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Saturday, June 15, 2013

My Prison Without Bars by Taylor Fulks

      * Preface required for this review-  Taylor Faulks will try to tear me apart over this review because of what I say, however I hope you look at other reviews and make your own decision about it.  Take what she says with a grain of salt. Thank you.*

     Taylor is a nineteen year old girl who is going on spring break.  She's excited and ready for this trip. Meeting a handsome young man on the bus, she feels her luck has finally changed.  Things went well for a few days, but luck changes. We are then thrown back to when Taylor was a child. She describes it all.

      While the beginning of this book starts off as most romances do, with all the flowery descriptions and eloquent terms, it changes quickly into a nightmare. Ms. Fulks uses every cliche` you can think of to make this story seem more than it is.  She takes extreme liberties with what a child might know or what understand.  She claims a three year old's thought process is more advanced than even experts do.  This book comes off as a cheesy sixties police show in many parts.  I did read this book three times to see if it was just me but came up with the same conclusions after each read.  It is extremely disturbing that a woman claiming to be abused would have been so descriptive when writing about it. Most abused people don't want to relive it in general let alone graphic detail.  The author uses the descriptive writing to stimulate and titillate, not to express what happens. This book is a how to for pedophiles.  Taylor Fulks comes across as flippant and uncaring of her own abuse or abused victims anywhere.   

    As a work of fact. A memoir so to speak, I gave this one 0 out of 5 cheers.  As a work of fiction, I gave this one a 3 out of 5 cheers.  I FEEL STRONGLY this is a WORK OF FICTION!

* Anyone who reads my reviews regularly knows I am not vindictive or an out of hand reviewer. I do give each book a fair, honest, impartial reading.  I am a survivor of CSA and I can tell you from experience, abused people don't think or act as Ms. Fulks says in her book.  I work with victims and survivors of CSA everyday.  I do have some idea of what I'm talking about.  The format I usually follow for my reviews was suspended in this case because of the topic and the strong feelings readers are being told one thing when another is true.*



  1. Your review regarding this book is spot on. Thank you for having the integrity and backbone to say what a lot of people, including myself, are thinking.