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Friday, November 23, 2012

Meet James Warburton, Author of Jake Johnson and the Half Bloods

  1. What made you write this story?
I was inspired by a series of books called "Percy Jackson". Written by Rick Riordon. I have read most of Mr Riordon's books. They are so interesting that I am often in trouble when I sneak them under the blanket at night to read with a torch.

I love writing (I have been writing since I was 6 when I made my first book by stapling pieces of paper together with just a few words on them and my teacher let me display them in our classes "library corner". I loved it when the other kids actually picked up one of my books, although there was not much to read)
 I struggle to write words down on paper, but when I type on a computer I feel "free" and I can say anything I want to. Kids at school tell me I am "stupid" because I cannot write words properly on paper. The doctor says this is not my fault, but the kids still tease me. I guess writing is a way to escape their meanness. The worlds I create in my stories allow me to imagine anything I want. This is why I do not want pictures in my books. I want the reader to be free to imagine what the world in my stories look like. If I use pictures, then their imagination might be limited by the pictures.

2.  How did you decide to make the book as big as it is?
I did not decide this. This is just how it turned out. I had a story inside me and when I finished, that is how long it was. It is three times longer than anything I wrote before this. When I had the idea to write it I knew I wanted to write a proper book (even if it is just a short kids book), not just a page or two. Making it longer gave me a better chance to tell the entire story that I had in my mind.

3.  Where did you get the idea for the people in the book?
I came up with random names for the characters. I selected random Greek gods as the parents of the characters and then I gave the characters personalities that I thought would match their Greek god parent.

4.   Will you be writing another book soon?
Yes! I am nearly finished book 2 and plan to write more after that. The second book in this series is called "Jake Johnson And The God Of War".
I feel like I "need" to write. I have lots of stories inside me that want to get out.

I hope that lots of people will buy my books on Amazon and enjoy Jake Johnson's adventures as much as I do.

I would really like to see my books in paper form too. I think I will wait until I have written about three ebooks and then get them printed altogether into one physical book for my readers to enjoy.

Thank you for listening to me Ms Adkins. Not all adults take the time to hear what children have to say. 

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