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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Far Out Cafe by Stuart Chambers

    Daniel was a soldier in the Vietnam war.  Once he is shipped to Vietnam he learns that the War isn't anything like the people back home believe. It's a mission with no real reason or cause. Men sent to their death more than Daniel had ever dreamed. Scared but following orders, Daniel ends up on an island. He's not sure where he is or why he is there. The soldiers practice of taking the dog tags of fallen soldiers as their own or to keep in reserve, confuses the enemy but it can also cause issues for the soldier wearing them.  Kill or be killed is the mentality of these men.  Daniel, however, has the misfortune of being found on the island by the enemy. They torture him in unimaginable ways to gain information. One is his name. They don't believe the dog tags, even though the name is Daniel. They aren't his, but the first name is the same.  Eventually Daniel ends up with one of the women of the island and must deal with the demons that come to those who face war head-on. 

    As a person with numerous family members having fought in numerous wars, I've seen what the demons can do to their mind.  This is a very accurate portrayal of those demons. The descriptions of the war, the way the soldiers act and react and what they must contend with after are all extremely graphic and accurate. I base those statements on stories told by family members over the years and living with a Vietnam Vet who hid the fact until found out.  The character, Daniel is more the every soldier. He begins his tour with high hopes and thoughts of making a difference, and ends them just wanting to survive and get home. I found this book to be compelling reading.  Though graphic, you'll want to keep reading until  you have the answers to all your questions and there will be questions.  This is one to be put in the TBR pile near the top.

    I didn't find issues with this one.

    I gave this one 5 books out of 5 because it gave truth and life to a War forgotten.

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