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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

FIJI by James and Lance Morcan

The year is 1848 and Fiji is just another set of islands full of wild savage natives.  En-route to the islands is  missionary Brian Drake and his lovely daughter Susannah. On board ship is an American, Nathan Johnson. He's going to the islands to trade muskets for sea slugs.  The first day on the island is filled with more than  either of the Drakes were prepared for.  Nathan notices Susannah and is instantly smitten by her. Her father, however, will do everything in his power to keep Nathan away from his daughter. Circumstances change though and they will all be in the fight of their lives.  

An action packed book that is filled with detailed accounts of run-ins with the natives and life in Fiji. This one puts you in the islands and you can almost feel the heat and the rains of the wet season.  You will enjoy the voyage this book takes you on and the not so subtle love story entwined  in the fighting. I loved the history in this book and though some parts seemed graphic, it wasn't overly so. 

The one problem I have is that the ending was drawn out way to much. I think they could have ended it sooner and had just as wonderful a book as they do have. 

I gave this one 4 out of 5 books for the long ending.

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