.  Several people are taking a train through Colorado at Christmas time.  The train gets trapped in an avalanche with 37 people inside.  With Christmas fast approaching, the children on board were hoping to be where they were going to spend Christmas.  One little girl is deathly sick and there are criminals holding the dining car.  Will the rescue train make it in time?

     A book for any time of the year.  The story stresses the importance of not judging others and helping each other in times of need.  Well written with full rich characters this is one you'll add to your keeper pile.  I recommend this book for men and women. It's a good old fashioned western story.

     I found the first three chapters or so move slowly. Keep with it and the end pays off for the slow start.

     I gave this one 4 cheers out of 5 because of the slow start.   

Friday, March 22, 2013

Princess Onyx " Precious Gems" by Clarissa Burton

      Jaydah is a very talented little girl.  She sings, dances and is a wonderful artist.  One day she comes home in tears and tells her grandmother a boy was cruel to her.  He tells her shes ugly because her skin is too dark.  Jaydah's grandmother tells her the story of Princess Onyx and Jaydah learns a valuable lesson.

     A beautiful story about dealing with unkind children.  I found the lesson in this story perfect for every child but it will speak loudest to children of dark skin. My daughters thought it was wonderful!  A book like this just reinforces good manners taught by parents. Get this for the child in your life.

     I found no issues with this one.

     I gave this one 5 cheers out of 5 because it is spectacular!!

GUEST BLOG: Cynthia Meyers-Hanson- SHE Anthology

   A SPECIAL NOTE to the reader:
Each blog about the S.H.E. Anthology has a unique excerpt to keep things fresh.

When I heard about the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School, due to my experiences with many deaths in our small community within a short period of time, I felt that the kids and folks might feel less alienated and alone if they were shown the light at the end of their tunnels. I wanted to find a way to be empower the children and their community while revealing to them a HOPE that things can and do get better. I thought that town might enjoy rhetoric from those kindred spirits.  PLUS, I felt others including health care professionals might enjoy those types of stories.

After pondering a bit, God illuminated my next step. Thinking of three books that I had partial copyrights to, I began compiling that book. Plus, I immediately had the title of an anthology in my mind. By the way, the S.H.E. Anthology is NOT a romance anthology but it was written by all females. In this book, the girls recollected traumas, mostly related to death, that they faced while in elementary school. Their stories reveal their path out of mourning along with many minor miracles that they encountered. Their tales of hope and inspiration are true accounts from those children turned authors. One writer and illustrator is only six; Thai wanted to be a part of empowering children to survive harsh things in life; so, her piece is story number three in this compilation.

The abbreviation ‘S.H.E’ also refers to Sandy Hook Elementary. Isn’t God the best at setting up coincidences?

This book is meant to empower Newton as well as others that read it. We hope that this anthology, also, sheds some new light on grief recovery in the minds of teachers, mental health professionals, and adults handling major life changes. The compilation’s royalties will help charities involved in grief counseling or with mental health issues- especially for children therapies for the types of traumas witnessing massacres produce. For example, one local group ‘New Hope for Kids’ (Orlando) will get some of the profits from this compilation because the group that started this organization helped Stacey over 20 years ago; her story is in the anthology as well as excerpts in my blog @

In the book, The Evans Terrace Girls give their account of what happened when 7 or more parents died within a year or 2 of each other in a small subdivision of about 110 homes. People started saying their land was CURSED. The children heard those rumors about their subdivision and were scared to death. Then, when a neighbor lost her dad to a blood clot after surgery, the kids felt the need to help. When one of the girls heard the rumor that the mourning family ran out of milk, she setup a traditional solution or proverbial lemonade stand. That day, other angels or young children arrived; many of those neighbor kids ran door to door selling half glasses of hot lemonade. They raised enough quarters to buy milk and other perishables. More importantly, they formed a group that became a club and led their neighborhood out of grief. An excerpt from their story follows. 

The girls did charity after charity coming up with new ways to raise and donate money.  They were driven.  BUT- some members experienced death first hand; so, going to the “Children’s Make a Wish Foundation” might have been too much too soon for Jane since her dad just died from a blood clot. In this excerpt, the reader sees the courage a group can give to one another especially of their fragile members.

