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Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Man Up Party Boy by Danielle Sibarium

     Noah was so looking forward to a week at the beach with his best friend Cooper.  It had been awhile since he had any down time and right now, Noah needed it.  At the last minute, Cooper decides he can't go. He arranges for his sister, Alexis, to go in his place.
     Noah isn't thrilled with the idea. He doesn't want to waste a week at the beach babysitting.  He had no idea what his week would be like.  Alexis wasn't thrilled either.  Noah had hurt her when she was younger. Still, a week at the beach is an opportunity she couldn't miss. They'd each go their own way. The week might be more than either of them is ready for.

     This book is perfect for some down time of your own.  The writing is flawless and the plotting makes this a fun read. You'll zip through it before you know it.  The characters are well defined and like-able. I felt as if I were at the beach with them. You are drawn in by the first page and you'll forget the time.  We've all had that one friend of a sibling's we didn't like. Ms. Sibarium makes it easy to see why Alexis doesn't like Noah.  This book isn't just for the beach, it's for anytime you want to take a little mental vacation.*smile* Be sure to get your copy today!

     I found no issues.

     I gave this one 5 cheers out of 5 because it is a book to read over and  over.

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