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Monday, September 20, 2021

Questions about Dumpster Divers

 Ok, I've been watching and learning from the Dumpster Divers out there. I have a few questions for the stores. When you build a new store, you get a dumpster or two for the trash, Right? In the course of doing business things get broken, with me so far? Your buyers may have purchased WAY to many items. Each store tries to sell what they can but a huge amount ends up in the dumpster, am I right? These things are then written off on the books. No harm no foul.

Some folks come along and dig through that trash to get the undamaged unused portions. Some of these folks will take the items home and use them for their intended purpose. Some folks donate to shelters and such. Some may try to sell the items for an 1/8 to 1/4 the original price to help their family stay afloat.
Everybody on the same page now? So why do store managers and owners get bent out of shape about this? Your store couldn't sell the items. You wrote them off the books. Heck you even paid someone minimum wage to drag it to the dumpster. It's no skin off the managers or owners nose if someone can sell a $10.99 shirt for $3, is it? For your company at least, the books show it never existed after the last big sale. So explain to me why it's such a big deal to the store employees, managers or owners???? A sensible, rational explanation please.
It's trash. Pure and simple. If someone want to get down in there and dig it out why should you care? And you can't use the "If they get hurt I'll be responsible" angle. A simple sign stating not legally responsible for anyone who gets hurt while dumpster diving sign or a sign that says not responsible for anyone who gets sick after eating something from the dumpster, will work. Let the cops and security do the job they are paid to do. They aren't paid to babysit your trash. No one is gonna do any harm in your dumpster.
I'm waiting for a rational, reasonable, intelligent reason to harass these people. Or chase them off. Or damage the stuff you throw away, unnecessarily. Are you that big of a jerk? I'm really curious here.
If they take the food and/or toys to donate, it means some child will have a wonderful day. Old makeup to a women's shelter makes them feel whole and beautiful again. Men who are homeless aren't forgotten. They have new socks, or shoes, or even a shirt. Pantry's are no longer a source of shame for a family. It means the family will have healthy meals for a little while. Why can't these Dumpster Divers provided a little bit of the "Christmas Spirit" all year?

Thursday, September 16, 2021

Two Questions by Danielle Murray

      Four young women become brides. They are excited and in love with their grooms.  These young women share more than one thing. However  one big difference is they are from different times in history.  These women all picture their upcoming married lives as a magnificent fairytale.  Will it truly happen that way?  You'll have to read the book to get the answer.

     What a fantastic way to approach marriages between two countries!  It is in many ways just that. The writing is superb and with some humor,  it shows us what can take place when such marriages happen.  The characters are well defined. I love this approach! It's one not many authors would have taken on. In truth, it's only when we look at them from this vantage point we'll discover the huge differences.  Each bride will face things she never dreamed would be part of her life. Ms. Murray gives us a lovely story but allows us to peek through the blinds as well.

    I found no issues here.

     I gave this one 5 cheers out of 5 because nothing is completely positive or negative. It's the combination of the two where we find the truth.

Thursday, September 2, 2021

You I See by Joe Ovelman

    You've made it to college, now what?  There are so many things that weren't  part of your prior education.  You find yourself running short on money for any number of college necessities. The question then gets asked, should I get a student loan? At first you will see only dollar signs. It's at this moment you need to stop and really look at what you are doing. No doubt student loans can help. It's the repayment you might have trouble with.

     Don't let this book fool you with the low key cover and the way it looks inside. This book deals with a very real topic. Student suicide because of college debt is VERY real. I found the book to be a must read for all seniors in high school, college freshmen and anyone considering college. It's well written in a style high school and college students will relate to. The information was eye opening for me.  I have a junior at Stanford so the information was welcome.  You need to read this and have your student read it as well. Then sit down and discuss it. You really need to have a copy of this book!

     I found no issues with this book.

    I gave this one 5 cheers out of 5 because we need to stop the college debt suicides. It's imperative.

Star Chaser by Mark Scheel

      A collection of poems divided into three sections. Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow. It covers many things.  They all tie in with the theme of facing reality. Many don't want to face reality but we must. Nothing stays the same. 

     I love this book! Beautifully written and a variety of topics, this book is a keeper. I found this collection reaching inside my mind, heart and soul. It seemed Mr. Scheel was reading my thoughts. These poems make you think. They make you wonder. I will always have this copy to re-read over and over. Time for you to get your copy of this amazing book,

     I didn't find any issues in this one.

      I gave this one 5 cheers out of 5 because it is such a treasure.

And Eve Said Yes: Seven Stories and a Novella by Mark Scheel

    The Seven Stories begin this package. Each story is different from the others but they share one thing.  While reading them you will see what the "one thing" is. It might bring questions to your mind. It might even have you searching for answers to those questions. "And Eve Said Yes" begins a  journey for Jason. He is determined to find out if there is a God. His journey will take him many places and might help him get the answer he seeks. He might also find someone to share life with. We'll just have to wait and see.

    Mr. Scheel did a fantastic job of using all of these to build up one subject. The characters are well defined and engaging. The subject could have been a difficult one for others to read or get behind, but it wasn't.  My son  and a friend of his discussed this subject at length for three years! They reached their own conclusions. He read this package as well and enjoyed it.  You'll learn some about many religions.  This is one to buy.

     I found no issues.

     I gave this one 5 cheers out of 5 because it's a wonderful story and makes you feel like you are there.