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Monday, March 10, 2014

Peaceful Meadows by Tracey Madeley

       Jarred  is eighteen and burying his mother. It's a tough way to begin your college education.  Slowly, with time Jarred gets back on track and heads off to college.  There he meets by chance, a beautiful young woman in a coffee shop.  Jarred meets her again in the library.  Fleur is the woman Jarred wants to be with.  After getting to know her, he begins to get to know her family.  In time Jarred will find the place he feels most at home.

      This book is one you will want to be sure to read. It's the sequel to 'Love & Haight'.  The characters are solid and the story well plotted. I love that Jarred has to balance both halves of his life.  He seems to be very eager to make himself happy, but also please those he loves most.  Ms. Madeley has a fantastic way of leading you through the story and giving you both sides of an issue.  I adore it.

     I did find one issue.  The biggest secret, the wrap up of the whole book, was only given 15 pages.  I felt it minimized the importance of this part of the book.  It really gave me a feeling of being let down.  

     I gave this one 3 out of 5 cheers for the issue above.  This is a terrific book though. 

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