We each had to sell three prayer rocks and three gifts of love.  “The next meeting, bring back six dollars.  You have to sell all your crafts this time,” I declared.
            “That’s fine,” Nicole stated.  “I can buy a prayer rock and sell two at church.  One dollar is cheap.”
            “Yeah, I can sell at my swim meet,” Ann added.
            “I can give this stuff out as Valentine’s gifts,” Joy said taking six dollars from her wallet.  “There I am done selling.”
            Mia and I decided to sell our products to neighbors.  I am not sure why we chose this approach.  However, we sold many of our rocks multiple times.  “Here, just take this dollar and keep the rock,” Was a normal response from many neighbors.
            Then, we hit Mrs. Shay’s house.  She sat us down to ask us the purpose of our sale.  “We want to raise money to help sick kids,” Mia explained.
            “Yeah, for the Children’s Make a Wish Foundation.”
            “What a good cause,” She seemed excited.  “Do you know what they do for children?”
            “Not really,” I made the mistake of admitting.
            “They help kids with terminal illnesses get final wishes,” She explained.
            “Terminal?” I questioned aloud.
            “Yes, Honey, ones with cancer or other killer diseases,” She patted my head explaining.
            I felt like Joy for a moment.  I wanted this meeting to be over.  I kept thinking, “Do you want the rock or gift of love?  Or don’t you?”
            Mia was braver, “So, do you want to help us?”
            “No,” She said as a matter of fact.  “My daughter works for them so I already contribute.  But, what a good cause!  Good work girls!”
            I wanted to cringe.  Why did she waste my time?  Mia and I had raised fifteen dollars even though we still had one rock and two gifts to sell.  As we exited out of earshot of Mrs. Shay, I suggested, “We are done going door to door.”  Mia agreed quicker than Joy ever could.
            At the next meeting, we counted our money.  We had twenty - four dollars from the four members that sold only to friends for a total of thirty - nine dollars.  It was mostly in quarters and one-dollar bills.  So, Joy counted the money twice to be sure of our amount.
            “Okay, now call the people and set up a time to unload this money,” I recommended to mom.
            Two weeks later, the six of us piled into mom’s Helping Hands’ van.  It held the six of us plus my mother perfectly.  Meanwhile, the current rumor was that other girls wanted to add members to our group.  I thought the club was perfect and ran smooth because it was small.  Oh well, we’d cross that bridge when someone became brave enough to bring it as an idea at an actual meeting.  Until then, my main thought, today, was that we had thirty - nine dollars to donate, and I was hungry.
            “Can we have pizza after we deliver this money?” I dared to ask after the van was boarded.
            “If everyone brings money to help pay for it,” Mom’s tone of voice warned me that this question came late.
            “I have money.  See!” Ann pulled five dollars from her pocket.
            “Me too,” Mia added, “Our mom gave it to us in case we stopped at M D’s or something.”
            “I can get money,” Jane mentioned.
            “Don’t worry about it,” Mom whispered to Jane.  After all, her mom was still searching for work.  “I’ll cover your share only.”
            “Only?”  I whined, as if mom would abandon Joy and me.
            “I mean she’s the only girl not mine that I’ll pay for,” Mom cut me off.
            Nicole lived across the street.  She ran over to her home to get funds.  She came back with a bag lunch.  Her mom told her to use her allowance or bring what she could find in the pantry.  I could tell she felt sort of left out but she said, “It’s okay.”
            When we arrived at the foundation, a man greeted us.  He was overwhelmed as he took notes on how we raised the money.  He was flabbergasted and moved to near tears.  Then, with a broad smile on his face, he posed for our historian’s camera.
            “Can you take one on this camera, too?” He asked.  Mom complied with this request.
            He was so happy with our charity that he gave us a free CD made for his organization as one of their fundraisers.  We listened to it in the car and read a newsletter he handed us as well.
            “I wonder if any of these kids died yet.” Ann wondered aloud.
            “I hope not.  Change the subject,” Joy interrupted.
            “Me too,” Jane giggled. (Her dad died, which is why the club was formed in the first place)

What other minor miracles happened when these angels joined forces with others to make wishes come true?  Read The Evans Terrace Girls or their section in the S.H.E. Anthology.

