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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Forever Girl by Rebecca Hamilton

Witches, Wiccans, Vampires and Elementals make up the cast of this book. Sophia is a practicing Wiccan with a thirst for knowledge about her family's past.  She begins digging in her grandfather's old boxes and runs across an important document.  It sends her on a quest she never expected.  Sophia Parsons has always been the outsider in town. She never felt as if she belonged. Her parents didn't understand her and her friends knew little of what she was dealing with inside.  On this quest, she meets Charles. The first man to show interest in her that she returned.  There is something about him though. She can't quite figure it out. Then one night at a club opens a door Sophia isn't sure she wants left open. She'll find the answers she seeks, but at what cost?

I'm not a big vampire, witches fan but this book is absolutely amazing! It hooked me and I followed the incredible journey of Sophia Parsons.  Exciting, historical and detailed, this book is one you will enjoy very much.  It taught me some things I had no idea of.  Made me wonder about the people I knew growing up and those still in my life today.  The love story between Sophia and Charles is timeless. You have to read this one.

The only problem I found is that it was a slow starter. It kind of dragged at the beginning as if it wasn't sure where to go first. It does take off though and it's like opening a window and letting the air in.

I gave this one 4 out of 5 books because of the slow start.


  1. Thanks so much for the review! I get mixed comments on the start, but I think it's a slow burn too, personally. Lots to set up. And then, strangely, I also get people who think the pacing was too fast and wanted more explained (and of course those in between who think it was just right). My biggest mistake was probably trying to tackle such a complex story line for a first novel. I do pay attention to this feedback ;) So HOPEFULLY book 2 will feel like a pacier read (though that might have some people telling me they don't like the break-neck speed HA!) I'm also glad you liked the romance between Charles and Sophia. That's another are I struggled with as a writer :) (I am SO not the romantic type, unless drooling over Jensen Ackles counts!)

  2. LOL! You did just fine with the romance and yes it was a slow burn. I did enjoy it and I'm glad you like the review!! Can't wait for the next one!!

  3. I have had a few people compare it to Karen Marie Moning (fever series), and I sometimes wonder if the slow burn start is the ONLY reason (I can't see any other possible reason for this comparison). I'm like ... KMM fever series???? YOU MEAN IT'S BORING?! WAH! (I still haven't made it through the first book in that series.) But then I think, yeah, I guess my pacing is a lot like hers, if I'm being honest with myself. :P

    Hopefully you enjoy the next one :) I personally think book 2 is more fun...at least so far. And book 2 will have more romance, also, which means more room for me to screw up hehehe. But really, I let out a huge sigh of relief anytime someone likes the romance. IDK...maybe I just remember the first draft and how bad it was when I first started.

    (I'm probably saying too much!)

    But yes, thanks again! You are a wonderful reviewer :)

  4. You are very kind. I loved this book. I'm a reader that likes to be grabbed by the first 4 or 5 pages. You did that but as we agreed, the burn was slow.

  5. It is probably no surprise to anyone who has read my books that I actually read literary fiction more than genre fiction hehehe.

  6. A very good and fascinating read I would say. And am so thankful to Becca for sending me a copy of the book. Once I started it, I never felt like putting it down.The book takes you to an entirely different world.And I really loved the way how each creature is linked to an element. The chapter 'Ivory's Memories' so beautifully written.I could feel the character's pain and won't deny shedding a few tears (yeah, yeah ! call me crazy).

    I feel like Sophia's mother is just a misunderstood character with lots of agony of her own, would have loved to read more about her father though.I liked the character Adrian, not much of the talking type,he is more like this loner you find in every group of friends who is not given much importance and taken as a weirdo, but then again he is also the storehouse of knowledge and all the so called `friends' go to him in need for advice or help... and he is more than happy to do so.And the Liettes, the ever so supportive and loving parental figures. Loved the humor in the book, well.. hmmm... o won't add much of Charles or Sophia as many would be writing but them, so i focused on the characters that I don't think should be missed out.