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Friday, June 15, 2012

Behind Reality TV Industry 101 by Kip Force

     Kip Force has written a book giving you all the inside information about reality TV. It's filled with details you might not otherwise know.  Kip is very thorough in this book describing their days and the amount of time spent waiting.  If you've decided you want to try reality TV, Kip's book can help point you in the right direction.  It's not a walk in the park like some think. This is a really involved process.  It takes longer to get cast on a show than the show itself is.  Kip explains how the directors choreograph every step each person takes. It's amazing how much they put into making reality TV. 

    This book is for those who are real Reality TV nuts. You can learn how to be one of the chosen ones and what may happen afterwards.  

     I did find some issues with this one. Kip Force supposedly graduated from college with a double major. One in Psychology the other in Criminal Justice. This book is written at a high school level. Kip is arrogant, self centered and comes off as being more like a bragging high school cheerleader than a grown woman.  At least half of the book is unbelievable and the other half just doesn't make sense.  I was set to really enjoy the insight Kip would give in this book. Someone has to first give it to her.  If you don't like wasting money, don't buy this book. 

     I gave this one a 1 out of 5 books because it just wasn't a book I enjoyed. 


  1. Hi Melanie.

    I know I am new to your blog. In just a few days, I have learnt much, and I thank you. The sequence of events with Kid Force have left me baffled. You started with an enthusiastic interview piece and a generous dose of pre-review post-ups. Then the review fell flat. Kip's book got 1 star here, and 3 stars in your Amazon post-up. I read the sample available at Amazon, and I see your observations even in that introductory material.

    It's hard to escape the impression that you were shanghaied in some way. My heart goes out to you, girl. I sense a disappointment on your side. Like you were hoping for this book to do better.

    I'm wiling to wait my turn for your feedback in my case. You are brutally frank, and authors need that. Really. One of our first editors threw the book in our face, declaring it to be hopeless. My co-author balked. I saw it as a gift from Heaven and soon we sank our teeth into that feedback, and grew from there. That was 5 drafts ago. : - )

    I hope you find a way to make big money doing this!

    Yours truly,
    Michael A. Banak

  2. Michael you are a dream!! Thank you for the kind words. I was shanghaied in a way, but that's ok. The 3 stars at Amazon was simply trying to make the best of a very bad book. I then thought about it and decided it was best to be myself. The review here is the true one. HUGS! I don't know how I'd ever make money doing this, but I LOVE reading.
    Yours Truly,