The eBook copy of the S.H.E Anthology is available @

The paperback version comes in BLACK & WHITE on AMAZON @
Plus, the S.H.E Anthology is in color paperback format @

as a KINDLE @

in other eBook formats @ SMASHWORDS.com @

So, come on buy to be inspired and help grieving children.
It’s a WIN-WIN.

My main author page is @ WEEBLY and you can follow my blog, there.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Kiera's Quest: Sacrifices- BOOK TWO by Kristy Brown

     After their tangle with the Witch Queen, Kiera and Prince Zakk make it out alive but lose friends.  When Prince Zakk asks Kiera to help him save Joe and Daz, she jumps at the chance. She can't imagine life without them.  They know it won't be easy because the Witch Queen is sure to be watching for them, but with some help, they just might be able to rescue Joe and Daz and save themselves.  They never expect life changing secrets to be revealed.

     Amazing! This book takes you on a journey you won't soon forget.  The characters are well developed and easily relate-able.  The story is so well written you'll be lost in the pages in a good way.  I recommend this book for all tweens/YA.  It will keep them interested in reading for sure!  Gift this one and book one, to the tween in your life!

     I found no issues with this one.

     I gave this one 4 cheers out of 5 simply because it really isn't my cup of tea but the book is fantastic!

The Soul Seekers by Amy Saia

     Emma and her mother moved to Springvale after the death of her father.  She wasn't happy about the move and was already making plans to leave Springvale and go back to Colorado.  Springvale was even less than Emma expected. A small town with strict rules for  everyone to follow, it was more than Emma could take. She found a job immediately at the local library and got so much more than she bargained for.  A mysterious boy was in the library each day and Emma wanted to know more about him.  When she finally discovered who he was, could she handle all that came with him?

     This parnormal/romance is passionate, exciting and will have you raving about it to your friends.  The story is a well conceived, well written one with characters you will fall in love with.  Though this story is about two 18 year olds, it is the perfect book for anyone who enjoys romance at its best.  Tissues might be necessary.

     I found no issues in this one.

     I gave this one 5 out of 5 cheers  because the story swept me off my feet. 

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Bad-Off Boris And The Cupcake Cave-in by Scott Mallory

     Boris had an accident. After that, he gained the nickname BAD-OFF Boris. He didn't like the name and lost confidence in himself.  He learns a valuable lesson.

    A wonderful children's book they'll enjoy again and again.  The illustrations are beautiful and the story a terrific way of teaching children life lessons.  I think all children will get the message Boris has for them. Gift this to the child in your life.

    I found no issues.

    I gave this one 5 cheers out of 5 because the message is such an important one for all of us. 

How To Be A Man In A Woman's Life by Becky Lyn Rickman

     Hey men, have you ever wished you had a guidebook when it comes to the women in your life? Well here it is!  This guide is a valuable too for ALL men.  It will help you keep a smooth path, or smoother path, in your relationship, depending on how much you remember.  Not only does this include helpful advice, but there are guides to what movies to watch, what books to read and what songs to listen to.  They each will empower you as a man to know how to handle most situations. 

     Humorous but very real advice given by women about women.  This is a book every male should be given in puberty so they have a chance to really learn it.  It's pretty common sense stuff to women, but really lays it all out for men about how women want to be treated.  Well written and easy to understand, men, get this one.

     I found no issues with this one.

     I gave this one 5 cheers out of 5 because the advice is sound and the style non-accusing. 


Saturday, March 16, 2013

A Catered St. Patrick's Day by Isis Crawford

      A Little Taste of Heaven is owned by the Simmones and has been for years.  They make the best tasting food around!  Since their mother died, Bernie and Libby were now running the shop and keeping the family tradition going.  There is another side to this family though.  With their dad being a former police officer, Bernie and Libby got interested in solving crimes.  They were pretty good at it too. So good in fact, they and their dad were private investigators as well as terrific cooks.  Wouldn't you know it, St Patrick's day business was going to be ruined for fellow a businessman.  Seems someone decided to add murder to the green beer and four leaf clover celebrations.  Bernie, Libby and their dad Sean were hired to find out who killed Mike Sweeney.  With so many suspects how were they going to solve this one?

