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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

How Angels Die by David-Michael Harding

         Claire and her sister Monique work with the French Resistance.  Each young woman has her  own way of going about it, but they both accomplish the task.    Claire chooses military tactics while Monique chooses pillow talk to gain information she can  pass on.  Neither has an easy job and what they do is splitting their family in two.  Their parents are divided on the subject of which way is the best for their daughters to go.  Both are in great danger most of the time.  Set during the late part of WWII, these women and others like them are willing to do whatever it takes to bring down Germany.  Many will die and others will suffer surprises they had no idea of.

     Gritty, full of details and reminders that WWII wasn't easy for anyone.  The story could be any woman involved with WWII.  The characters are so well developed you'll forget this is fiction.  This book will appeal to war buffs, history buffs and those curious about the French Resistance.  David-Michael Harding gives us a book with real substance and not just a fluff piece.

    I found no issues with this book.

    I gave this one 5 books out of 5 books because it fully told the story of both sisters.

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