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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Counterfeits and Cauldrons: Supernatural Witch Cozy Mystery Book 6 by Raven Snow

     Vic has moved to Waresville. While Harper is excited, it still seems kind of quiet in town. Harper knows there must be some thieving or murdering going on, so why wasn't she informed? All it takes is one new neighbor to send Harper where she shouldn't be. It doesn't take long until she thinks she's found out what is happening in town. She could be wrong though.

     Harper is always a delight to read about and to post about. She's a modern witch who doesn't conform to anyone's belief of who she should be. I love that about her.  The town's dance competition is coming up. Everyone is excited! Meet new townspeople and reacquaint yourself with the ones you already know. Laughter, silliness and just downright fun, this book will make you smile and shake your head. Ms. Snow does a fantastic job of keeping up with this different town and it's inhabitants. I really like how she's tied this case up with a big ole bow. You never know what you'll get in the next cozy witch mystery. I love the characters who are well defined and the story-lines that are so well developed. Just enough mystery to keep you tuned in and just enough romance to make you sigh every now and again.  I can't imagine anyone not liking these books.  Perfect for that quick read before bed or when you only have time for a short lunch. I highly, highly recommend these books.  I guarantee you'll be telling friends to read them too.

     I find one flaw. I wish they were longer. *grin* Sorry Raven, had to say it.

     I gave this one 5 cheers out of 5 because this one really blew me away at the end.

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