    You will NEVER believe whodunit!   Ms. Crawford has created a funny and intriguing mystery.  She puts you right in the action and you can almost smell the bread cooking.  Well plotted out and written in an easy style, this book is one you'll enjoy curling up with.  The characters are so lovable and funny you can't help but be pulled into the fray.  I did try the recipes as well and they are fantastic!! What more can you ask for? A terrific mystery with a little fun added and recipes your family and friends will love!! Get this one for you collection!

     I found it started a little slowly but it finishes in a big way.  

     I gave this one 4 cheers out of 5 because of the slow start.

Friday, March 15, 2013

I of the Storm by Neesha Hosein

      Kira loved the outdoors. The clouds, the weather, grass and flowers.  She shared her love of the outdoors with her Grandmother.  They spent lots of time there, until her 11th birthday. It was then Kira was struck by lightening and nearly died. She never felt the same about her birthday or the outdoors.  During high school, she met Gavin.  She fell in love with him immediately but soon found he wasn't exactly who she thought he was.  Things go from bad to worse once they marry. Kira learns her Grandmother's sage advice would come in handy all her life.

     A tragic but inspirational story, this well written novella will have you gasping at what a person will do in the name of love.  Characters who could be your neighbors or relatives, they are deeply defined.  I think all women should read this book and learn from it whether their situation is the same or not.  Ms Hosein struck a chord with this book.  I hope others can see that as well.  Get this book for the woman in your life.

     I found no issues in this one.  Beware it is graphic in spots.

     I gave this one 5 cheers out of 5 because it shows women's resilience. 

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Mental Pause by Anne O'Connell

      Abbie's boys are headed to college and she's feeling the empty nest syndrome kicking in.  Trying to keep herself busy is complicated by the fact she's going through peri-menopause.  Hot flashes, night sweats, anxiety and depression to the extreme.  While her husband Conrad and her boys, Trevor and Winston try to understand, they really just know Abbie isn't herself.  Rachel, Abbie's best friend, tells her she needs to let loose and relax.  They do just that with a new friend of Rachel's.  Only a girls night out becomes so much more.  Abbie wonders if life will ever be normal again.

     TERRIFIC! FANTASTIC! APPLAUSE!  It's about time someone was willing to write a book about how women's bodies change.  Anne O'Connell step out there and hit a grand slam home run with this one!  Descriptive, accurate and well written, this book will keep you moving until the end. You'll fall in love with Abbie and her family. What's not to love? They are really a supportive team.  This one should be winning awards for many reasons in the months to come. Check it out and see if you don't agree the twist in this book is breathtaking. 

     I found no issues in this one.

     I gave this one 5 cheers out of 5 because it discusses something NO ONE wants to talk about. Hurrah for Anne O'Connell!!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

As I Knew Him, My Dad, Rod Serling by Anne Serling

     Many know Rod Serling from the show The Twilight Zone but few got the chance to know him outside of that.  Fun, outgoing and a terrific man is how his friends would describe him.  His youngest daughter Anne, tells of a man who was tortured by memories of war.  A man who was very strict about following his own moral compass.  Rod Serling was a man who hated bigotry of any kind and fought for what was right always.   He was known as a man who was quick to explode but also equally quick to cool his temper.  A family man first and foremost, he loved spending summers with his family at their east coast cottage in New York. Some of their fondest memories are there.

     Anne Serling lets us walk with her through the journey that was her father's life.  She shares with us an intimate look at the man behind the camera and away from Hollywood. This book is more of a diary between father and daughter. A loving, unconditional love between parent and child.  Having been in Anne Serling's situation, losing her father, I understand the tough time dealing with his passing. I went through the same thing two years earlier. You'll love this book!

     I found no issues. Anne shares more than anyone could hope for.

     I gave this one 5 cheers out of 5 because I was already a fan of Rod Serling, but now have a deeper respect for this wonderful man.


