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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Pawned Queen by S.K. Thomas

     After graduation, nineteen year old Melissa decides to leave Tupolo.  She moves to Barrington, California.  Her first few days were not quite what she expected.  She knew she needed a job and a place to live.  One afternoon, she decides to go to the local  park. There she runs into a really creepy and scary guy. She had no idea her life would be tied to this man. 
     Melissa does find a job and a new friend. Alice helps her meet her future husband John.  Before long, Melissa and John marry and so does Alice and the creepy guy, Max.  Nothing seems to go right after that.  Melissa will learn a lot about her husband and herself.

     This book tells a rather twisted and confused tale.  It's take on domestic violence is spot on. The book is a fast read and will keep you involved. 

     I did find issues. The prologue was unnecessary.   It's copied word for word later in the body of the book.  Second, I felt the story was so confused it was difficult to follow.  It's mixed up in so many spots you can't  keep track of who did what. 

     I gave this one 3 cheers out of 5 because the confusion takes away from a wonderful base story. 

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