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Monday, April 9, 2012

A Cottage Affair by Sharon Sobel

     Arden Alexander's life just got a whole lot more complicated.  As a curator for the University Art Museum, she was well respected and moving up in her career quickly. It only took one dishonest person to bring that crashing down around her.  She decides to go to the family cottage. It's sort of a special place for the single females of her family. The cottage has been in the family for generations.  Once there Arden realizes she may have even more  problems. Eastfield is a small town with all the usual small town charm.. and gossips.  Everyone seems to know her and about her now trashed career. How will she ever fit in? Add to that a neighbor who always seems to be showing up at the wrong times, and Arden has a few more headaches than she was ready for.   Arden and her nosy neighbor Alex stumble onto a truly great mystery.  Putting pieces together slowly  they begin to get a picture what they are looking for. Now they just have to find it before whoever broke in does.  Arden also begins to realize small town life may not be so bad after all.

    I was set for a sexy romance when I began this book.  I quickly learned it was something else entirely. A Cottage Affair is a splendid book about the history of several Colonial families and their modern day relatives.  A sweet, funny romance between two independent souls make this book a real treat!   I am a BIG fan of history so this book was a lovely surprise for me.  Sharon Sobel includes some laughter, some tears and a whole lot of love and loyalty in this book.  You will be delighted with the characters and the superb writing. This is a must read.

    I didn't have any issues with this book.

    I gave this one 5 out of 5 books because I laughed out loud in some parts.

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