Thursday, March 7, 2013

Meet Author Anne O'Connell

   Author Bio
Author and freelance writer, Anne O’Connell, has been an expat since 1993 when she and her husband escaped the cold of Toronto, Canada and moved to Fort Lauderdale, Florida. They enjoyed the sun and sand for 14 years, while she worked in the PR field, and then decided it was time for a new adventure. Heading for even more sun and sand, they moved to Dubai in late 2007 and then on to Thailand in 2011.
Anne has been working as a freelance copywriter, writing coach and consultant since 2007, specializing in social media, marketing, corporate communications and public relations. She is a regular contributor to Global Living Magazine and Expat Focus. In between clients she squeezes in time for her newly found passion - writing fiction. She and her husband have a passion for travel as well and that adventurous spirit has taken them all over the world. Anne grew up in Halifax, Nova Scotia and has a bachelor of public relations from Mount St. Vincent University. She is the author of @Home in Dubai… Getting Connected Online and on the Ground, 10 Steps to a Successful PR Campaign – a Do-it-Yourself Guide for Authors and Mental Pause, her first novel.

AND more about the lovely Anne O'Connell Author extraordinaire.......

Freelance Writer, Author, Social Media Consultant & Trainer

Since 1990, Anne O’Connell has been managing the communications needs for corporate and non-profit organisations, beginning her career with the international PR firm of Burson-Marsteller.  Subsequently, she held communications positions in the fields of higher education and health and wellness as well as in PR agencies and the news media. Prior to going freelance in 2007, she managed fundraising and public relations for a regional educational television station in South Florida.
Currently, O’Connell is working as an independent consultant providing strategic and creative writing services and training programs for clients in both private and non-profit sectors in a multitude of industriesHer writing expertise includes PR, marketing, corporate communications, social media, online content and script writing.  She also conducts workshops and seminars in strategic business writing, corporate communications, media relations and social media strategy.     
O’Connell received her bachelor of Public Relations from Mount St. Vincent University in Nova Scotia (Canada) in 1990. As a professional communicator and grass roots community advocate she strongly believes in giving back and has always looked for ways to volunteer her services as part of her daily life.  She is a Paul Harris Fellow of Rotary International and was a founding member chair from 2008-2011 for the UAE chapter of Room to Read.  She is the author of @Home in Dubai…Getting Connected Online and on the Ground; 10 Steps to a Successful PR Campaign – A Do-it-Yourself Guide for Authors; and Mental Pause, her debut novel.
O’Connell’s full profile can be viewed at www.linkedin.com/in/anneoconnell. For more information, visit her website at www.anne-oconnell.com, follow her on Twitter @annethewriter or like her facebook page at www.facebook.com/annethewriter.

A Struggle of the Heart by Marie Fostino

     Annette had grown up in a small town and was very close to her parents. After high school she moved to the city to attend college and share a house with her best friend.  Working as a beautician, she never expected to find love strolling into her shop.  Aaron was a very handsome and wonderful man. She fell in love immediately.  They shared everything.  Then Aaron told her he signed up to join the Army. While devastated, Annette supported his decision.  She never dreamed her life could change so drastically in a year, but it did.

     Very emotional and full of compassion, this book will tug those heartstrings hard.  Ms. Fostino includes some historical information in this book to give it a different twist.  Family and love are both included in this latest book.   Ms. Fostino is very good at describing human situations and emotions.  You'll love this book but keep the tissues handy, you'll need them.  I recommend this book highly.

     I found it included more than the needed amount of medical information.  It could have easily been highlighted and still gotten the point across. This made it drag in places.

    I gave this one 4 cheers our of 5 because the medical information lost my interest after so much was included. 

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Detachment Point by Paul Winters

     Peter Barnett is having nightmares of abuse and murder.  The problem is, Peter and Claire have never been more happy or successful.  Still this evil begins to take control over Peter and he isn't sure why until he watches the news.  Little by little Peter begins to piece together what has happened and loses his sanity.  Is it possible for evil to live on?   See what you think.

     WOW! I had no idea what to expect of this novella but let me tell you I got more than I bargained for.  Paul Winters tells this story in such a way you really don't see what's coming until it happens.  Scary and thought provoking in equal measures, this is a novella you'll enjoy time and again. 

     I found no issues with this one.

     I gave this one 5 cheers out of 5 because it really makes the mind wander. 

