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Friday, February 17, 2012

Audio Poetry by Steve Caresser

 The Girl Companion of Mine, My Chosen Water, Another Hot Fire and Isn't It Just a Book are the four audio poems I am reviewing today.  Each one is a testament to the love, passion and compassion this man feels for the woman in his life. I found them romantic, sweet, spicy and thoroughly enjoyable.  I so enjoyed being able to feel as if I were there witnessing the loving looks and  touches. Not in a voyeuristic way, but in the way you enjoy a romantic movie.  I felt so uplifted and positive after hearing these poems.

I haven't done audio poetry reviews before, but I welcome the opportunity to do it again.  Being able to hear the poetry as opposed to just reading it was such a huge difference.  You get to hear the author's intentions so clearly.  Still, as with all poetry, it is up to each individual to find what they will in the message. 

Do yourself a favor and check out these poems.  I know you'll enjoy this page!!  http://www.eprintedbooks.com/SteveCaresser/poems1.html

I give these poems a 5 out of 5 books because they send you to that romantic spot in your soul.


  1. Oh Melanie, I don't understand! I just say what is on my heart and everyone seams to like it. I really am not a poet. Or at least I did not think of myself as one until about 5 months ago I recorded "Girl Companion of Mine" and posted it and everyone liked it. I was scared to post my 2nd one "My Chosen Waters" but everyone liked it also. I did not dare too get bold when I posted my 3rd "Another Hot Fire" I was so scared they would not like it. Seams everyone liked it. I am starting to think I might be a poet, but I promise I will not let it go to my head. I will just keep writing and recording the feelings and the real life, that my wife and I try to enjoy. Thank you Melanie for such a nice review, I must have touched your heart too!

  2. Yes you did touch my heart! It takes a lot to do that after all I've been through. You are a POET!! Embrace it, love it and keep writing!!

  3. Melanie, thank you for your kind words. I will keep writing and recording. The fun part for me is, I have always been a story teller that everyone loves to listen to live. I have told the Pink Gorilla story live to as many as 40 children and grownups in one grope. It is a thrill to watch their faces as I tell the story. I don't get to see your face on the internet while you listen to my recordings, so I live for peoples comments. So I tried some poetry audio and it seems people loves them as well. I am glad I can make people feel good, and I feel so happy I touched your heart Melanie. Thank you from Steve Caresser.