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Monday, April 16, 2012

Storm Rising: A Kelli Storm Novel by Kenneth Hoss

     Detective Kelli Storm has seen too much sadness in the last few years. She's lost her father, a partner and now her mother has Alzheimer's.  Kelli's new partner Bill Hayes is someone she has a feeling will become a great detective one day. She likes him.  Their first case together starts off badly. They are trying to nail down one of the biggest scumbags in town. The leads they get keep sending them no where. Suddenly they are caught in a whirlwind of trouble. Kelli shoots the girlfriend of the scumbag. The dead girl's father steps into the picture and Kelli's life is at stake. While going through her father's old cases, she learns her father was after the dead girl's father.  It starts to appear like everything is connected but just how? Kelli's mom is kidnapped and her new partner and his wife shot. Kelli is now out for blood. She turns to her ex husband for help and between the two of them they might just figure out what all this is about.  Keeping Kelli safe becomes a job for her squad and her ex husband's department.  She's determined to settle the score. 

     Kelli is a fantastic character for women everywhere. She's strong, intelligent and a take-no-crap- kind of woman.  Her love of family and her job shows just what a wonderful person she is. The story is easy to get lost in because of the action.  Every time something happens you want to hurry to find out why and what happened as a result.  The writing is  right in line with any of the big name cop shows on TV. I can actually see this one as a weekly show or a movie series.  You'll love that it's written in cop speak and down to earth language.  Kenneth Hoss did a fantastic job of putting you in Kelli's shoes and making you part of the story.  I applaud his efforts!

    The only issue I found was the trip to Mexico. Seemed a little overkill, but that's just my opinion. Couldn't see the need for it.

     I gave this one 5 out of 5 books because I'm a real sucker for anything law related.