Rain On Your Wedding Day by Curtis Edmonds

     Will Morse is an ex-football player. He's divorced and the father of four.  The "normal" part of his life ends there. He's suffered unimaginable tragedy in his life and now simply wants to have a good relationship with is middle daughter.  His life as a hermit living in a mountain cabin hasn't been easy but he saw it as necessary. Dot wanders into his life by accident, or so it seems, and Will finds he wants to be part of the world again. He wants to be with Dot and enjoy life.  Will has to let go of the tragedy before he can begin to live again.

     Curtis Edmonds did a fantastic job with this book. Well written with characters you want to reach out and hug.  The story is heartwarming, tragic but full of love and hope too. Viewing this situation from the male perspective is a journey through pain, guilt and self loathing.  Thankfully  though, it comes out right in the end. I applaud Mr. Edmonds first novel and can't wait until he writes more. 

     I found it drags in places but overall it's terrific.

     I gave this one 5 out of 5 cheers because the book moved me. 

Monday, March 4, 2013

The Silver Locket by Marie Fostino

     Jenny's family was moving to Oklahoma. None of the kids seem to be happy about it but it meant a promotion for their dad.  The move was easy, making new friends was not.  Jenny just wanted to be back in her hometown with her best friend. Her mother understood but asked her to give it some time.  Soon, Jenny met Jacy and his friends.  They were part of what people in school considered the "bad crowd".  It didn't take long for Jenny to fall in with the same bad habits they had.  Drinking, smoking pot, doing drugs, sneaking out and sex.  It was only a matter of time before it all caught up to her. Decisions had to be made and it wasn't going to be easy for either Jenny or Jacy. Faith, love and family would see them through.

     Marie Fostino has the storytelling gift. She can take an age old story and make it her very own. I love that about her writing. This story we've heard thousands of times (especially if you come from hillbilly stock like me). Yet when Marie Fostino tells the story, it's like the first time.  Not many books, stories, movies, etc make me cry. It has to really be something to touch me that deeply. Not because I'm hard-hearted but because I've seen so much devastation in my life.  This book touched me so deeply I cried through most of it.  You must read this one and gift it to the young women in your life ( 13-18).

    I found no structural issues with this, but a few small grammatic errors.  Those who follow my reviews know I'm more concerned with the structure of the story and the characters.

    I gave this on 5+ cheers out of 5 because this life lesson will never grow old. 

Saturday, March 2, 2013

How To Heal Yeast Infections Naturally by Murielle L DuBois ND,RHN

     In this book, you'll learn prevention, treatment and diet tips to help keep yeast infections from occurring.  Information is detailed and very helpful.  I'm certain you'll recognize many things you've been told over the years, or heard of.  Ms DuBois' research for this book is first rate.  With this handbook, you have no reason to ever suffer from yeast infections.  

     Ms DuBois wrote this in an easy to understand way. Many books of this nature read so clinically, this one is like a conversation with a friend.  I really liked the idea of having a list of doctors you can talk to about yeast infections, or see to be treated.  I recommend this book for your library.  You'll refer to it again and again.

    I found no issues with this one.

     I gave this one 5 cheers out of 5 because it's a terrific resource to have.


Friday, March 1, 2013

Rosemary and Antonio by Marie Fostino

     It's 1929, Prohibition in Chicago. Antonio and Rosemary meet by accident in a coffee shop.  Rosemary believes it was by accident. She finds out much  later it wasn't.  Love grows during another civil war between the north and south- Northern Chicago and George 'Bugs' Moran and Southern Chicago and Al Capone.  While Rosemary and Antonio's love grows deeper, the hatred between Bugs and Capone grew more violent.  Antonio was determined to provide a future for himself and his lovely Rosemary.

     Full of old world romance and charm, Rosemary and Antonio are facing a more modern set of problems.  Ms Fostino approached this with such care and an eye for detail, and it shows.  This book is one of the first positive stories I've read about that time period.  You'll love the characters and their youthful excitement at first love.  Please do yourself a favor and read this.

      I found no issues with this one.

      I gave this one 5 cheers out of 5 because being Italian, many things concerning us is usually bad news, this wasn't.