I review all genres and I post them in 30 spots. Check out previous posts and I'm sure you'll find several books to catch your interest. I am a published reviewer and an award winning one. I am one of the best reviewers around. CELEBRATING 11 YEARS OF BOOK REVIEWS!!


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  1. Kudos on your awards, Lynn. Impressive. I can't find an email or other link to write you privately so guess I'll have to ask you here if you would be interested in reviewing my epic novel DESTINIES. It is not your mother's historical fiction but you will find it is historical, drama, adventure, romance, a different kind of historical with memorable characters. Here is Amazon with description http://amzn.to/O6AFwi or website http://bit.ly/neFmpU. If you are interested I can email any format you want. email: showboatpoms@hotmail.com
    Many thanks, Karleene Morrow

  2. That's so amazing that you've earned all of these awards--and I know it has to do with a lot of hard work! Congratulations lovely lady : )

    1. Thank you Diane! It means the world to me to have your blessing.

  3. I just saw this award page and you should be so proud of these accomplishments. It is so hard to be recognized for your work with so many other reviewers and bloggers out there. I've read all the wonderful comments people have written to you. Again, thank you for reviewing by book and keep up the good work!
    Kathryne Arnold

  4. Hi Melanie,
    Thank you ever so much for reviewing my book.You are a wonderful person for what you offer to authors and in turn to your readers is priceless!!!
    Thank you once again.

    1. I was happy to review for you Helen! Thank you for your kind words.